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May 7th, 2001, Initiation of the Museum Project!

DigiBarn Computer Museum

On May 7th, 2001, during a trip to the Weird Stuff Warehouse with JM Valera and Allan Lundell, I made the first serious steps to start a collection, by actually plunking down hard earned dollars for several authentic pieces of digital heritage (aka "junk") on our innaugural visit to the famous Weird Stuff Warehouse. That same day a bonanza was struck at a visit to an Apple dealer going out of business where I bought a dozen Macs of 80s and early 90s vintage (some for as low as $1). They were so nice they threw in a Woz special edition Apple IIGS (see above), a system I had never heard of but came to respect. Carting all this home to Ancient Oaks in Allan's car we then had to cart it all upstairs, plunk it on the floor and voila.. instant museum (or rather, instant silicon junkheap). It takes more than this to create a museum and we invite you to explore our collection and other parts of this site so lovingly created for your nerdly history pleasure!

Alan Lundell the deliverer

Unloading the initial collection into the DigiBarn

A carload of macs from dealers going out of business in Sunnyvale

Televideo Terminal, special delivery from the Weird Stuff Warehouse!

Apple ][e, working just fine!

Good old TRS 80 (Trash 80) which doesnt work :(

Me with Woz special edition Apple ][ GS

Innards of the Apple ][ GS Woz Edition

Alan with the Woz special edition Apple ][ GS

Woz's picture on the Apple ][ inviting journalists to the US Festival, 1982

Woz's welcome message for the US Festival

Woz signature on the Apple ][ GS
The collection arives upstairs at DigiBarn studios in the former Hay Loft, price tags in place The Macs, all working!

The Amazing Shoe Computer, connects to paddle gaming port on Apple ][

A dollar for this old Mac, at that price..

Recently Jake Bowman has helped tremendously in getting shelving done. See much more about the history of the DigiBarn Museum project here.

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