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Ever Onward
and other classic IBM Company Songs

We would like to warmly thank Irene Siefers, a 25 year IBM veteran (in San Jose)
for the following donations. Thanks Dan Croghan for making this possible!

The following lyrics and song clip are available through the IBM History pages and are made available for noncommercial, educational, and personal use only. Copyright or redistribution in any manner for commercial use is not permitted. See IBM's terms of use for the below material.

To play the IBM classic company song, click here for the .WAV file version (1.46MB)
The sheet music and lyrics follow below:


Lyrics for Ever Onward (from 30s or 40s,
lyrics below from 1958 song book)

There's a thrill in store for all
for we're about to toast
the corporation that we represent.
we're here to cheer each pioneer
and also proudly boast,
of that man of men
our friend and guiding hand
the name of T.J. Watson means
a courage none can stem
and we feel honored to be
here to toast the IBM.


Ever onward! ever onward!
that's the spirit that has brought us fame.
we're big but bigger we will be,
we can't fail for all can see,
that to serve humanity has been our aim.
our products now are known
in every zone.
our reputation sparkles like a gem.
we've fought our way through
and new fields we're sure to conquer, too,
for the ever onward IBM!

Ever onward! ever onward!
we're bound for the top to never fall,
right here and now we thankfully
pledge sincerest loyalty
to the corporation that's the best of all
our leaders we revere
and while we're here,
let's show the world just what we think of them!
so let us sing men - sing men
once or twice, then sing again
for the ever onward IBM!

An extra verse from the above IBM songsheet has been offered courtesy of Joe Kessleman. There's a feeling everywhere of bigger things in store Of new horizons coming into view Our aim is clear: To make each year exceed the one before Staying in the lead in everything we do The "will to win" is built right in, it will not be denied And we will go ahead, we know, working side by side.... To play the above IBM classic company song, click here for the .WAV file version (1.46MB) 106 IBM Company Songs 1. AMERICA My country, ‘tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty Of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrim’s pride, From every mountain side, Let freedom ring. GREAT BRITAIN AND CANADA 2. God save our gracious King, Long live our noble King, God save our King. Send him victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, God save our King. ___________________________ 2. STAR-SPANGLED BANNER Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there. Chorus Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave? ___________________________ 3. TO THOS. J. WATSON, PRESIDENT, I. B. M. OUR INSPIRATION Tune: "Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean" Thomas Watson is our inspiration, Head and soul of our splendid IBM. We are pledged to him throughout all nations, He’s our President and most beloved man. His great wisdom has guided each division In such service to all humanity That we all unite to make this one decision, None can match him or our worldwide company. Chorus T. J. Watson, we all honor you, You’re so big and so square and so true, We will follow and serve with you forever, All the world shall know what I. B. M. can do. ___________________________ 4. TO THOS. J. WATSON YOU’RE OUR LEADER FINE Tune: "Auld Lang Syne" T. J. Watson-you’re our leader fine, the greatest in the land, We sing your praises from our hearts we’re here to shake your hand. You’re IBM’s bright guiding star you’re big and square and true. No matter what the future brings, we all will follow you. You’ve made our IBM so great in every land and clime Our service meets all needs of men on Weights, Accounts and Time. You’ve brought us through to victory, with leadership so fine, We’ll always love and honor you for the sake of Auld Lang Sync. ___________________________ 5. TO THOS. J. WATSON, PRESIDENT, I. B. M. Tune: "Pack Up Your Troubles" 1. Pack up your troubles Mr. Watson’s here! And smile, smile, smile. He is the genius in our I. B. M. He’s the man worth while. He’s inspiring all the time, On Wall Street he’s sublime! Fine. He is our own, our matchless President! His smile’s worth while. 2. "He’s a real father and a friend so true." Say all we boys. Ever he thinks of things to say and do, To increase our joys. He’s a builder real and true. His work will never die. That’s - Why we love T. J. Watson all the while- He’s God’s best style. ___________________________ 6. OTTO E. BRAITMAYER, VICE-PRESIDENT I. B. M. Tune: "Tipperary" 1. We adore you, Otto Braitmayer Our great pioneer, You’re a wise and able leader. And you always are sincere. You’re our President’s right bower- Our Manufacturing Guiding Star, I. B. M. will honor you forever Vice-President Braitmayer. 2. Your great knowledge, efforts untiring Guide us safely each day, Every act is to us inspiring We believe all that you say. You’re our noble elder brother, Real pal in every way. Help all of us to help each sther. God bless you always. ___________________________ 7. O. E. BRAITMAYER ANNIVERSARY SONG (To the tune of "Marching Through Georgia") I. Who’s the man with us today who forty years ago Saw the birth of IBM and helped to make it grow, Fed the first of hope and faith and fanned them to a glow? It’s our dear friend, Otto Braitmayer! Chorus We’re here to cheer him on his victory; Through all these years he’s worked for you and me, He’s set us an example of true zeal and loyalty That’s why we all love Otto Braitmayer! II. Who, in pioneering days has helped to man the helm And steer us safely through the shoals that sought to overwhelm The good ship IBM that now is known throughout the realm? It’s our good friend, Otto Braitmayer! 2nd Chorus Hooray! Hooray! for you we proudly cheer! And well we may, beloved pioneer! Your squareness and your fairness are the things we hold most dear, That’s why we love Otto Braitmayer! III. Modern days and modern ways have changed things by the score, Business makes demands on men it never did before. Ahead of the procession still, as in the days of yore Is our old friend, Otto Braitmayer! 