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Cray Supercomputers and Memorabilia at the DigiBarn
(with special thanks to Tony Cole)

Peruse our various galleries and stories of the Cray collection here at the DigiBarn. Several generations of Cray Supercomputer are represented by artifacts, large and small, including the Cray-1, Cray Q2, Cray 3, Cray X-MP and others as well as documents and other memorabilia.

Miscellaneous Cray Documents Cray display space at the
The Story of Tony Cole

Building the Cray Supercomputer as depicted in a book of photographs by Lee Friedlander
"CRAY at Chippewa Falls"

Other photos of the DigiBarn Crays on the move through time

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Tribute to Seymour Cray presented at Supercomputing '96 Happy Curator in Cray!

How to secure a Cray 1 processor tower
to its transformers
(as if you need to know!)
More to come!

Comments from Digibarn virtual visitor Arthur Blackwell (May 21, 2006)

I was one of the people that was part of the Development Team that created the X-MP and Y-MP. I worked with Steve Chen, Doug Paffel and Ed Priest.

Those people have an INTERESTING history by themselves. The creation of Supercomputer Systems Incorporated, but you probably wouldn't be interested in that...

You can check my Bona Fides at https://www.excray.com/
Curator's note: this is the Ex Cray employees Alumni site

I also worked at Cromemco for a short period of time as well as at DG Sunnyvale and AMD Sunnyvale.

I owned an IMSAI 8080 and a NORTHSTAR with the WOODEN cabinet. A BYTE-8 too.

We called the " Photo-Op " that JR commissioned, the " Lee FREELOADER " book, but that is another story..


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