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Our Huge Collection of Screen Shots
featuring Operating Systems, Shells and Applications
Courtesy Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn for some of these
and many others for contributing to this section

Operating Systems and Shells

Amiga 2500 OS running Video Toaster and AmigaOS v3.5

Apple II GS
Apple IIgs System v6.0.1

Take a tour of the Lisa OS and Applications
and see more Apple Lisa screen shots here and our Lisa 2 XL running

Apple Macintosh v1.1 - 1984

running on a Be Box
and BeOS v5.0 PE
Central Point Desktop
DESQView X v2.1

GEM, the Graphics Environment Manager
from Digital Research Incorporated

Elixir Desktop and applications
a DOS-based desktop GUI based on GEM

GeoWorks v1.2
IBM OS2 Warp 4
IRIX v6.5
KDE 1.x
KDE 2.x
KDE 3.0.x
KDE 3.1.x
MacOS v7.5.5
MacOS v8.1
MacOS Rhapsody DR2
MacOS X v10.1
Mandrake v9.0
MicroSoft Bob v1.00
MicroSoft OS2 v1.3
Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server 2003 Build 3652

NeXT Step 3.3
running on a color NeXTStation

NeXT OpenStep v4.2

NewDeal v3.2a
Norton Desktop
RedHat v5.0
RedHat v8.0
Solaris 8 CDE

VisiOn by Visicorp

Windows 1.0
(running!), the first version of Windows, and other
Windows v1.01 shots
Windows/286 2.11, the first usable version of Windows and other
Windows v2.03 shots

Windows v3.0
Windows v3.1
Windows v3.11
Windows v3.2
Windows v95 - Chicago Beta-1
Windows v98 - 4.1
Windows v98 Lite - 1.3
Windows v98 Lite - 4.5
Windows vME - 4.9
Windows NT v3.1
Windows NT v3.51
Windows NT v4.0
Windows XP Neptune Build 5111
Windows XP Whistler Build 2223
Windows NT v5.0 [Windows 2000]
Windows NT v5.1 [Windows XP]
Windows NT 6.0 [Longhorn] Alpha Preview Build 4008

Xerox Alto OS and applications in action

High quality Polaroid shots of the Xerox Star 8010 interfaces
with some early Icon design decisions (1981)

See the Xerox Star 8010 user interface and applications in action
and see Xerox 6085s in operations running a derivative of the Star environment

Fun Stuff

Screenshots Funstuff
Screenshots Y2k Errors
Apple IIe software antics! (thanks Alan Lundell)


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