3rd Chorus We sing his praise; his name we all revere, On life’s highways, you’ll never meet his peer, We greet this opportunity to pay him homage here, That’s how we feel, Otto Braitmayer! ___________________________ 8. TO CLEMENT EHRET, VICE-PRESIDENT, I. B. M. Tune: "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp, the Boys Are Marching" 1. In the glorious I. B. M. we are blest with mighty men, Whom we honor, serve, and manfully adore. Clement Ehret’s one of them, he inspires all our men He will make the International Scale Division grow. 2. He’s a high-speed dynamo--day and night he’s on the go. International his vision all the time. Our big line he surely knows; we will study, work and grow; Then, with Ehret, we’ll be leaders in our line. Chorus We’re all strong for Clement Ehret In the cause of I. B. M. He’s a Business Engineer, None can match his fine career. Clement Ehret, guiding star of I. B. M. ___________________________ 9. TO F. W. NICHOL, ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT, I. B. M. Tune: "Where Do We Go From Here?" 1. With Nichol, our Assistant Chief, there’s nothing we can’t do. In war he proved his worth to us, in peace he’s shown it, too. We know his great ability, his love for hard work, too, Some Boy! Our Joy! We sing his praise anew. 2. In U. S. A. and Canada, he’s made a record fine. His leadership unmatchable in our IBM line. His sales-plan a real masterpiece-inspiring for all time. Oh’ boy-Great Boy! in IBM’s great line. 3. He is a real Go-Getter! An organizer too! That’s why he’s now our President’s right hand-great leader, too! The IBM he’s mobilized with men all tried and true, Oh boy! Great Boy! We know what "Nick" can do. ___________________________ 10. TO W. F. BATTIN, TREASURER AND COMPTROLLER, I. B. M. Tune: "Where Do We Go From Here" 1. The Watch-Dog of our Treasury commands our high esteem. Of course he’s William Battin, expert financier so keen. He surely guards our millions well-he makes our lives serene. Dear Battin is our safety-valve in I. B. M’s regime. 2. At first he seems austere and cold, but those who know him best, Will testify his sterling worth is ever manifest. All I. B. M. is satisfied with our financial guide Battin’s our true blue friend. He is our joy and pride. ___________________________ 11. TO J. G. PHILLIPS, SECRETARY, I. B. M. CORP. Tune: "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" Behind the throne at 270 Broadway, there works a man, Both day and night it’s his delight to do and plan A thousand things for you and me and all our splendid Companies. It is J. G. Phillips, yes! our President’s minute man. A hundred eyes, ears, hands and feet, has George, you see? They’re all employed for I. B. M. efficiency. What would our fine Conventions be without J. G.’s activity? I. B. M. loves dear George, our Secretary. ___________________________ 12. TO SAMUEL M. HASTINGS, CHAIRMAN SCALE FINANCE COMMITTEE Tune: "My Old Kentucky Home" We all honor you, Mr. Hastings, with your smile; You’re a Leader in our Dayton Line. We have learned from you, all your work is well worth while, You’re our inspiration all the time. You’re a Prince of men, we’ll cooperate with you For success to our splendid I. B. M. All our T. M. men and our I. T. R. men, too, Are inspired by your fine Dayton men. Chorus Here’s to you, Sam Hastings, we’ll always follow you; We are proud of you and your Dayton men true blue In the glorious cause of I. B. M. ___________________________ 13. A. WARD FORD ANNIVERSARY SONG By William MacLardy Tune: "In the Gloaming” Forty years ago it happened That a man with vision broad Saw the wonders of a Time Clock And his name was A. Ward Ford. Little did he think in those days That an industry would rise From a simple Key Recorder To Time Systems synchronized. We are all most grateful to you; We are here to homage pay To your forty years of service, Still an IBM mainstay. May you many years continue To be with us—help us grow; Health and happiness pursue you Every day where’er you go. ___________________________ 14. CANBY ANNIVERSARY SONG By William MacLardy Tune: "Love’s Old Sweet Song” Way back in "Eighteen Ninety” was the time, There was a man with vision most sublime, Aided the world—made perfect its great art Of building Scales—Computing as a part. Courage and funds were needed in that fight, So Edward Canby gave with all his might. Chorus Mister Edward Canby, Dayton pioneer, Forty years of service, With a smile of cheer. We are here to honor, In our simple way, I. B. M. is grateful To you alway, Long may you with us stay. ___________________________ 15. TO EDWARD CANBY, VICE-PRESIDENT, DAYTON SCALE COMPANY Tune: "There Are Smiles That Make Us Happy" He is loved by all who know him — Edward Canby, fine and true, His great wealth and fellowship bestowing, To big enterprises old and new Of our Dayton Scales he is the father — Modest, meek and princely is his style, Mr. Canby, we revere and honor, His example is well worth while. ___________________________ 16. THE ANNIVERSARY SONG OF IBM (Alternate—see 78) (To the tune of "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp!”) I. Back in eighteen eighty-eight, we began to tabulate, Then came time clocks and our scales to join the throng. Just one thing we needed then, It was given to us when Our beloved T. J. Watson came along. Chorus Since then we’ve been marching onward, Forty years we’ve led, you see! IBM can proudly scan, For the universe we span, Let the welkin ring this anniversary! II. We are proud to feel that we can join in this jubilee, Of the greatest company upon this earth. We’ve found our place in the sun, And we haven’t yet begun, For we’ll always lead in things of business worth. 2nd Chorus We sell goods in many countries; We have spanned the Seven Seas! If they use machines in Mars, We will sell them some of ours, Just to prove our sales po-ten-tial-i-ties! III. Institutions never die, and that is the reason why IBM will carry on forevermore. And we all will do our bit, Just to add success to it; To unprecedented heights we then will soar! 3rd Chorus Forty years the march of progress IBM is at its head; T. J. Watson’s vision rare Is the reason we are there, He's a world acknowledged leader, born and bred! ___________________________ 17. TO JAMES S. OGSBURY, PRESIDENT, DAYTON SCALE DIVISION Tune: "Oh, Mr. Gallagher" Oh, men of Dayton! Our Scale Division! You have taken from us our dear Sunny Jim. Since he left dear old Broadway, New York town is sad, I’ll say, The Home Office positively misses him. Oh, men of Dayton! Scale Men of Dayton! James S. Ogsbury, your able President, Is beloved by all our men, He’s the bee in I. B. M. We congratulate you, Dayton! And our world wide I. B. M. ___________________________ 18. TO WALTER D. JONES—EUROPEAN GENERAL MANAGER, I. B. M. Tune: "There Are Smiles” Walter Jones helps everybody In the cause of I. B. M. His good service for all our divisions Wins the admiration of all men He’s our European General Manager, Leader in promoting all our lines. May we emulate our dear friend Walter— In his I. B. M. Service fine. ___________________________ 19. TO A. R. JENNINGS, IBM, EUROPE Tune: "Polly Wolly Doodle” 1. Old London claims him as her own, The Strand is his White Way; But Paris is A. R.’s real home His heart is light and gay. 2. Berlin adores his vim and pep, And Brussels loves his style, Old Rome is doing the Jennings step, All Europe wears his smile. 3. He’s sold I. B. M. in every land, For thirty years or more, This pioneer of service grand, Is loved on every shore. Chorus I. B. M.!