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Commodore Amiga 2500 with Video Toaster 2.0

The following is one of the most influential systems in the field of special effects in video and video editing in general. Thanks to Taylor Barcroft (Kunga) for this wonderful donation.

Allan Lundell's dream machine,
circa 1991
Video Toaster 2.0 interface
Closeup of interface, includes Lightwave 3D
and many other tools
Interface to Amiga's own operating environment
Launch icons for big parts of the OS on the 2500
Art Department Professional
Icons to main software on the 2500
Launch icons for Video Toaster
Clock and other tools

From James Lloyd (May 2006)

Your entry for the Amiga 2500 with video Toaster is incorrect.  The Video Toaster did not ship with Ray Dream 3D, it shipped with the first incarnation of Lightwave 3D, which is still one of the most powerful 3D programs in the field of special effects and animation.  In fact, a number of professional animators bought the Toaster for this program alone (myself included), as it was a bargain considering it included the full 24bit framebuffer of the Toaster.  Lightwave was the progeny of two former Amiga programs, Videoscape 3D and Modeler 3D, both from a company called Aegis.  Newtek bought them and combined them into Lightwave, which they still market to PC and Mac users.

Curator: thanks James, it is corrected!

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