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DigiBarn Software History:
AlphaWorld and Active Worlds
Roland Vilett's Retirement May 31, 2002

On May 31, 2002, Roland Vilett retired as the chief programmer of the Active Worlds
(formerly AlphaWorld) multi user 3D platform. The following is his historic "retirement party"
and the chat log.

View of Roland Villett's Retirement party, final goodbyes.
Click here for medium view and here for full view of AW browser in action

* Active Worlds chat session: Fri May 31, 2002 2:36 PM *

Immigration Officer: Welcome to Active Worlds 3.3! For a complete description of this new version, either
open the "User Guide" tab or go to http://www.activeworlds.com/help/
Immigration Officer: Welcome to the AWUniversity! For information on classes visit http://www.awcommunity.org/awu.

SWE: lol, its alright, you can go back to your old name :)
Jey: Well, this is my old name.
SWE: your new old name
digigardener: hey all
SWE: oh, welcome back agent 1 :)
KAH: hi all!
XelaG: hi Bruce :)
Jey: Hehe anyways, a was parallel parking today and smashed right into the curb :)
SWE: hi digigrademer
KAH: hi SWE, digigardener, Xeag, Jey & all others
Jey: Hola
KAH: XelaG
digigardener: thanks for gettin me out to this
XelaG: hi KAH
SWE: and kah
KAH: been a while since I was here
Goober King: Same can be said for all of us, I think
SWE: lol, same here kah
Computerizer: *enters*
KAH: hi Goober and Computerizer
aasmund1: hiya
Brock: Xelagot 3.3 makes me happy lol
XelaG: LOL
Jey: I havent been here since before 3.1 beta :)
Computerizer: *waves to all*
SWE: hey kah, what do you see as my status lol? testing it out :)
XelaG: waves back
Brock: hi comp
Cinibar: Hi everyone
KAH: hi Brock
KAH: and Cinibar
Brock: hi kah, cinibatr
SWE: hi brock
Brock: bar sorry
Brock: hi SWE
Cinibar: lol
Jey: You have a nice . . . green checkmark, SWE :)
digigardener: so where is the big guy roland?
SWE: lol, this is the first time i have come here, without joining kah
KAH: lol SWE
Brock: it's digi heh
9 9 9: :) my ps2linux kit was at the front door all morning .. i didnt even notice
Agent1: LOL :)
Goober King: Party doesn't start for another 20 minutes or so
KAH: hi 9 9 9 and Agent
SWE: what about now?
9 9 9: hey
Agent1: Hi :)
Brock: hey grimm
Jey: Holy poo, its the new head honchoe :)
SWE: lol, i didnt know they where out yet 999 :)
9 9 9: 128bit world server? heh
Agent1: Hmm... I don't know if I'll be able to stay much longer :/ Who's making a chat log? ;)
Goober King: *raises hand*
Jey: Not me, Agent :)
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Daphne.
SWE: i wanna get one of em :) i just bought devil may cry, it is one hell of an amazing game lol
Jey: AGnet :)
Agent1: lol
Daphne: Hey... *S* digi!!!
Agent1: >:O "Mauz is not accepting telegrams from you" :O
Brock: back
Agent1: Well I'll show her :)
Jey: So, Agent, still an AC freak? :)
KAH: wb
Jey: HAHA, you suck, Agent. :)
Agent1: well, not a freak anymore ;D
KAH: hi Daphne
Goober King: hehe
Cinibar: wb Brock
SWE: hey daphne :) forget about the rest of us?
Brock: ty
9 9 9: the kits started shipping a week ago
Daphne: Hello KAH and SWE.. and ALLl *S*
Goober King: Ahoy to the Daph! :)
Jey: Mmm . . . I feel like poo in a blender.
SWE: kah, please block me from everything, wanna try it lol
Daphne: Hello GK. *G*
SWE: ooooowwww, a yellow question mark lol
KAH: there you go SWE lol
Jey: The yellow question mark is ugly. :)
Brock: yes tis
Daphne: what color did you want it to be?
KAH: same as for worlds
SWE: Immigration Officer: Sorry, your request to join KAH was refused.