—I. B. M.! Everywhere you’ll find today, A. R. Jennings’ has sold our products In the European markets. Here’s to Jennings of the IBM! Hurray ___________________________ 20. TO FRANK C. VENNER, GENERAL WORKS MANAGER, I.B.M. Tune: "Smiles" Frank C. Venner makes us happy He’s a live-wire through and through; He’s the head and heart of our big Factories, Loved by every I. B. M. man, too. All his promises we can depend on, All divisions of our company know, Frank’s the soul of true cooperation— His fine work makes our business grow. ___________________________ 21. TO JOSEPH T. WILSON, VICE PRESIDENT, THE TABULATING MACHINE CO. Tune: "Oh, Mr. Dooley" Who's Quota King and everything denoting real success? Who charts the world and maps our work that mankind we may bless? Who is the gang-punch, sorter true, directing all our acts? Who tabulates and verifies statistics, figures, facts? His quietness and modest ways -- absorbing things worthwhile, You think his mind is far away -- when presently he smiles. He speaks!! You learn what you should know from Wilson's wisdom file; We know his power, we're glad he's ours. His pattern is our style. Chorus It's J. T. Wilson! Vice-President Wilson The best Accounting Engineer --That's so! Oh, J. T. Wilson! Our dear Joe Wilson! We men of IBM know he's some beau. ___________________________ 22. TO EDWARD E. FORD, VICE-PRESIDENT, I. T. R. COMPANY Tune: "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!" 1. We're proud of our Vice President because 'tis Edward Ford The brilliant son of Pioneer in our I. T. R. Board. He's won his laurels in the field by years of service fine For I. B. M.'s big line. 2. He's loved by all who know him; Edward Ford is real and true. We're satisfied when he decides what's best for us to do. He's fair and square in everything -- he is a guiding star Of our glorious I. T. R. Chorus Edward Ford, we're glad to serve you Edward Ford, we'll always help you Edward Ford, we all adore you-- Our friend and Manager. ___________________________ 23. TO L. H. LaMOTTE, SALES MANAGER, T. M. CO. Tune: "Marching Through Georgia" We are proud of you LaMotte, and your work with all our men. None has matched your record yet in all T. M. With your guidance in the field, more customers we'll win, Oh yes! LaMotte, you're a wonder. Chorus LaMotte, LaMotte, our hats are off to you! Our I. B. M. has rightly honoured you You're an inspiration to our world-wide service crew L. H. LaMotte, you're a wonder. ___________________________ 24. TO SAMUEL M. TEMPLETON, VICE-PRESIDENT AND SALES MANAGER, DAYTON SCALE COMPANY Tune: "Sweet Peggy O'Neil" We adore him, he's our style, Sam Templeton. Working, smiling all the while, Sam Templeton. Best Sales Manager we ever knew; Always helping the whole Dayton crew; Sweet personality, fine Scale authority; Sam Templeton. ___________________________ 25. TO L. S. HARRISON, SALES MANAGER, I. T. R. CO. Tune: "Oh, Mr. Dooley" A live-wire in our I. T. R. is Larry Harrison, His knowledge of Electric Time is marvellous -- then some. His genius as Engineer and Salesman, truly great. Our field forces admire him -- his deeds we emulate. Chorus Oh; Larry Harrison, Dear Larry Harrison, Your "Hourly Supervision" makes us go. Your inspiration and fine direction-- Will make our I. T. R. big business grow. ___________________________ 26. TO DANIEL J. MOYNIHAN VICE-PRESIDENT, DAYTON SCALE COMPANY Tune: "A Little Bit of Heaven” Have you ever heard the story—how Dan Moynihan got his name? His blarney gets the money and brings Dayton Scale great fame. No wonder that we’re proud of Dan, he’s loved by you and me; For here’s the way that T. J. Watson told the tale to me. SURE a brilliant Star from Ireland fell from out the sky one day, And nestled in Old Boston in a house down near the Bay. And when the angels found him, sure he looked so sweet and fair, They said, we’ll tell Sam Hastings, connoisseur of salesmen rare. SURE, Computing Scale of Dayton knew just what and how to do— With Moneyweight and Moynihan, great profits must accrue, Then they made Dan our Vice-President, because his record’s grand; He is up to date, REAL MONEYWEIGHT—our DANIEL MOYNIHAN. ___________________________ 27. TO G. F. MORRIS, VICE PRESIDENT, I. B. M. OF CANADA Tune: "There Are Smiles” Everyone joins in this chorus, Everybody likes him too, For we sing a song to George F. Morris, And our stalwart Royal Canadian crew. He’s Vice President of IBM in Canada, Wonderful his knowledge of our line. He’s an organizer and go-getter That’s why Canada is doing so fine. ___________________________ 28. TO JAMES C. MILNER, VICE PRESIDENT, IBM OF CANADA Tune: "Sweet Rosie O’Grady” Jim Mimer from Canada, Most everyone knows. He always beats quota Wherever he goes. Our Canadian Company’s Vice President And sales force all fine. Watch him! his men will be leaders— In selling our I. B. M. line. ___________________________ 29. TO CHARLES BRUCE, TREASURER, I. T. R. CO. AND T. M. CO. Tune: "There Are Smiles That Make Us Happy" Charlie Bruce makes us all happy, He’s our Treasurer, don’t you see! And besides, he’s Prince of geniality. Always hustling, serving you and me. In the I. T. R. he keeps things going — In T. M. the boys all love him, too. Here’s to Charlie Bruce, our faithful Treasurer, Loyal pal in I. B. M. crew. ___________________________ 30. TO PIERRE BONTECOU, TREASURER, DAYTON SCALE CO. Tune: "I Want a Girl" Pierre Bontecou, we all like you. You modest, dear old Pal, Faithful and true; everything you do Is straight and practical. In our T. M. for years you made big sales; Now you’re Treasurer of Dayton Scale — We’re strong for you — Pierre Bontecou — Of glorious I. B. M. ___________________________ 31 TO C. D. LAKE, CHIEF ENGINEER, ENDICOTT Tune: "Sweet Peggy O’Neil” When you want things done just right, Tell C. D. Lake, Always working, day and night, That’s C. D. Lake. He invents new machines every day, Speeding our factory production, his play; Originality, fine personality, That’s our C. D. Lake. ___________________________ 32. TO JAMES W. BRYCE, DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER Tune: "Where Do We Go From Here, Boys?" Who solves our problems? Of course 'tis Mr. Bryce, This International wizard great, does everything so nice. Our I. B. M. is proud of him, none can match our brilliant Jim. Engineering genius! Sure, that's Mr. Bryce. His sparkling eye, electrical, his mind so bright and keen. Converting all modern ideas into perfect machines. The wonderful accomplishments of this live imp in improvements. Oh, Bryce! Jim Bryce! You've made our lives serene. ___________________________ 33. TO J. ROYDEN PEIRCE, HEAD OF INVENTION DEPT. NO. 1 Tune: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" His mind is a fine laboratory. Our problems he solves with great ease, Unmatched his creative ability, All I. B. M. patrons to please. This great Engineer and Inventor Of marvellous Accounting Machines, Is a real guarantee that forever I. B. M.'s line shall be supreme. Chorus Patents! Patents! J. Royden Peirce has them by the score. Inventions! Inventions! Each day he creates more and more. ___________________________ 34. TO F. M. CARROLL, HEAD OF INVENTION DEPT. NO. 2, I. B. M. Tune: "Eastside, Westside" F. M. Carroll, we're all proud of you, Engineering genius and a great inventor, too. You solve every problem with devices new I. B. M. shall always lead with Carroll and his crew. ___________________________ 35. TO E. A. FORD, HEAD OF INVENTION DEPT. NO. 3 Tune: "While We Were Marching Through Georgia" I. I. B. M. leads all the world with wonderful machines. Our great Corps of Engineers command the highest esteem. Every problem wisely solved by these Inventors keen, To meet the needs of all people. 