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Video and Audio of the VCF events
Alto 30th Anniversary Panel and Birthday Cake Cutting Ceremony
and DigiBarn Panel

Thanks to DigiBarn co-founder and videomaker Allan Lundell and his partner Sun McNamee and yours truly DigiBarn curator Bruce Damer, we have great video and audio of the Alto 30th Anniversary Panel, the Alto Birthday Cake Cutting Ceremony and the DigiBarn Panel all held at the Vintage Computer Festival #6 on October 11-12, 2003. Enjoy!

More on the panel here

more on the cake
cutting ceremony here

more on the DigiBarn
panel here

More on the Alto II XM restoration efforts

Video of Alto Panel

(realplayer stream)
Modem (56K)
(realplayer stream)
Bruce Damer Introducing the topic & Panelists view Bruce here view Bruce here
John Ellenby view John here view John here
Charles Simyoni view Charles here view Charles here

Audio of Alto Panel

Hear this panel by playing the light weight and streaming realplayer version here or by playing the MP3 of the session (61MB to download).

Video of Alto Birthday Cake Ceremony

(realplayer stream)
Modem (56K)
(realplayer stream)
Alto 30th Birthday
Cake Cutting Ceremony
view Ceremony here view Ceremony here

Video of DigiBarn Panel

(realplayer stream)
Modem (56K)
(realplayer stream)
DigiBarn Panel
at the VCF
Damer & Lundell
view Panel here view Panel here

Audio of DigiBarn Panel

Hear this panel by playing the MP3 of the session (37MB to download).

Video of Ron Cude's Alto Restoration

Broadband (DSL-Cable)
(MPG Files)
Ron Cude's attempt at restoring the DigiBarn Alto II XM at the Computer History Museum, Oct 10, 2003 disk pack spin, power on, and attempt at boot

MP3 Audio of Ron Cude talking about
the 1979 Boca Raton Alto Event
for Xerox, Xerox printers, workstations and more

Xerox Boca Raton Alto Demo and other Xerox Workstations, GUIs etc. (28MB)

The Xerox Dover and other Printers, more on the Alto interface (4.5MB)

Xerox on Fumbling the Future, Elixir (16MB)

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