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Its DigiBarn TV!
(Streaming video programming on computing history)

DigiBarn cofounder and DigiBarn TV Producer Allan Lundell and others have been cranking out streaming video of the various activities here for the past fe years. If you want to contribute a piece to DigiBarn TV, pleasse contact us!

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Current DigiBarn TV Features

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2014 DigiBarn TV Features

DigiBarn features unique early 1970s CTC Datapoint movies, considered by some to be the first "personal computer" see this unique look at the Datapoint 2200, the system the Intel 8008 was developed for (posted Feb 2, 2014)

2009 DigiBarn TV Features

MacHeads the Movie Premiere at MacWorld 2009, San Francisco, See DigiBarn co-founders Bruce Damer and Allan Lundell on stage as well as many other "MacHeads" (Jan 7, 2009)

Steve Wozniak visits the Digibarn (recorded December 2006, published December 2008)

2008 DigiBarn TV Features

Bruce Damer appeared in Moments that Changed Us with Steve Wozniak (recorded Summer 2008, broadcast December 5, 2008 on American Life TV)

Video of Bill Pentz describing "the world's first microcomputer", the Sac State 8008 (Sept 2008)

Rob Barnaby on the history of WordStar, IMSAI, Micropro and more! (June 2008)

Mockingbird screen-based music scoring system from Xerox PARC, 1980
(published May 13, 2008)

Bruce Damer and Allan Lundell about the Digibarn and portable computing on CNET TV LIVE San Francisco (April 24, 2008). Also view this piece larger on YouTube or at the DigiBarn Collection at Archive.org.

New Digibarn features in "Tales of Silicon Valley" from CNET TV (Published Jan-Feb 2008, recorded 2007)

2007 DigiBarn TV Features

Video coverage of the LINC Event
held by the Digibarn (November 3-5th, 2007)

Bruce quoted in a special story by Tom Merritt "Tales of Silicon Valley" about the Digibarn and the "two cultures of Apple" on CNET (news.com - October 4, 2007).

See the the digibarn on CNET TV!
(Aug 2007)

Video of our Apple@30 - Apple in the Garage, 1976 event at the Vintage Computer Festival, Nov 4, 2006
(posted August 25, 2007)

Dwight Elvey gives us a tour of the Canon Cat!
(April 2007)

Dwight Elvey gives us a tour of the inside of a classic ASR-33 Teletype! (April 2007)

2006 DigiBarn TV Features

Lee Felsenstein gives us a "talking tour" (with some video segments) of all nine sheets of the schematics of the Osborne 1 computer
(recorded Nov 12, 2006, posted December 2006).

New! Ken Sumrall and playing Spacewar! on the PDP-1
(and Snow Flake and music!) (Sept 2006)

The Xerox 860 in action (recorded September, 2006, posted December 2006).

YouTube postings of Bruce Damer's Digibarn tour on Nov 5th, 2006 (thanks Andrew Rondeau)

Xerox Monks 1977 Superbowl ad
"it's a miracle!" (thanks Allen Kay, contributed July 2006)

View Santa Cruz resident Brooke describing and demonstratiing the Felt & Tarrant company and its products: the comptometers
(June 2006).

Welcome to Newton
, 1994 introductory video produced by Apple Computer (posted May 2006).

Bruce Damer of the DigiBarn beaming into the Cray 1 supercomputer in this segment of the Discovery Channel (Canada) show "How William Shatner Changed the World"
(shot March 2005, aired November 2005 on Discovery Channel and March 2006 on History Channel).