2. E. A. Ford's new Horizontal Sorter pleases all. Speedy, quiet, beautiful! It surely has the call. Every demonstration brings in orders large and small; To Mr.Ford we are grateful. Chorus Hurrah, hurrah, for E. A. Ford's machine. His Sorter and our Printer -- marvellous team; Everyone acknowledges our products are supreme; I. B. M. gives World Service. ___________________________ 36. TO EUGENE F. HARTLEY, MANAGER BUSINESS SERVICE DEPT., I. B. M. Tune: "Auld Lang Syne" Our I. B. M. selects the best of men from every line. Our products and our Service must be first-class all the time. That's why Eugene F. Hartley Statistician fine, With vision large and knowledge rare, is serving our big line. He knows where business can be found, he charts all Industries; He is an expert Census man on world-wide businesses. He guides our efforts with sales-plans for all emergencies. We're glad he's ours, with all his powers and great capacities. ___________________________ 37. TO ARCH DAVIS, ADVERTISING MANAGER, I. B. M. Tune: "There Are Smiles That Make Us Happy" We are proud of our Arch Davis, None can match him in his line, With the advertising that he gives us, We can see his work is truly fine. All his thoughts are always on all branches, Of our world-wide International tree, His ideas promote the art of selling, Through I. B. M.'s fine publicity. ___________________________ 38. TO LESTER HARKNESS, DIRECTOR, I. B. M. BUDGET Tune: "In the Good Old Summer" In the good old I. B. M. We have many sterling men, Lester Harkness helps us all no matter when we call He’s I. B. M.’s real Budget Man. With service prompt to all. He’s fair to everybody. That’s why LES is loved by all. ___________________________ 39. TO GLEN H. ARMSTRONG, ASS’T SALES MANAGER, TABULATING MACHINE DIVISION Tune: "Take me out to the ball-game" In Pennsy and Ohio He’s made good for T. M. Our Glen H. Armstrong’s a crackerjack He’s going up and will never come back. Glen’s our Assistant Sales Manager— The best in our TM game: Come! give one, two, three cheers for Glen And our I. B. M. ___________________________ 40. TO R. A. BUSH, ASSISTANT SALES MANAGER, I. T. R. CO. Tune: "There Are Smiles" Dick has always been a leader As a salesman of our line. ITR is proud of this good Manager, Every year his record has been fine. R. A. Bush a real field organizer, He has trained a host of good salesmen. That’s why ITR’s a real big factor — In success of our IBM. ___________________________ 41. TO WILLIAM MacLARDY, MANAGER, EXHIBIT AND WINDOW DISPLAY DEPARTMENT, I. B. M. Tune: "I Love a Lassie" We all love MacLardy Faithful Bill MacLardy On the job every moment in the year. He serves everybody Throughout all of our country, His smile is I. B. M.’s best cheer. ___________________________ 42. TO E. W. OGRAM, SERVICE MANAGER Tune: "Good old Summer Time" 1. In the good old I. B. M., in the good old I. B. M., Ogram’s fine accomplishments are known to all our men! As head of our servicemen, he solved all problems again That’s why he’s Service Manager of our big I. B. M. ___________________________ 43. TO E. C. SCHROEDEL, EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Tune: "Brighten the Corner Where You Are" Two Seventy Broadway, there he shines Executive Secretary, always fine.. Unexcelled his knowledge of I. B. M.’s lines Service—that’s Schroedel all the time. ___________________________ 44. TO G, J. REBSAMEN, ASSISTANT MANAGER, FOREIGN DIVISION, I. B. M. Tune: "Where Do We Go From Here, Boys?" He speaks "a dozen languages”, he’s Internationally known, In Europe and the Americas he’s very much at home. He’s Mr. Nichol’s righthand man, our genial Rebsamen, Efficient, faithful worker for worldwide IBM. ___________________________ 45. TO W. M. WILSON, HEAD OF PATENTS AND RESEARCH DEPT. Tune: "Rings On My Fingers" Who’s Head of Patents and Research for great I. B. M. Of course W. M. Wilson is that bright diadem His knowledge and genius will meet every demand For future business machines in every land. ___________________________ 46. TO W. L. LEWIS, ASSISTANT TO THE PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT Tune: "What’s the Matter With Father?" Here’s to W. L. Lewis, he’s all right: Always rendering service day and night. He works with our crack engineering crew, And with I. B. M.’s factory forces, too. Here’s to W. L. Lewis, he’s all right. ___________________________ 47. TO E. C. KUSTERER, MANAGER, I. B. M. DISTRICT No. 6 Tune: "There Are Smiles" He has always been a leader As a salesman of our line I. B. M.’s Pacific Coast Sales Manager, E. C. Kusterer’s record very fine. All his men with him co-operating, More big orders they are sending in, Western business constantly increasing, E. C. Kusterer — we’re proud of him. ___________________________ 48. TO ROY STEPHENS, DISTRICT MANAGER, T. M. DIVISION Tune: "In the Good Old Summer Time" Roy’s a leader all the time in our good old TM line, In old New York and District One, his record truly fine. That’s why he’s District Manager, advancing all the time, Some day he may be President of the IBM’s big line. ___________________________ 49. TO W. F. TITUS, DISTRICT MANAGER, T. M. DIVISION Tune: "Yes! We Have No Bananas" Yes! He’s TM’s live wire, Dear Titus a hustler, that’s true A fine demonstrator, Real salesman, none greater; Admired by our Tabulating crew. He’s an IBM real leader— Now TM District Manager. Oh, yes! We’re proud of dear Titus. — And all of his salesmen true blue. ___________________________ 50. TO CHAS. R. OGSBURY, DISTRICT MANAGER, T. M. DIVISION Tune: "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" We’re proud of Charlie Ogsbury, a live-wire in T. M. Always a Hundred Percenter in our glorious I. B. M. He’s a Tabulating expert, well beloved by all our men In District Number Two. Chorus Charlie Ogsbury’s a leader, We will follow him forever. He’s an I. B. M. real builder— In District Number Two. ___________________________ 51. TO E. F. GEIGER, DIVISION MANAGER, I. T. R. Tune: "The Bells of St. Mary’s" Our Good friend Ed. Geiger is now Western Manager. He’s loved by all salesmen in our I. T. R. He solves all time problems for prospects and users He’ll put our Western men over the top this year. ___________________________ 52. TO R. 0. CARDWELL, DIVISION MANAGER, I. T. R. Tune: "Good Old Summer Time" In the good old I. T. R., we have a shining star; R. 0. Caidwell’s record proud-always ‘way above par. In the sunny south he’s training men to sell I. B. M. line And sales in his Division fine are growing all the time. ___________________________ 53. TO F. J. BOUCHER, DISTRICT MANAGER, SCALE DIVISION Tune: "Way Down Upon the Suwanee River" 1. Here’s to our able Dayton worker Happy alway; Outstanding I. B. M. Go-Getter, Our old friend Fred Boucher. 