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The Mac at 20

The DigiBarn Computer Museum Celebrates
The 20th Anniversary (Happy Birthday!) of the Apple Macintosh Computer!
Documenting the Mac, a Special Section of Rare Document Artifacts from 1979-1983

Special Section of Documents by Jef Raskin

In this section we are featuring special document artifacts from Jef Raskin that represent the effort to construct the Macintosh from late 1979 to the end of 1983 when the first systems were ready to roll. For the hardware story see Building the Mac and for other technical and business documents see Documenting the Mac.

Jef's Documents

Macintosh Project Genesis and History
(Feb 1981).

Holes in the Histories, Jef Raskin's detailed critique of many written histories and media treatments of the Macintosh and its genesis.

Computers by the Millions, an Apple Document from 1979 (by Jef Raskin)

Another 1979 document "The Macintosh Project - Apple Computer Network" (by Jef Raskin)

Jef Raskin's own Homepage and the Raskin Center project

See Also:

Jef's page at the DigiBarn

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