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The Blackburn's visit to the DigiBarn after the VCF
Oct 13, 2003
And Bryan's saga to restore a complete Digitalgroup system

Bryan Blackburn is quite the expert on Digitalgroup computer systems. I met him at the Vintage Computer Festival 6.0 where he won best of show for his Digitalgroup display. Subsequently the Blackburns, residents of Arizona, came to visit us at the DigiBarn. I was very happy to be able to give Bryan a Digitagroup printer and monitor in original case. Bryan has now started a restoration project on this printer with some promising early results. Our Digitalgroup system was donated by Larry Lynch-Freshner, a neighbor here in Boulder Creek. See this system at the following DigiBarn page.

Hear Bryan's interview at the DigiBarn about the Digitalgroup system and company here (15.5MB MP3 file), and see photos of his visit to the museum and display at the VCF below. For superb information on Digitalgroup see Bryan's pages on Digitalgroup here. Stand by for more on Bryan's efforts to produce a completely restored DG system!

Galen Bev and Bryan in the Bower
Bryan inspects our DG system
The expert speaks
Bryan and Bev and the donations

Bev Blackburn at the Digitalgroup display, VCF 6

Bryan winning best of show
at the VCF 6

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