2. He is an able organizer, Trainer of men, In Europe and in North America He’s builded I. B. M. Chorus All of us are proud of Freddie And his fine Scale men. Their sales are growing strong and steady For glorious I. B. M. ___________________________ 54. TO M. D. TRESCOTT, DISTRICT MANAGER, SCALE DIVISION Tune: "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" M. D. Trescott leads our Western Scale men fine. His Chicago record matchless all the time. He’s an organizer in I. B. M.’s line. Every salesman loves him-Dayton calls him "Mine." ___________________________ 55. TO C. W. GREEN, DISTRICT MANAGER, SCALE DIVISION Chorus of: "Away Down South in Dixie" Away down South in Dixie - C. W. Green, Is training men for I. B. M.- Their sales are growing steadily. Hurray, hurray, Green’s work shows real quality. Dayton is gay - we’re proud of grand old Dixie - ___________________________ 56. TO E. J. OLDROYD, SUPERINTENDENT, ENDICOTT FACTORY Tune: "Since you were sweet sixteen" In Endicott, he’s loved by all our men Our Factory Superintendent - excellent He well deserves the praise of I. B. M. So, here’s to you, dear Oldroyd, and all your men In glorious I. B. M. ___________________________ 57. TO W. H. FRYER, SUPERINTENDENT, DAYTON WORKS Tune: "I’ve Been Working on the Railroad" Fryer makes our Dayton Products, Everything so fine, Scales and Coffee Mills, Meat Slicers, Wonderful store line! His good staff has solved our problems - Meeting business needs with best machines. We’re all proud of W. H. Fryer - And Dayton line supreme. ___________________________ 58. TO FRED W. MOESER, WORKS MANAGER, TORONTO PLANT Tune: "I’ve Been Working on the Railroad" I. B. M. is proud of Moeser. He makes our three lines. Our Canadian plant and workers, Product superfine. All Fred Moeser’s men adore him, Like him they all serve faithfully. I. B. M.’s great cause promoting - Internationally. ___________________________ 59. TO JOSEPH BRAITMAYER, SUPERINTENDENT, WASHINGTON, D. C., WORKS Tune: "I’ve Been Working On the Railroad" Tabulating Cards his product Millions every day. His organization perfect - For delivery right away. That’s why our T. M. is prosperous Joe keeps us happy all the time. He’s the live-wire in our Service; Joe Braitmayer is fine. ___________________________ 60. TO H. KLECKLER, MAINTENANCE ENGINEER, ENDICOTT FACTORY Tune: "The Bells of St. Mary’s" Our Endicott Factory gives Kieckler the glory - In every department his work has been fine. Our products proclaim him a genius most worthy.- In perfecting machines for IBM’s big line. ___________________________ 61. TO HARRY S. EVANS, WASHINGTON MANAGER I. B. M. By F. W. Nichol’ Tune: "Tipperary" 1. Harry Evans, you’re a wonder, You’re a man we adore; When you lead us in joyful singing, Then the whole world cries for more. With your cheery disposition, And happy, snappy style, You’re a true friend, dear Harry Evans, You make life worth while. 2. Washington knows you’re a winner, You have won great renown; And when it comes to great big orders, Uncle Sam ne’er turns you down. You’re the life of every party, And to us you bring great joy; We’d go a long, long way to find your equal, Our own "Honey Boy." ___________________________ 62. TO A. C. HEWITT, PURCHASING AGENT, I. B. M. CORP. Tune: "Oh, Mr. Dooley" 1. Now A. C. Hewitt has some job-he buys a million things And every land beneath the sun, its product to him brings. His office staff, well-organized to serve our factories And everything he does just right for all our companies. Chorus Oh, A. C. Hewitt! How do you do it? You keep our factories always on the go, With best materials from world-wide markets To make our International business grow. ___________________________ 63. TO J. L. BARTON, HEAD OF THE EMPLOYMENT AND FACTORY SERVRICE DEPTS. Tune: "Sweet Rosie O’Grady" Faithful J. L. Barton, so loyal and true He and all his good workers - fine Endicott crew! Guarantee our production; fill our orders on time. That’s why we all are so happy in selling our IBM line. ___________________________ 65. TO C. E. BREADEN, ENGINEER, SCALE DIVISION Tune: "The Bells of St. Mary’s" We’re all proud of Dayton and Engineer Breaden, He’s ever enlarging I. B. M.’s good line That’s why we’re excelling, our sales always growing Merchants demand more Dayton products all the time. ___________________________ 66. TO E. J. VON PEIN, ENGINEER. SCALE DIVISION Yale Tune: "My Name Is Solomon Levi" In research and engineering work we’re foremost all the time Thanks to our staff of learned men, led by Edward J. Von Pein . - His laboratory is our guarantee that I. B. M. shall ever be In truest service to the business world - the leading company. ___________________________ 67. THE I. B. M. FAMILY Tune: "Yip-I-Addy-I-Aye" 1. We’re the men of The I. B. M. We’re all happy you see. International Business Machines, that is what I. B. M. always means. Tabulating, ITR, Dayton and International Scales, Our products are best; all mankind they have blest; I. B. M. men are we. 2. We’re co-workers in I. B. M.-all one big family. We save materials, time, and men; increasing profits to all business when Accurate figures and weights and time - our machines guarantee. Oh, joy! Oh, what bliss! We are members of this I. B. M. Company. ___________________________ 68. THE I. B. M. SERVICE Tune: "Over There" 1. I. B. M. Sing again. Give a cheer for our great I. B. M. We make Time Recorders and Tabulators All kinds of Scales for business men I. B. M. Watson men? We’re the boys of world-known I. B. M. We’re T. M. men and I. T. R. men, And we’re Scale men of the good old I. B. M. 2. I. B. M. Happy men. Our machines benefit business men. Yes, the world now knows us; all men adore us, Because our products profit them. I. B. M. Watson men! Scale Divisions, I. T. R. and T. M. Oh, it’s glorious! We are victorious! In the World-Wide Service of our I. B. M. ___________________________ 69. I. B. M. ONE HUNDRED PER CENT. CLUB Tune: "I’ve Been Working On the Railroad" We’re the I. B. M. Go-Getters, All the live-long-day. We are all Hundred Percenters And will strive to be alway. We have learned from Mr. Watson, Loyally we’ll serve him all the time; And we’ll help all of our salesmen To sell our whole big line. ___________________________ 70. THE I. B. M. ONE HUNDRED PER CENT. CLUB RALLY SONG College Tune: "Round Her Neck She Wears a Yeller Ribbon" 1. We are The I. B. M. Hundred Percenters, Our President, Mr. Watson, has brought us here today; We’re proud to be his loyal, faithful followers, Because he is the finest man in all the U. S. A. Chorus I. B. M. - I. B. M.