Agent1: Pfft now she's AFK :)
aasmund1: AFK is ugly
SWE: why doesnt it say kah dont want ya to join em foo! :)
Brock: anyonw tried create url (URLHERE) target=aw_3d?
Agent1: Yep
Agent1: It's cool ;)
Strike Rapier: *loads cache*
Computerizer: yeah
Jey: It should be neon pink :)
Jey: LOL
Computerizer: it's kinda interesting
Computerizer: heh
KAH: how do you turn it off though?
SWE: click it again
Strike Rapier: click it again?
Jey: Click what again?
SWE: the afk right? lol
Agent1: lol
KAH: I mean web in the 3D viewport
Jey: No
SWE: i knew that
Jey: The website in the viewport thingy.
Computerizer: you hit its close button
Agent1: Oh, there's a red X
Computerizer: the big X in the corner
Brock: there is a X
Computerizer: lol
digigardener: so we should ask roland to tell his history with AW
Brock: in the corner =\
Jey: Ah i see.
digigardener: for those who dont know
KAH: oh, ok
KAH: not tested it yet
digigardener: hi daph!
Daphne: Hello Digi...
Jey: I haven't checked it yet, so I am clueless.
SWE: well where can i try it lol
Brock: roland began working in activeworlds September 5, 1995
Agent1: Well I guess we could ask for a short history ;)
Computerizer: I like running in to poles and rolling around them
Strike Rapier: lol @ sign
digigardener: wow 6 days after i started in Alphaworld
Coryashire: i wish slide detection had a option to shut it off
KAH: lets ask him to give a detailed report on every day he's worked for them :-))
Agent1: Hey 999, does slide detection work with avatars when avatar collision is on?
Jey: Yeah, because bashing into objects and stopping completely is cool . . .
Strike Rapier: i can imaging Kah
Strike Rapier: just copy and paste
Daphne: LOL digigardener is one of thoes "AW old farts".. *S* Been here a LONG time!!!
digigardener: i am a true old fart
Strike Rapier: Day1: Got annoyed with management
Strike Rapier: Day2: Got annoyed with management
Byte Me: I'
digigardener: citizen 469 reporting for duty
Byte Me: I've only been here for 5 years :(
Agent1: LOL
Goober King: ack! My cursor turned into a yellow square! :-/
UTitan: hmm :)
Daphne: LOL hello Byte Me.. Good to see you *S*
Computerizer: weird
Brock: it was corona tized
Brock: lol
Jey: I've only been here for a meer 3 years :)
digigardener: i started in world chat on may 11, 1995
Agent1: arg gotta go...
SWE: let ask him who he thinks is the biggest (no alllowed to sweatr,so ill leave it black) in the aw management is
Coryashire: is it just me or is the lack of sutible coronas in the aw path annoying i mean coronas the only feature added that can be used inaw
Agent1: Remember to keep that log going, GK ;)
Jey: Bye AGnet :)
SWE: c ya agent1
Daphne: I've only been here 4 years.. going on 5
Computerizer: I've only been here 5 years
Goober King: Doing so :)
Brock: i've been here since uhm
Computerizer: off an on
Brock: 98 or something
Brock: lol
Cinibar: bye Agent1
Agent1: oh, and someone honk his nose ;D
SWE: ive only been here 2.5 years lol
Coryashire: i came on and used my frinecds account in 1996 he had 3 digits also gosh i wish i remeber those 3 digits then i coudl renew his account
Goober King: Going on 6 years for me
Jey: The thing that annoys me is that there are no terrain textures in AW Path, leaves us people who had had their OPs taken away, terrain-less :)
Computerizer2: this is my older citizenship
Computerizer2: heh
Netwire: < Can't wait to test out terrain making
Computerizer: and this is my newer
Computerizer: hmm
KAH: I tested it, it's cool
digigardener: i will keep going in aw as long as i can
UTitan: sure is.. ::)
Coryashire: well netwire ill give you my ppw when survivor gets terrain but be forwarded i dont have terrain textures
KAH: but horribly uneffective to do it in AW
Computerizer: yeah I'm waiting for ox to come online and upgrade a!!!!abn to 3.3 so I can try out the terrain. lol
Netwire: Sounds good
SWE: i tried terrians, its time consuming lol
