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Digibarn Media Coverage:

In Search of the Valley

In September of 2004, Steven O'Hear and his gang of merry techsters journeyed from the British Isles to our strange corner of the world to film at the Digibarn and visit various digirati around the Bay. They were In Search of the Valley and by cracky they found it! In this wonderful film, which is available now on DVD, you will see insightful interviews with many of the people who made "the valley" happen as well as those who chronicled its development and history. There are some really nice pieces about the Digibarn and curator Bruce Damer.

on the road.jpg

Photos of the Digibarn Shoot and other scenes from the film

Filming at the Digibarn
More Digibarn
Steve et al in the Barn
Bay Bridge
jeff_raskin plays piano with Steve (director).jpg
Jeff Raskin plays piano with Steve
john_warnock (adobe co-founder).jpg
John Warnock (adobe co-founder)
kpfa radio interview.jpg
kpfa radio interview
lee felsenstein and crew.jpg
Lee Felsenstein and crew
Lee Felsenstein with SAGE
steve wozniak.jpg
Steve Wozniak

Other coverage of In Search of the Valley:

The WAVE Magazine coverage of In Search of the Valley
(November 2006, mentions Digibarn!)

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