- Prize Winners gathered here to celebrate; T. M.-and Scale-and I. T. R. fine products, We sell to all good business men in every land and state. 2. We are the men who sell I. B. M. products - Tabulators, Time Recorders, Dayton and Industrial Scales. In every land and clime we are successful, Because our International Service never fails. Chorus (Repeat) 3. We’re proud to be all I. B. M. Star Salesmen, The records prove conclusively - our Quotas we have made. We all enjoy that grand and glorious feeling, Expressed in Mr. Watson’s Smile-Oh, Boys! It’s truly great! Chorus (Repeat) 4. We're going home to help our fellow-salesmen, So every man will join us in this Winner’s Club this year, And then we'll have a rousing celebration With I. B. M.'s great President again right here Chorus (Repeat - ad libitum) ___________________________ 71. THE I. B. M. ONE HUNDRED PER CENT. CLUB -Number Two- Special Tune 1. 0-h! It’s great to belong to this best of Clubs In our glorious I. B. M. We’re all one hundred per cent. men in President Watson’s band We sell International products in every clime and land. 0-h! It’s great to belong to this live-wire gang In our world-famed I. B. M. 2. 0-h! We’ve all had a wonderful time this year Selling the I. B. M. We’ve won Mr. Watson’s prizes, that’s why we smile and cheer. You see we’re very happy-we’ve won! That’s why we’re here. 0-h! It’s great to belong to this live-wire gang In our glorious I. B. M. ___________________________ 72. TO THE I. B. M. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CLUB -Number Three- Tune: "It’s a Long Way to Tipperary" 1. Our Star Salesmen-I. B. M. men See their records so fine. President Watson’s honor salesman, They’re our matchless winning line. They have blazed their trail with glory, To the end of earthly time- When Saint Peter hears their wondrous story - Oh! Welcome Divine! 2. Make a big noise, for you are our boys, I. B. M.’s proud of you. T. J. Watson boys-you’re our real joys; Our success to you is due. Splendidly you’ve made your quotas, For our world-famed four big lines; T. M. - Scales - and I. T. R. victorious By your records fine. ___________________________ 73. OUR FOUR BIG LINES Tune: "Mademoiselle from Armentieres" 1. What do we do for Business Men? Tabulate! What do we do for Office Men? Tabulate! The Railroad Man, Insurance man? Our Uncle Sam and Every Man? We tell them all to tabulate! 2. What do we sell the Factory Man? 1. T. R.’s. What do we sell the Office Man? I. T. R.’s. The Wholesale Man, the Retail Man, The Schools, the Banks, the Railroad Man? We sell them all OUR I. T. R.’s. 3. What do we sell the Butcherman? Dayton Scales. What do we sell the Grocerman? Dayton Scales. The Candyman, the Hardwareman, the Factory and the Laundryman. All are using Dayton Scales. 4. What do we sell the Factories? Industrial Scales. What do we sell all Industries? Industrial Scales. We sell them to all Governments, And service great establishments - Industrial Scales. 5. What do we sell the Industrial Men? I. B. M. What do we sell the Wholesale Men? I. B. M. The Schools, the Banks, and Retail Men? All o’er the World we service them. We sell them all our I. B. M.! Chorus And we sell the bloomin’ lot Whether it’s cold or whether it’s hot. I. B. M. ___________________________ 74. OUR I. B. M. SALESMEN Tune: "Jingle Bells" 1. I. B. M., Happy men, smiling all the way. Oh what fun it is to sell our products night and day. I. B. M., Watson men, partners of T. J. In his service to mankind-that’s why we are so gay. 2. I. B. M., Watson men, International line: Proud T. M. - Dayton Scale - and I. T. R. so fine I. B. M. goods and men, leaders all the time. Saving money, time and men, in every land and clime. ___________________________ 75. THE I. B. M. WORKERS AND SERVICE Tune: "Where Do We Go From Here, Boys" 1. We’re all proud co-workers in glorious I. B. M. It is the greatest Corporation serving business men. We make machines most wonderful, performing business miracles, All Nations use them and praise our I. B. M. 2. We tabulate statistics the new electric way. Accounting tasks we do so fast, our customers all say That our T. M. is saving them, materials, time, money and men. Oh, boy! Oh, joy! I. B. M. Hurray! 3. We regulate the World’s time in true electric style. Our I. T. R. Recorders are the best, both Card and Dial. Half a million Industries in America and overseas Glorify and testify that I. B. M.’s worth while. 4. The World’s progressive merchants now use I. B. M. Scales. Our Slicers, Choppers, Coffee Mills, increase the dealers’ sales. We’re profit-makers for mankind; in every line of trade you’ll find I. B. M. machines and men. Our Service never fails. ___________________________ 76. THE I. B. M. SLOGAN Who are we? Who are we? The International Family. We are T. J. Watson men - We represent the I. B. M. Are we right? Well, I should smile! We’ve been right for a very long while. ___________________________ 77. THE I. B. M. FOREVER Tune: "Hurrah for the Flag of the Free" All hurrah for our great I. B. M. We’ll serve every nation forever. Our Scales, I. T. R., and T. M. Blessing all humanity. International Business Machines Shall enoble all human endeavor - Promoting world-wide honesty With T. J. Watson’s International right standards. ___________________________ 78. THE ANNIVERSARY SONG OF I. B. M. Tune: "Marching through Georgia" 1. I. B. M. is marching on to world-wide victory Born in 1888, and now full-grown, you see. T. M., Scales, and I. T. R.-one fine big family The I. B. M. Corporation. 2. Forty years we’ve served mankind with marvelous machines, In every modern business place our products are supreme. Man-power, time, and money saved for commerce kings and queens-thru The I. B. M. Corporation. 3. International is our name and it well befits our line, Serving in all nations-we’re known in every clime. Just watch us grow from year to year until the end of time, Our I. B. M. Corporation. Chorus Hurrah! Hurrah! for glorious I. B. M. Hurrah! Hurrah! we’re T. J. Watson men. Fortieth Anniversary of great accomplishment By I. B. M. Corporation. ___________________________ 79. WE ARE THE I. B. M. Tune: "Iowa-That’s Where the Tall Corn Grows" We’re the I. B. M. - I. B. M. T. J. Watson men International men We’re the I. B. M. - I. B. M. Serving the whole wide world. ___________________________ 80. TO OUR I. B. M. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Tune: "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" 1. Our I. B. M. Directors are all great commercial men; They’re U. S. A.’s financial kings of learned acumen. They give us their experience and untiring efforts when They’re serving the I. B. M. 2. Their wisdom in directing this world service Company Is yielding benefits to all and our prosperity. Our I. B. M. promotes good-will and sterling honesty For all Humanity. Chorus Here’s to I. B. M.’s Directors, And our many fine Stockholders. International Peace Promoters, Now known as I. B. M. ___________________________ 81. OUR FACTORIES AND PRODUCTS Tune: "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah !" 