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Ed Thelen Reminds us..

Ed Thelen at the Commodore PET 2001 series which he helped bring back to life for the DigiBarn grand opening

I regard the generation of P.E.T, Apple II, TRS-80 as much superior for young (and old) folks 'cuse you could so easily teach them do something that THEY created, as opposed to running some precanned program that nobody - least of all the authoring team - understands.

Teaching some one using a PET class machine type out:
"Hello *MY* world"
took something like 30 seconds!

Remember, you did not even have to buy/install a development kit, much less struggle to define project, understand the MAKE file system, GUI, and heaven only knows what.

Ed being a Docent for our biggest member of the collection, the Cray 1!

See Ed Thelen's home page and incredible historical computer documentation including a reproduction of our Cray 1 manual and see Ed in Action with the 2001 here:

Ed Thelen talks about the Pet 2001 (load, debug, guts)
(shot by JM Valera)

See other shows
on DigiBarn TV!

Ed Thelen is a keen supporter of both the Computer History Museum and the DigiBarn having brought our PET 2001 series back to life and docent-ed at our grand opening.

- Bruce

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