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Helping Out, the Wish List and Tell us Stuff!

Read about why the DigiBarn project exists and get in touch through our web form or by telephone or join our mailing list, and read our past newsletters. Volunteer to contribute oral histories (your own or interview someone you know) for DigiBarn Radio or DigiBarn TV. Feel free to
exchange links with us or offer a donation as we are missing some key artifacts, and you can help fill the gaps in our collection. We need financial support to improve the infrastructure of the barn and volunteers to sort out and organize the collection, do web updates and scanning. Please contact us if you might have resources or time to support this project. Lastly, please contribute to our Guestbook!

The Wish List
We are missing some key artifacts, can you help "fill the gaps" in our collection?

We are seeking donations of systems, documentation, software, videos, and interviews with YOU about them. We also need help in procuring cyber-exhibit content. Lastly, if you know how to get old computers working, we need your help for various restoration projects here at the Digibarn. Lots of great folks are already working with the DigiBarn and we would love to have you on our team. If interested, please feel free to contact me, curator and drum beater Bruce Damer, to discuss literally anything.

Systems we are still seeking for the collections include:

High Priority

Patiently Waiting

Exchange links with us!

Link to us using the DigiBarn Logo (and pig)!

We take pride in being part of a huge and growing community of computer history buffs. We make a special effort to link to other sites and provide a great deal of cross-linking within our collections. If you would like to exchange links please feel free to take a logo from our logos page and link to https://www.digibarn.com and don't forget to contact me, Bruce Damer, curator and drum beater to arrange for a return link to your site.

Contribute to our site
(see options below)!

Contact us if you have a story to tell, or other information about any topic in computer history, donations of physical artifacts on our wish list (or what you think we need), virtual contibutions such as pictures, movies, documents or text for the web site, to volunteer your time, or to request being signed up on our mailing list (its all on this one handy form).
You can also sign our guest book or sign yourself up on our mailing list to receive our newsletters and news of upcoming events or read about the DigiBarn in the news media and see DigiBarn TV and hear DigiBarn Radio. And of course don't miss our collections!
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