1. Manned by loyal workers are the Plants of I. B. M. All equipment up-to-date, and managed by big men. Endicott and Dayton works, Toronto, Washington, France, England, Germany. 2. Overseas we also make our marvelous machines, Round the globe in every land, our Service is supreme. I. B. M.’s fine products are the joy of Kings and Queens We serve Humanity. Chorus Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! All the Nations are our users. Every business man a Booster Of I. B. M. machines. ___________________________ 82. TO THE FAITHFUL WORKERS IN OUR FACTORIES Tune: "Till We Meet Again" We salesmen are glad to be with you, You have made our product good and true. Our success is guaranteed- Because your work is fine indeed - None can match the men of I. B. M., Product made by honest, faithful men, All the world gives praise to you, Loyal workers true. ___________________________ 83. THE FOREMEN IN I. B. M. FACTORIES Tune: "Tramp, the Boys Are Marching" 1. Foremen of our I. B. M., none can match these able men; In our factories they’re producers all the time. Our success depends on them and their faithful fine workmen; They build quality in I. B. M.’s big line. 2. All our Foremen, splendid crew, fine Executives, true blue, By our President are rightly recognized. He selects good men and true for the great work we must do, In the noble cause of I. B. M. world-wide. Chorus Here’s to you, our Factory Foremen, Builders of our four great lines. Promptly meeting each demand of our trade in every land, With our I. B. M. fine products all the time. ___________________________ 84. ENDICOTT FACTORIES AND WORKERS Tune: "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" Gladly we meet at our fine Factories Where Scales and Time Clocks and our T. M. lines are made; Today we see how most careful attention To every detail of producing them is paid. Vain would we spend weary hours with our prospects; Vain would our best selling talks and efforts be -. Did not the product fulfill most completely All the requirements of our contract’s Guarantee. Chorus Gladly we meet here in our Factories - Home of our Clocks and Scales, T. M. lines as well; Grasp by the hand all our men who so grandly Keep up the standard of the products which we sell. ___________________________ 85. DAYTON FACTORIES AND WORKERS Tune: "That’s Why I Need You" We are proud of Dayton factories, And our foremen faithful, true; All our workers strong and steady- Our Dayton loyal crew. Yes, you make the finest product, Everybody knows it, too; To I. B. M. great fame you’ve brought. That’s why we need you! ___________________________ 86. CANADIAN I. B. M. ORGANIZATION Tune: "The Maple Leaf Forever" You’ve earned your wreath of Maple Leaf! Men of Canada you are game! You’ve shown us all what you can do, And won a glorious name. From Vancouver to Nova Sco’! With real vim, push and vigor, We’re proud of our Canadian beaux. In I. B. M. forever. Chorus The Maple Leaf your emblem dear, With Stars and Stripes together; God bless you kingly gentlemen, In I. B. M. forever. ___________________________ 87. OVERSEA I. B. M. ORGANIZATIONS Tune: "Why Don’t You Sing ‘Too-ra-lee, Too-ra-lee-ay" 1. Our I. B. M. products are used in all lands. Each year brings increasing International demands. Our Overseas Salesmen are making big sales Of Tabulators, Time Systems, Dayton and Industrial Scales. 2. In Europe we own several big companies, With excellent sales-forces, fine factories; And Latin-America is well organized, With I. B. M. Service, they’re all satisfied. Chorus Too-ra-lee! Tooralee! Too-ra-lay! Tooralay! With I. B. M. Service, they’re all satisfied. ___________________________ 88. TO OUR IBM HOME OFFICE STAFF 270 Broadway, New York Tune: "Polly Wolly Doodle" In Old New York, at 270 Broadway, They’re working night and day. Our I. B. M. fine girls and men- All tasks to them, mere play. Our President Watson’s loyal band, Well-serving our Four Lines. All faithful workers, heart and hand, Two hundred brilliant minds. Chorus IBM IBM IBM’s Home Office Staff. Tabulating, Time Recording, and our Scales, they’re all promoting - Our I. B. M. Home Office Staff. ___________________________ 89. TO OUR I. B. M. GIRLS Tune: "They’re Style All the While" The office girls surely are always in style, They greet you with smiles, their welcome’s worth while. The best in the world are our girls, rank and file, They’re style all the while - all the while. They’ve made our I. B. M. complete and worth while, They work and they smile-so sweetly they smile; Tall, short, thin and stout girls-they win by a mile - With heavenly styles all the while. ___________________________ 90. OUR SALESMEN Tune: "Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning" Oh! how I love to get up in the morning, Oh! how I love to get out and work; But the thing I can’t make out Is to hear a prospect shout: "You gotta come back, you gotta come back, You gotta come back tomorrow." Some day I’m going to get that order, I know they need I. B. M. Machines, But that doesn’t help my quota, so Next day I’ll put it over, That’s why I love to get out and work. (Continued on next page) ___________________________ 91. TO THE I. B. M. QUARTER CENTURY CLUB Yale Tune: "Solomon Levi" 1. We hail The Quarter Century Club of our good I. B. M. Whose members are all pioneers -- all honour be to them. They've served our cause continuously for twenty-five full years. They've made I. B. M. what it is -- to them we give our cheers. 2. Their loyalty and faithfulness command our high regards Mr. Watson, our fine President, has blessed them with rewards. In due time we will join this Club of I. B. M.'s elite, Then, we'll enjoy true happiness -- our lives will be complete. Chorus Happy Quarter Century Club, pride of I. B. M. Faithful men of Scale forces, I. T. R. and T. M. We'll join you all as soon as we can; then, happy we will be, With you in Quarter Century Club -- best I. B. M. Family. ___________________________ 92. WHY THEY CALL US I. B. M. Tune: "A Little Bit of Heaven" Have you ever heard the story -- how the I. B. M. was named? I'll tell you so you'll understand from whence this Big Four came. No wonder we are proud of this successful Company, For here's the way Old Father Time revealed the tale to me. Samuel Hastings came from Dayton with Computing Scale one day Met Geo. Fairchild and financiers of old Wall Street and Broadway, They owned the Hollerith Tabulating Systems -- wondrous line And International modern methods of recording time. Sure, immediately they recognised that Moneyweight meant "dough," With Hollerith and Bundy -- this triumvirate would go. Then they found a genius, Watson, greatest leader of all men; Now this great and prosperous Company is known as I. B. M. ___________________________ 93. I. B. M. WORKERS Tune: "Oh, Boy! Oh, Joy! Where Do We Go From Here?" Oh, boy! Oh, joy! Where