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The Digibarn's Cromemco Computer Systems, Parts,
Software and Documentation

The Cromemco C10 (foreground) and System 3 (background)

Thanks Michael Betts (former Cromemco employee) for many of these great donations!
See Michael Bett's bio here.

Cromemco System 3
Cromemco C-10
Cromemco Documentation
Cromemco Parts

Cromemco Peripherals

Cromemco HDD Disk Memory System

Cromemco 8 Inch Floppy Dual Disk System

Cromemco Software

Other Cromemco sites:

Old-computers page on Cromemco System I/II/III

Cromemco Computing exhibit
at the Stanford University Gates Computer Science Building Museum

Current Cromemco company homepage

All Cromemco Systems at the Machine Room

Computer Closet collection Cromemco System Three and System One

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