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Oyster UK portable computer from GR Electronics

A wonderfully rare British portable computer
about which we know little!
If you do, please contact us!

We know this was possibly a terminal produced by GR Electronics which then became Oyster Terminals and then Oyster Termiflex before the company shut down. It seems to have been made in the 1984 time frame.

From Alistair Duffy:
..it was a 'dumb' terminal rather than a computer (it was one of a series of devices used for such things as programming controllers where it would have been too costly, impractical or inappropriate to have a keyboard and display attached to the equipment). It was made round about 85/86. The other controllers made by Oyster were hand-held, about the size of a pocket calculator with some of the models with bigger displays being larger but still fitting into a lab coat. The closest that Oyster came to a computer was the RT80 range of terminals which were designed primarily for mobile data collecting (similar to the hand held devices with barcode readers used in supermarkets for inventory checks) and were based around a microcontroller rather than a microprocessor.

Oyster case
Oyster modem and printer ports
Oyster open
Oyster with Maurhen and her husband
in North London
(Wren computer in between them)

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Oyster Terminals (UK, Ltd), still building Oysters!


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