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A Directory of Past and Planned Digibarn "Birthday" Celebrations, Events and Online Exhibits

A great way to recover and recount history is to celebrate birthdays. The Digibarn specializes in birthday events for significant (and sometimes under-recognized) innnovations, people and companies. Take a look at some of our past in-person and online events below.

Current Birthday Events

December 2009 marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of MITS, creator of the Altair 8800 and initiator of the homebrew and personal computing revoltion. Catch our special features on the founding of MITS in 1969 and it subsequent rise (and fall).

Past Birthday Events

2008: The SacState Machine,1973-2008: The First (Complete) Micrcomputer - 35 Years Ago!

The LINC@45: A Paradigm Shift in 1962

(was held at the VCF 10, Nov 3-5, 2007)

Apple@30 (1976-2006)

1976 - Apple in the Garage
(was held at the VCF 9, Nov 4-5, 2006)

Happy 30th Birthday
Homebrew Computer Club

(Nov 2005)

Happy 30th Birthday Maze War
(Nov 2004)

Happy 20th Anniversary
Apple Macintosh

(Jan 2004)

Happy 30th Birthday Xerox Alto
(Nov 2003)

Online or other Birthday Events we are reporting on

Special coverage of the 25th Anniversary of the launch of the IBM Personal Computer

(Aug 1981 - Aug 2006)

Sol-20 by Processor Technology

30 years young in 2006!

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