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The Dynamac, a Macintosh clone
(and first true Mac portable)

The following Dynamac was used by Niel MacDonald and others at Apple, and traveled all the way to Signapore once.

New information from Dave Culp: The Dynamac has 100 mb HD, 8 mb RAM, 2400 baud internal modem and both a hard and soft case (hard case is a customized Samsonite suitcase. Not a small one...). It would power its internal monitor, and also any exterior monitor Apple made at that time (1989). I ran Apple's 21" 2-page (in black/white) with mine. It would drive Apple's 12" and 13" color monitors (SE/30's could do this, but Dynamac had a custom video card in the machine, in order to drive the bigger monitors) The Dynamac cost me $9100. Not including the 2-page monitor.

The Dynamac, made in Colorado USA
Running eWorld and Mac Link!
Closeup of plasma screen
Side view, metal case, heavy!
Guts of a Mac SE/30
Dynamac branded mouse with eWorld mouse pad
Dynamac case
A fine early mac portable
that inspired Apple to make a portable
of its own (the Luggable)
Dynamac system software
logo on Dynamac mouse

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