Daphne: Actually i thought this party was supposed to start at 8pm.. got kind of a head start, huh?? *S*
Brock: when i tried running my 3.3 server
Byte Me: If I could pull myself away from IRC and games... I'd do something cool in Axis :)
Brock: it gave me a line
Brock: like run convert
UTitan: kinda.. swe.. lol
Jey: I need an OP that actually has terrain textures :)
Strike Rapier: pitty we cant change texture under our own builds
Brock: so i ran convert
Brock: but it didnt work either
KAH: the only terrain bot I know of is Andras's DEM2RWX
Brock: so i'm lost
Brock: lol
KAH: it makes terrains too now
KAH: http://andras.net
Coryashire: pity awcom hasent ouploaded anythign for 3.3 to the aw path so its usible in aw
Jey: Oh well, it should come . . . I hope. :)
KAH: Coryashire, you can even use grasso as a corona (I tried, looked crap, but still it worked)
Coryashire: i have sent a email
SWE: i think aw should give me control of thier op, ill run it for em :D
Daphne: some of the new features won't be able to work in public building worlds..
Coryashire: i expect it will happen in say ugh 2 months
Strike Rapier: hmm
Coryashire: well we dont have any good coronas in aw
SWE: ya lol, like 3 axis rotation
Jey: They should still upload terrain textures/corona textures to AW path for those who own worlds using it.
Mizzy: hi everyone
KAH: 3 axis rotation will be enabled in AWTeen
SWE: hey mizzy
Brock: it is enabled
Cinibar: are there going to be any new obj's?
Coryashire: but hopefully they will redo the encorhcment algortyms to open the restricted commands up
Byte Me: 3 axis rotation would work in AW if a certain programmer (not Roland) was to take the time to write new encroachment code ;)
Brock: where the heck were you kah
Brock: lol
MilesTeg: Hi Folks :)
Netwire: Yeah I tried the 3 axis in awteen already it's nice
KAH: and it can't really done any harm, except with 100m large objects
Jey: LOL Byte
Strike Rapier: i wonder if aw will get 3d ob rotate if awteen trials are sucessfull
Daphne: Byte Me.. do i hear the name Andras in the back of your mind?? *G*
Brock: i alrady asked Calpantera
Jey: No :)
Brock: he said most likely not
Byte Me: *adds certain programmer to his contacts 999 times*
Jey: LOL
Daphne: ahhhh. ok *S*
UTitan: lol
Coryashire: byteme can i ask you something about terrain
Byte Me: Si
Coryashire: can you speicify a certian texture to be use
KAH: yep
Ombre: hi :)
Coryashire: or dose it have to be terrain then something
KAH: terrain0-terrain63
Strike Rapier: what we gonna do if roland is slightly late?
Byte Me: You can use textures terrain1 - terrain64.jpg in the server
UTitan: ho yeah, good question there..
MilesTeg: Hi Ombre :)
KAH: you gotta rename it
Byte Me: And then you define the number on the terrain :P
Coryashire: well what about people who say use the aw object path?
MilesTeg: no KAH terrain63 is not vavalaible
Jey: AW OP doesn't have terrain textures.
Byte Me: Can't :\
Byte Me: No terrain textures there
Coryashire: ya so it meanas terrian is worthless unless they add it
Jey: *steals bytes op*
KAH: you're gonna have to download it and get it hosted with terrain textures somewhere else
Daphne: Does the mega path have terrain textures?
Coryashire: i got a new compalint i think you should have the option to use any texture
Byte Me: My OP has only one terrain texture :P
Coryashire: i doubt it at this time
Coryashire: i got another email hehehe
Jey: My OP was taken away from me by the oppresive Jumby. :)
Byte Me: Be nice to define the texture... but I think one reason they used numbers was to save on disk space used by the server
SWE: i just relised i can join myself lol
MilesTeg: Cory.. terrain feature is for caretakers so caretaklers can add texture in their op it is not a pb :)
Goober King: heh This really is goning to be just like TechTalk... must be the location :)
Jey: So was my world hosting.
