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Peter Jennings' MicroChess 1.5 on the TRS-80 Model 1

Click here for a medium sized image of Microchess on the TRS-80 and
here for a larger version

The above is a full page photo reproduction of Microchess (version 1.5) running on the TRS-80 model 1. You can see a medium sized version here, and a bigger version here. Microchess was written by Peter Jennings and was arguably the first commercially successful game on the microcomputer platform. Microchess ran on a variety of early platforms including the MOS/Commodore Kim-1. From Peter's own pages on Microchess:

Microchess for the Kim-1 was the first game program sold for home computers. After six months of development, the first copy was shipped on December 18, 1976.
...several million copies of Microchess were sold to owners of home computers purchased from Apple, Tandy, Commodore and lesser known companies such as Processor Technology, Imsai, Cromemco, Polymorphic Systems, MITS, Ohio Scientific, and many more.

Peter Jennings with displays of Microchess on the Kim-1

Peter Jennings and his
Microchess display at the Vintage
Computer Festival (2002)
Microchess on the Kim-1
Another view of the Kim-1
running Microchess
Peter showing an article
about Microchess on the Kim-1


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