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Bruce Damer's Personal Histories of the Desktop User Interface
A Retrospective of the Xerox Alto, Star 8010, 6085 and Elixir Desktop at the Birth of the Desktop Metaphor

The Elixir Desktop and Applications, the only surviving direct descendent of the Star 8010

Relevant Resources on the History of the Desktop Metaphor

Our extensive collection of Xerox computer systems and artifacts at the Digibarn

DigiBarn Computer Museum Links Regarding the Birth of the Graphical User Interface

DigiBarn story on the "final" public demonstration of the Star 8010 and its announcement

Alan Freier's DigiBarn pages on the history of the Xerox D* Machines, Mesa PrincOps and Wildflower and Dave Curbow pages on the Xerox 8010 Star

Only surviving direct descendent of the Star, the Elixir Desktop and applications

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