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DigiBarn Computer Museum Opening

Video of our Grand Opening of the DigiBarn on July 13, 2002

Video of the Grand Opening of the DigiBarn!

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Photo Albums

Keen young museum visitor tries the BeBox (thanks Bill Daul)

Grand Opening Gallery
Collages (best of the pictures)

Other Picture Galleries

Curator's Images

Bruce Damer's opening day picture album!

Chad Rooney's excellent picture gallery of the grand opening

Bruce Damer's album of the day before, frantic preparations

Galen's chochky wall (and the "missing brain!")

Other Contributed Images

Jai Hudes' Digital Ambassador's Grand Opening Album

Eric Klein's DigiBarn Open House pages on the opening at Vintage Computing

Bill Daul's DigiBarn Opening Pictures

JM Valera's big web directory of pictures of the event

Michael Miller, Curator Bruce Damer and Steve Inness marveling at Ted Nelson's Computer Lib (Thank you Amara for your photos and interviews!)


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