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Commodore 2001 PET Series

Of course the Commodore PET 2001, which was announced in 1977 and hit the market in 1978, is one of the classics of classic computing (who didn't lust after one in high school?). Why PET? Well, it stands for " Personal Eletronic Transactor" which is about as good a name for a microcomputer as any. More pictures here soon!

From Old-computers page on the Commodore PET 2001:

The Commodore PET 2001 was a very successful machine. Three models were made: the PET 2001-8N with 8 KB RAM, PET 2001-16N with 16 KB RAM and the PET 2001-32N with 32K RAM. This mchine was conceived by Chuck Peddle who later founded Tandon.


Trivia from Dave Lundberg :
More trivia: Microsoft "quietly" wrote the BASIC used in the 40-column PETs. Proof? Type: wait 6502, 10 and "MICROSOFT!" will be printed on the display 10 times.

Curator: Gosh I can't wait to try that on our PET!

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Inside the Commodore PET
by Graham Wideman and Mark Czerwinski, Electronics Today, February 1978
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