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Star Hard Drives

The Xerox 8010 initially shipped with 10mb Shugart drives, model 4004 I think. These 8" drives fit inside the main cabinet, as did all future drives (42mb and 80mb). The exception was the 29mb drive which had 14" platters. These drives were so large that they were placed in a second enclosure (identical in appearance to the main cabinet except the floppy drive in the main cabinet was replaced with a flat black panel).

Fortunately Peter Maydell (pmaydell@chiark.greenend.org.uk) has preserved some old hardware, including a Perq that also used this drive. Thanks to Peter for making these photos available.

You can see the two platters behind the translucent plastic cover. There's also 4 heads, but not really visible here. The heads are mounted on an arm that pivots from the lower left corner. In the upper right is the motor that drove the belt (underneath) to spin the platters.

The backside of the drive. The drive motor is top left, and the black plastic cover over the belt from the motor to the spindle can be seen in the middle of the image. There are several boards to the controller.

Here's a close up of the heads --- left, slightly above center.

It was important to park and lock the heads on the early drives to avoid the heads bouncing on the platters whe moving the systems. Here's the warning label for this drive.

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