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Wren Executive Computer
by Thorn EMI
The Wren (center) with Maurhen (right) and
her husband (holding the Oyster)
in London UK
Picture from old-computers.com

(courtesy Michael French)

Year of Manufacture (1980-82?)

Processor Zilog Z80

Twin 5.25" single head floppy disk drives

Internal modem at a whopping 9600 baud

Amber screen 7" Monitor which had cursor that
could be controlled by a joystick (inspired by work at Xerox)

External port for Winchester hard drive

Operating system CP/M+? Ran the "Wren desktop, inspired by Xerox

Heavy! Weighs 15KG

Slides on the base, has a carrying handle in back, unique design!

For much more information, including a letter from one of the creatores of the Wren,
see Michael "Mick" French's page on the Wren and
Mick's wonderful Collection of Obsolete Computers

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