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Digibarn Stories:
Erik Klein's photo shoot of the IBM PC and original software

For the 25th anniversary of the IBM PC's launch on August 12, 1981, Erik Klein took the following photos of his IBM PC running DOS 1.0. Thank you Erik for taking all the trouble to shoot these, and folks please please see and join Erik's Vintage Computer Forums and also see Erik's collection of vintage machines. Now for the photos!

Photos of the IBM PC running

vintage 085.jpg
Erik Klein reflected in the
screen of his IBM PC running BASIC
vintage 084.jpg
Full PC
060729ibmpc25th 071.jpg
IBM PC with manuals/software
060729ibmpc25th 072.jpg
Booting to the date/time setup
060729ibmpc25th 074.jpg
Date and time set
060729ibmpc25th 076.jpg
Date and time set
060729ibmpc25th 101.jpg
DOS DIR of the root and only directory
060729ibmpc25th 065.jpg
Another view
060729ibmpc25th 025.jpg
060729ibmpc25th 027.jpg
Floppy drive
060729ibmpc25th 001.jpg
Chasiss and boards/drives
(well built!)
060729ibmpc25th 004.jpg
Top view of interior
060729ibmpc25th 008.jpg
A board
060729ibmpc25th 016.jpg
Another view
060729ibmpc25th 017.jpg
Yet another view

Key software packages that shipped with the IBM PC on August 12, 1981
(some still in their plastic shrinkwrap!)

060729ibmpc25th 077.jpg
A full set! The famous IBM sofware
for the original PC
060729ibmpc25th 087.jpg
Disk Operating System
060729ibmpc25th 096.jpg
DOS 1.0 Diskette
060729ibmpc25th 097.jpg
060729ibmpc25th 097.jpg
060729ibmpc25th 052.jpg
Software Submissions

060729ibmpc25th 053.jpg
Software submission guidelines
for the all-important
third party developers!

060729ibmpc25th 058.jpg
DOS Manuals edge on
060729ibmpc25th 055.jpg
BASIC Primer
060729ibmpc25th 056.jpg
One Hundres and One
Monochrome Mazes
060729ibmpc25th 047.jpg
Microsoft Adventure
060729ibmpc25th 048.jpg
060729ibmpc25th 048.jpg
060729ibmpc25th 049.jpg
060729ibmpc25th 049.jpg

060729ibmpc25th 051.jpg
Typing Tutor

060729ibmpc25th 050.jpg
Typing Tutor (interior)
060729ibmpc25th 054.jpg
Typing Tutor
060729ibmpc25th 045.jpg
Microsoft Decathalon
060729ibmpc25th 046.jpg
Microsoft Decathalon

Key magazine stories and other documents about the IBM PC

Original IBM PC Hardware Fact Sheet
Interior of Hardware Fact Sheet
Original sales receipt for
IBM PC purchased by Erik's
father from Computerland

BYTE Cover

Microcomputing cover
IBM vs Xerox

Creative Computer cover

Tech Journal cove

Thumbs up, thumbs down!
PC Magazine cover

Charter issue!
PC World cover

Premier issue!

Personal Computer Age
Premier Issue (Jan 1982)

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