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The DigiBarn and curator Bruce Damer featured
on CBS News Sunday Morning

(streaming media)

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DigiBarn curator Bruce Damer was interviewed in New York for a CBS News Sunday short "almanac" segment commemorating the launch of the Xerox Star that aired on Sunday April 27, 2003.

See the photos of the taping here and the streaming media of the show below. DigiBarn cofounder Allan Lundell and his partner Sun McNamee produced the graphics of the opening segment as well as the shots of DigiBarn interior views. This segment is hosted by Charles Osgood of the Osgood file and produced by Anthony Laudato.

Click here for the realplayer (optimized for DSL or faster) or
Click here for the modem-speed stream of this show.

Note that this material is copyrighted CBS News Inc. and may not be redistributed without their permission.

The show is described here at CBS News Sunday Morning.

See our pages on the Xerox Star 8010.

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