do we go from here? Back to our home town to work Without a bit of fear. We've got the pep, so you can bet On us this coming year. Oh, boy! Oh, joy,! Where do we go from here? ___________________________ 94. OUR PRESIDENT'S MOTTO: "THINK" Tune: "Yankee Doodle" 1. T-H-I-N-K spells THINK -- Our President Watson's motto. It saves mistakes, lost time and ink. You'll then do what you ought to. 2. T-H-I-N-K is THINKI 'Tis good for brain and body, Then dark blue visions change to pink. And you'll please everybody. Chorus T-H-I-N-K that's THINK -- Get ideas big and wholesome; And you'll not be the missing link, You'll learn from Mr. Watson. ___________________________ 95. INTERNATIONAL ELECTRIC ACCOUNTING MACHINES Tune: "Where Do We Go From Here, Boys?" 1. Up-to-date Accounting is done the Electric way. With I. B. M. machines all drudgery is done away. In America and Overseas we serve all kinds of businesses, A thousand leading industries now testify, "It pays." 2. We punch the cards and sort them by our electric machines, Which then compute and print results so marvellous it seems! This International System saves you time and money every day, Investigate and verify the truth of all we say. 3. We tabulate the Census for our good Uncle Sam, Many Government Bureaux now are served by I. B. M. Correct results and utmost speed by our machines are guaranteed. All users say so they praise the I. B. M. ___________________________ 96. I. B. M. TABULATING MACHINES Tune: "Till We Meet Again" Punch a card for every sale that's made. There's a record which will never fade. Sort them out by man and state! Speedily we tabulate. All such tasks we accurately do-- Payrolls, costs, and inventories true. Thousands use and praise them too [. B. M. machines. ___________________________ 97. OUR TABULATING SALES AND SERVICE MEN Tune: "Tipperary" Facts and figures, all statistics We correctly compile. Rapid system - yes, electric - The most modern business style. Tabulating Sales and Service, Marvelous the work we do. We put live-wire brains in every business With T. M. machines and crew. ___________________________ 98. USE INTERNATIONAL TIME RECORDERS By F. W. Nichol Tune: "It’s a Long Way to Tipperary" 1. It’s a wrong way to use a long way, There’s but one way we know, Oh, you bosses, check your losses, If your business is to grow. Good-bye to "antique" systems, Time clocks lessen care; Put The Internationals in your business, They treat all men square. 2. It’s a wrong way to pull a brass check, It’s a long way, you know; To write the name down in some old pass book Is also very slow. Our International Time Recorder Is the best way that we know. And we never fail to sell "live wires." Wherever we go. ___________________________ 99. INTERNATIONAL TIME RECORDERS Tune: "There Are Smiles That Make Us Happy" 1. There are clocks with chimes and music Clocks where cuckoo shows its head; Also clocks that wake you in the morning, When you much prefer to stay in bed; But the clocks which solve the payroll problems - Give employers all the time they buy, Are our International fine products - Which we’re all here to advertise. 2. Card and Dial and Job-Recorders, Autograph and Time-Stamps, too; They are all real time-saving devices, Doing better work than humans do. In red ink they show all tardy records, Printing all the early ones in blue; Thus eliminating labor disputes - And increasing production, too. ___________________________ 100. OUR TIME RECORDER DIVISION Tune: "In My Harem" By F. W. Nichol Oh, this business-this business? This Time Recorder business; There never was a minute That another one was in it. Sales for breakfast, sales for dinner, Sales for supper-time. Orders, orders, orders, for machines that record time. Oh, this business, this business You’re big-we’ll make you bigger. And the things we do Will surely make of you - The finest business in all the land. ___________________________ 101. DAYTON SCALES Tune: "Yankee Doodle" Moneyweight Computing Scales, All made right in Dayton, Correctly weigh and value sales And satisfy all nations. Chorus Dayton Scales are always right, Save your goods and money; Never heavy nor too light They value just exactly. ___________________________ 102. TO THE INTERNATIONAL SCALE DIVISION Tune: "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" 1. The products of our I. B. M., are always in the lead. They're welcomed by all business men, they meet their greatest needs. Our latest line -- Industrial Scales -- world markets gladly greet, And make our joy complete. 2. Industrial Scales in many styles, of light and heavy type; We make for shops and factories, each unit always right. Approved by leading Engineers -- all users they delight -- That's why we know they're right. Chorus All hail! Industrial Scale Division! Of I. B. M.'s great organisation! Here's to our Industrial Scale Division. In I. B. M.'s big line. ___________________________ 103. TO OUR I. B. M. ENGINEERS Tune: "Mademoiselle from Armentieres" We're proud of all our Engineers in I. B. M. No problem is insolvable to these great men. Their mastery of the technical -- mechanical -- electrical -- Behold in their accomplishments. Each year they perfect new machines for I. B. M. Superior products all the time for business men. We thank and praise our Engineers, The whole wide world unites in cheers, To the Engineers of I. B. M. ___________________________ 104. WE'RE HUNDRED PERCENTERS Tune: "Heigh Ho! Everybody" (Composed by V. O. Sturtevant and J. P. Saxton-- Endicott Factory) We're Hundred Percenters! We can't be lamenters! HEIGH HO! Mr. Watson, HEIGH HO! Up early each morning, When daylight is dawning And out after orders we go! Our business grows in every land We'll let the whole world know! We're proud to be in Watson's band Of quota busters -- SO! There's no time for grumbling When records we're tumbling, We're Hundred Percenters! HEIGH HO! ___________________________ 105. SELLING IBM Tune: "Singing in the Rain" (By J. P. Saxton, Endicott Factory) Selling I. B. M., we're selling I. B. M., What a glorious feeling, the world is our friend, We're Watson's great crew, we're loyal and true; We're proud of our job and we never feel blue. We sell our whole line, we're there every time, To chase away gloom with our products so fine, We're always in trim, we work with a vim, We're selling, just selling, I. B. M. ___________________________ 106. PAINTING THE CLOUDS WITH SUNSHINE Tune: "Painting the Clouds With Sunshine" (By J. P. Saxton, Endicott Factory) We don’t pretend we’re gay, We always feel that way, Because we’re filling the world with sunshine. With I. B. M. machines, We’ve got the finest means, For brightly painting the clouds Records we make, only to break, Teaching the whole world to know I. B. M.’s line, will all the time, Help it to grow. When things do not look bright, Our products make them right, And keep on painting the clouds with sunshine.

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