2005 DigiBarn TV Features

Movies of the Homebrew Computer Club 30th anniversary panel
(November 5, 2005)

Erik Klein re-enacting the switching in of the 8080 instructions for Fool on the Hill from Steve Dompier's original listing
(November 2005)

Short movies of the Homebrew Computer Club (and its 30th anniversary event)
(November 2005)

Cray Supercomputer as featured in film "Tron"
(1982, entry posted October 2005)

The Apple Lisa in action
, several videos of the Apple Lisa 1 and 2 (by Frank Ludolph and Rod Perkins, ACM CHI conference 1998, Lisa-1 video by Apple and another starring Kevin Costner) (entry posted March and September 2005)

Videos of the Xerox Star 8010 professional workstation
(1982-84 time frame, live demos in 1998, entry posted March 2005)

Video on the Intran Metaform system
(1983-4 time frame, posted March 2005)

Training videos of the Elixir products in action, video shot by Xerox, 1989-90 (posted March 2005)

CBS San Francisco Evening Magazine program
on the DigiBarn (a great tour! posted Jan 2005)

2004 DigiBarn TV Features

Maze War running on several different computers from the Imlacs PDS-1 to the Alto, and Xerox Star and a modern reconstruction (Nov 2004)

The DigiBarn was featured on The Screen Savers PC Prophecy Special on TechTV (Friday Feb 27, 2004)

2003 DigiBarn TV Features

Video and Audio of the Xerox Alto 30th Birthday Bash & DigiBarn Panel at the Vintage Computer Festival (Oct 11-12 2003)

DigiBarn curator Bruce Damer was interviewed in New York for a CBS News Sunday Morning short "almanac" segment commemorating the launch of the Xerox Star that aired on Sunday April 27, 2003. See the streaming media of the show here.

And for more from Al's camera...

From the camera of DigiBarn co-founder and videomaker Allan Lundell
Click on the links below for Real media streams of these short subjects
(shot and edited by Bruce Damer and Allan Lundell, March 1-2, 2003)

Allan Lundell tells the story of his first telecommuting on The NorthStar Horizon

Allan Lundell on Innovation in Action in the late 1970s, the Story of Two Disk Controllers: the Northstar Horizon and the Apple II Disk II controller by Steve Wozniak

Allan introduces us to the
Thought Technologies' Calmset/GSR Biofeedback trainer for the Apple II

Allan presents a brief recounting of The Sol-20 story (note that this piece was shot very dark and will be redone and lengthened some time soon)

Allan Lundell describes the strange story of US Videotel, the French Minitel in America

Allan Lundell describes Henry Dakin's 1972 digital calendar (and telepathy trainer) for parapsychological research

Allan Lundell and the Puma RS Computer tennis shoes (with Pedometer)

Allan Lundell and the classic book Programming Languages for the PDP8 family of computers

Allan Lundell discusses the passion for David Ahl's BASIC Computer Games book

And now for some more...

300 BAUD Anyone? (Realplayer - The story of the first Hayes Smartmodem)

Acoustic Coupling (Realplayer -
On the infamous acoustic coupler modem)

Trade a Scope for an Apple I (Realplayer)

The Atari ST 1040 (Realplayer - A 1040 and Its Owners)

The Cray Unplugged (Realplayer - Unplugged! Stories of the Cray)

Gary Kildall Story (Realplayer - Gary Kildall, CP/M & the Driver Solution)

The Osborne Effect (Realplayer - Preannouncing the infamous Osborne Effect)

Pig TV! (Realplayer -
PigCam at the DigiBarn)

The Slow Boot (Realplayer -
slow booting memories of the Lisa and other systems)

The Zilog Z80 System (Realplayer - And Zilog's fatal flaw)

From other DigiBarn TV video contributors

Greg Gavutis gives us a quick start video tour of how to set up and run the 3Com Audrey

2002 DigiBarn TV Features

Take a private tour of the DigiBarn with Curator Bruce Damer
(shot in September 2002)

Video of our Grand Opening of the DigiBarn
on July 13, 2002

2001 DigiBarn TV Features

Ed Thelen talks about the Pet 2001 (load, debug, guts)
(shot by JM Valera)

The original piece produced by Allan Lundell and Bruce Damer in May 2001 showing Steve Wozniak's Apple II floppy running to invite Al to the US Festival in 1982

Other Contributed Video

The Knowledge Navigator concept piece for Apple
inspired by the work of Alan Kay

If you want to contribute a piece to DigiBarn TV, pleasse contact us!

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