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Welcome to the DigiBarn Computer Museum for 2022 (our 25th year)!

The Digibarn Collection is on long term loan at the Computer Museum at System Source in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

The DigiBarn survived the 2020 CZU fire inferno!
Deepest gratitude goes to the Internet Archive for your heroic efforts in storing our Apple documents collection. The fire was stopped a mile from here and caused us to rethink our future direction towards preservation. We are starting with an initiative to scan and preserve the rarest documents, all to be provided to you online. Please contact us if you would like to donate to support this effort with finances or time. - Dr. Bruce Damer, Founder and Curator

New for 2019 PCC #1!

People's Computer Company newsletters (newspapers, really) first published in October 1972 from the People's Computer Company in Menlo Park, California, the first public learning center for computers. PCC was the pioneer long before the Homebrew Computer Club or Computer Lib.

Check out PCC Vol. 1, No. 1. here. Thanks Bob Albrecht for providing these early computer cultural gems and Mike Naberezny for scanning them!


The passing of Bob Taylor, leader and innovator of the digital world (13 April, 2017)

Bob Taylor, Leader of laboratories and the "father of the Internet "

Dr. Bruce Damer marks the sad passing in April 2017 of Bob Taylor, the innovative father of much of the digital technology that we use every day. Bob funded Doug Engelbart’s lab in the mid 1960s creating the first interactive computing information environment using a mouse and conceived of and headed the ARPANET project, forerunner of the Internet. In the 70s he directed the Xerox PARC Computer Science Lab which brought us the Alto. the first networked personal computer, and ran DEC labs in the 80s-90s launching the first Web search engine before Google. This is the first of several interviews conducted in October 2014 by Dr. Bruce and author Adam Fisher at Bob’s home in Woodside, California. Credits: Adam Fisher, Dr. Bruce Damer (interviewers), Bob Taylor (interviewee), Xerox PARC (cover photo). Listen to DigiBarn founder Bruce Damer interviewing Bob Taylor in 2014 for the Levity Zone podcast

New York Times (Mar 14, 2017): Robert Taylor, Innovator Who Shaped Modern Computing, Dies at 85

Robert Taylor on Wikipedia. and the Digibarn pages on Xerox PARC

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"DigiDude" curator Dr. Bruce Damer

DigiBarn REBOOT completed (phase 1)
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Bruce Damer & Marc Weber video interview of Severo Ornstein for an oral history conducted at the Computer History Museum.
Transcript of oral history.
(interview: Nov 20, 2015, published: Aug 1, 2016)

Oral history with Paul Laughton, about the writing of the Apple II DOS and other microcomputer history
Video of interview
by DigiBarn curator Bruce Damer
at the Computer History Museum
(August 2014)

New initiative: DigiBarn works with Computer History Museum on key Apple II DOS development documents and code (1978). Source code officially released!

Bruce Damer interviewed by Voice of America in Apple Turns 40 in World It Helped Create

Also see Daniel Terdiman's FastCompany story
Four Decades of Apple Artifacts
(April 1, 2016)

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Bill Pentz tells the story of the SacState Machine (1973-2009) - the First (Complete) Micrcomputer

Other Recent Stuff: Special "Happy Birthday" Events and Special Exhibits

The LINC event at the VCF and the Digibarn (Nov 3-5th, 2007)

A Digibarn event: Apple @ 30

1976: Apple in the Garage
(held at the VCF 9, Nov 4, 2006)

Happy 30th Birthday
Homebrew Computer Club

(Nov 2005)

Happy 30th Birthday Maze War
(Nov 2004)

Happy 30th Birthday Xerox Alto
(Nov 2003)

The World of Xerox at the Digibarn

(see how Xerox changed the world!)

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