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DigiBarn Jokes: On the Subject of Computer Collectors

Ed Thelen's humorous rhymes about computer collectors (yours truly!). In response to Robert Garner's quip:

Checkout the Digibarn web site, then the place itself.
(A living replica of the hacker/hippy home brew computer culture of the late 60's in a Santa Cruz barn.)
Bruce is one cool computer history dude!?

Ed penned:

Bruce Damer
is a classic textbook case of
    - obsessive, possessive behavior toward "old iron"
    - sadly under diagnosed
    - victims appear to be in a euphoric state,
            apparently not drug induced
    - seldom cured - victims seem blissful, not in pain
    - victims often die before the age of 95,
            with still unexplained smiles on their faces
Not only is Bruce a study unto himself,
  but his poor wife, Galen Brandt,
     who recently married him
  in spite of inevitable prognosis of the disease,
  is a very literate, discerning, expressive individual
  who should be a world recognized expert
  in the psychology of these tragicly afflicted.

Most people are reluctant to talk about this condition,  
   but she voluntarily lives it   - such an angel -


And, if not to hold up a mirror,
what pray does your wife think of  you,
now christened by Dag the "Garrison Keiller" of computer history!


July 2006

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