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The Little OSes That Could
(for 1977-2007)
CP/M SCP DOS DOS ProDOS Scripsit AmigaOS TRSDOS and...

In 2007 The DigiBarn Computer Museum Celebrates
The Little OSes That Could!
Honoring thirty plus years of tiny Operating Systems that once powered the personal computer revolution

In 2007 we plan to celebrate thirty years of the best little operating systems (OSes) that could be squeezed into weenie 8 bit microcomputers of the early years of our medium. These little workhorses were the mainstay of our lives for twenty or more years and yet they are fast being forgotten in a world dominated by the monopoly of the GUIs (graphical user interfaces). By the year 1977, many of these OSes were already powering the early machines in the burgeoning microcomputer marketplace.

We will be building up a site focused on unique and long thought forgotten factoids about these little OSes, who made them, who used them and how they changed (or didn't) our world. We are getting going with help from Louis-Luc Le Guerrier of Quebec, Canada, who has provided us with a great kernel of of data about one of the great OSes of times gone by: CP/M.

CP/M Control Program for Microcomputers, by Gary Kildall (Digital Research)

See our first effort: A CP/M Memorial

CP/M's first commercial licensor was IMSAI (calling it IMSDOS), see our special collection of IMSAI key corporate documents here

Have a story to tell, an artifact to share or anything else on these Little OSes? Contact us!

See other great resources around the web on the Little OSes That Could:

8 Bit Micro: a leading site on 8 bit machines and the software that ran on them



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