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"Xerox Museum" in El Segundo, California
featuring a Small exhibit of Xerox workstations

Thanks Dana M. Cowe for sending us the following photos of the small "Xerox museum" housed in the Xerox ECC (Executive Communications Center) in El Segundo, CA. This is the only museum internal to Xerox which we know aobut. Dana has supplied us with the following photo tour of the Xplor Southern California Chapter's visit to the museum in 2003:

A history of Xerox logos from 1906 to today.

hester Carlson testing his invention--the first electro-static printing mechanism, later termed "Xerography."

A working replica of Chester Carlson's first electro-static printing device.

Eunice Griffith shares about the first non-production Xerox machine. 

The Xerox 914--first production copying machine.

The evolution of Xerox workstations--(left to right) The Alto, 8010 "Star", 6085.
These systems ran on Mesa processors using an operating system called "Pilot".
Notice the progression of screen sizes versus CPU sizes.

A Xerox Knowledge Sharing Centre team member sharing the latest Xerox Technology and document production machines.

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The Digibarn's Xerox artifacts including the ones pictured here:
the Xerox Alto II/XM, Xerox Star 8010 and Xerox 6085

Digibarn Curator Bruce Damer (left) visiting Xerox PARC in the 80s

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