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Processor Technology and the Sol-20 at the Digibarn

The Sol-20 computer by Processor Technology Corporation was a significant innovation on the path to the personal computer industry, being the first commercially mass produced, packaged small computer which had all the features of a modern PC, keyboard, video and an expandable architecture. Prior to the Sol, microcomputers came as home brew kits (or pre assembled) but did not come as a complete preassembled package including keyboard, case, and video output support, all from one manufacturer. Systems like the Altair 8800 and Apple I still required some assembly. Launched in late 1976, the Sol post-dated the earlier Sphere (which was produced in limited numbers) but predated the Apple II.

The Digibarn's Artifacts on Processor Technology and the Sol-20 Computer

The Sol-20@30, 30th birthday of the Sol-20

a panel led by Lee Felsenstein, Nov 5, 2006 (audio and video)

The Digibarn's Sol-20

Our Popular Electronics July 1976 issue introducing the Sol

Lee Felsenstein's bio
at the Digibarn

Processor Technology T-shirt
(Sol systems outshine the rest)
at our Big T-Shirt collections page

Lee Felsenstein signs our Sol-20
"Pull out the guts... screw in the brains"

Sol-20 at the Smithsonian in Washington DC

(why is that Sol on the floor???)
Manual on Electric Pencil
for the Sol
More to come!

Digibarn Radio audio on the
Sol 20 30th birthday party

(Nov 5, 2006)

Short Digibarn TV feature on the Sol-20

Other Sol-20 Resources from Around the Web:

Old-Computers Sol 10/20 Page

Jim Battle's Sol20.org Web Page

Bob Stek, the Saver of Lost Sols, and his contributed manuals on Jim Battle's site

Lee Felsenstein and company at the VCF 1.0 showing the Sol Prototype!

Lee Felsenstein and the Home Brew Computer Club

Lee's article Commons of Information and his personal site Nerditude

Got artifacts and stories about Processor Tech or the Sol, contact us!

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