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1976: Apple in the Garage
Was held at the Vintage Computer Festival 9.0
On the weekend of November 4-5th, 2006 at the
Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA
See our full coverage of this event below

Apple Computer, Inc. was founded on April 1, 1976 and to celebrate that event thirty years ago the Digibarn and Vintage Computer Festival took a very personal and up front peek at the earliest days of Apple when it was actually operating out of Steve Jobs' family home garage. We took a journey with those who were there, from the first meeting of "the Steves" (Jobs and Wozniak) at the Homebrew Computer Club, to the designing of the Apple 1 single board computer, the establishment of the Apple Computer Company, the first assembly and sales and promotion of the Apple 1 and then the point where the company really took off... 1976, what a year! This is a journey from "the Bedroom to the Livingroom to the Garage" (with trips to the Homebrew Club in between) and thence to the first Office!

Linda Blum with Jef Raskin's Apple 1
sat on the left side of the panel
Liza's Apple 1 (serial number one!)
sat on the right side of the panel

We assembled a steller cast and crew to present a panel complete with vintage Apple 1s and a birthday cake cutting to a packed house at the annual Vintage Computer Festival 9.0 on November 4th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View California. We then hosted a tour of the Digibarn on Sunday afternoon. See our past birthday events here.

Panel event (held on Saturday November 4th at 1pm at the VCF 9.0)

Bruce Damer -
DigiBarn Curator
and event host

Steve Wozniak
well.. he's the Woz!

Daniel Kottke
assembled Apple 1s
in the garage & more!

Randy Wigginton
Apple employee #6
Met Woz at the Club
and then went on
to an illustrious
career at Apple
doing many, many

Chris Espinosa
, who at age 15 joined Apple in 1976 in the garage and is still there today (at Apple that is)!

Sellam Ismail

Event Producer,
Vintage Computer
Festival, will

Read about our Panelists for this event which was held at 1:00pm Saturday November 4th, 2006. Sellam Ismail of the Vintage Computer Festival introduced the event and Bruce Damer provided a slide show, introduced the topic and then moderated the panel and Q&A afterwards (Bruce also designed the birthday cake and this website). Allan Lundell of Virtual World Studios coordinated and operated the video capture and edited the video (TBD). See Bruce Damer's humorous yet informative slide show and set the stage for the panel.

Panel slides, photos, audio and video

Bruce Damer and Woz

The panelists

A packed house!

Bruce Damer's introductory slides

Audio of the event

Video of this event
is available at Digibarn TV

View Bruce Damer's introductory slides for Apple@30 here and see Panel Photos here and hear Panel Audio here and see photos of Cake Cutting here. Video of the panel is below...


Click here for the video of the intro, panel discussion and Q&A

Cake cutting at Apple@30!

As we do every year, following the panel and Q&A we had a cake cutting. Everyone got a taste of the event!

The original Apple "Newton under the tree" logo was used on this year's birthday cake. See our other clean, hirez copy of this logo (without the Apple@30 text).
The finished cake!
Thank you Safeway in
Soquel, California!).


See photos of our Cake Cutting here.

Media coverage of this event

Woz highlights Apple anniversary celebration (posted on news.com (CNET) Nov 5th, 2006)

We would like to thank Daniel Terdiman of CNET for his excellent coverage of the event.

iWoz book signing

Following the panel Steve Wozniak signedhis biography, iWoz.

The Apple 1 Computer

The Apple 1 computer

Apple-1 Operation Manual and other documents

The Apple 1 computer was described in detail at this event. See our pages on the Apple 1 computer and the Apple-1 Operation Manual, Preliminary BASIC User's Manual and Cassette Interface documents.

The Actual Garage

Want to know about the actual garage where Apple Computer Company began? It is attached to the below pictured modest surburban home in Los Altos, California.

The house and garage on Crist Drive, Los Altos, California (photo, Washington Apple Pi)

The Garage where Apple Computer was born on Crist Drive, Los Altos, California. See this story from Fortune Magazine, photos credit Diane Cooke and Len Jenshel, copyright Fortune.

Promoting the Apple 1, the Apple Guys Go On the Road

Daniel Kottke and Steve Jobs demonstrating
the Apple 1 at Personal Computing 76 in
Atlantic City, NJ

Personal Computing 76 T-shirt

The first place the Apple 1 was shown in public was the Homebrew Computer Club, probably in the spring of 1976 (?). This story at PC-History describes Stan Veit's early personal recollection of Apple (encounters with Steve Jobs, Woz, and Daniel Kotte) and how the Apple 1 first went on the road to a trade show, Personal Computing 76, in Atlantic City, NJ, which was held over two days on August 28-29th of 1976. Jobs, Woz and Daniel were the demo crew. Thanks to Stan, we happen to have a cool PC '76 t-shirt in the Digibarn's collection of Tees.

Early Apple 1 Ad (1976)

Steve Jobs' marketing genius was apparent by the fall (?) or summer (for PC 76?) of 1976 with this early Apple 1 ad (note the use of the classic Times Roman type and timeless Apple marketing language).

Miscellaneous historic Apple image gallery

See Tom Munnecke's Early Apple Photos here (available for licensing at Getty Images)

See our other miscellaneous Apple historic image gallery here.

Processor Technology Sol-20 @ 30 event (Sunday November 5th, 2006)

On Sunday November 5th the Processor Technology Sol-20 30th birthday celebration and panel was held. See pictures of the panel here and listen to the MP3 audio of the whole panel here.

Vintage Computer Festival exhibitors and awards

On Sunday November 5th the awards for best exhibits at the VCF were given. See scenes from the exhibit hall and awarding of prizes here. We look forward to VCF 10.0 next year!

Tour of the Digibarn for VCF attendees on Sunday afternoon and evening

Watch this tour on YouTube

On Sunday November 5th we led a group of VCF attendees over to the Digibarn for a talking walking tour and followed by dinner at the local brew pub! A grand time was had by all!

If anyone out there was there and/or has insights into Apple in '76,
please get in touch, we would love to add this to our site!

Links to resources related to the Apple 1

Stan Veit's personal recollections of the founders of Apple and their products, at PC-History

The Apple-1 story by Steven Weyhrich on the Apple II History site

The APPLE 1 Computer by Joe Torzewski

Apple I as described in Wikipedia

More links to be added soon, suggest a link.

Stories Related to Apple's 30th Birthday

Woz highlights Apple anniversary celebration
(posted on news.com (CNET) Nov 5th, 2006)

Steve Jobs noting the 30th anniversary of the founding of Apple at a Macworld keynote in early 2006
BBC story "Never mind the OS X" on Apple's 30th birthday

Apple Turns 30: story at CNET

Apple at 30 Blog at Wired

PCPro's four part series on Apple's 30th Birthday

If anyone out there was there and/or has insights into Apple in '76,
please get in touch, we would love to add this to our site!

See our past birthday events here

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