Coryashire: miles its not that simple
KAH: hmmm
Coryashire: most people cant afford to pay the 120 bucks a eyar for a object path
KAH: there's an error in the browser
Ombre: it is Cory... just name the textures you want as terrains.. where is the prob ?
Brock: cory
Coryashire: ombre read my above post
KAH: someone forgot to add aw33 to the help URLs
Brock: your renewing survivor yourself right?
KAH: http://www.activeworlds.com/help//terrain.html lol
Netwire: I found a place that gives you 1gb storage and 10gb bandwith/mo for $60/yer
Coryashire: where netwire where
Brock: it costs your 190 dollars to renew Survivor, cory.
SWE: lol, bowens place is better
Netwire: I think it's www.topclasshost.com
Coryashire: bro0ck aint my world and its good till september
KAH: MilesTeg, from the help. The textures must be named terrain0.jpg, terrain1.jpg, terrain2.jpg, etc. up to terrain63.jpg
Brock: ah =\
KAH: so terrain65 is available :-))
SWE: check out bowens deal first
KAH: 63*
SWE: if only i can find that url lol
Netwire: you also get PHP4, MySQL, Perl, CGI , and 200 webmail accounts
Coryashire: thats a good deal
Brock: for OP's
SWE: kah, do you know the url bowen always has as his signature
KAH: I RTFMED earlier on heh
Brock: u need lots of bandwith =\
Lara: hi
Coryashire: better then most well i might go for that
Netwire: It includes a domain for 1 year free too
Brock: Netwire
Netwire: yeah?
Brock: you need alot of bandwith
MilesTeg: yes i know KAH but i think it is a typo.. if you read how texture are handled in the terrain feature.. you will see that 63 is used for the hole
Brock: that isnt a lot
Daphne: Lara!!!!! *hugs* Good to see you!!!!!!!1
Kit: dang...(considers moving her path)
Netwire: 10gb is a lot
Goober King: hey Lara :)
Brock: 10GB
Jynx o: hi all :o)
Brock: oooh that's a lot
KAH: click the link at kahnews.cjb.net/talan/ SWE
digigardener: roland, roland!
SWE: hi lara
KAH: hi Jynx
Daphne: Hello Jynx!!!! *hugs*
Brock: how much is a normal often used path need
Lara: cool sign ;)
digigardener: crowd getting restless
Brock: hmm netwire?
Kit: Hello Digi...long time
Strike Rapier: Digigardener, are ye the person who owns stock in AWC?
Coryashire: i like that and i can get a website too
Netwire: I don't know Brock I don't own a world
digigardener: hey Kit!
Strike Rapier: Stock / Shares
KAH: hi Lara and Kit
digigardener: just talking about you the other day
Kit: Hiya Kah :o)
Kit: me?
SWE: lol! nice citnum digigardener, wanna swope? :)
Lara: heheh
Netwire: Hi Jynx o
SWE: im giving you 2 numbers for the price of one :)
Strike Rapier: lol
Strike Rapier: i wonder if you can sell cits and antiques if they have a citnum lower than 1000
SWE: helll y a u can strike
Goober King: Heya Miz :)
Strike Rapier: sell JP's to the highest bidder :P
Mizzy: hehe hiii
Jey: Sell 1 to the highest bidder
HenrikG: hi Lara:)
Brock: rofl
Strike Rapier: yeah
Netwire: Wonder if Chole will be here tonight?
SWE: lol, ill pay upto 10k for 1
aasmund1: hey Mizzy
Lara: Henrik! :)
Coryashire: i put my citname in the register.com thing cuase i wanna get a domain and this is a option they gave me if i couldnt get coryashire.com cory-every-bit-hire.com
Daphne: *G* Hey Henrik... *hug*
aasmund1: and henrik
KAH: sell all those faked Snow Crash and Star Wars cits in the 2 digit range
Jey: Got to be more than 10k
9 9 9:
HenrikG: hi Daphne:)
Daphne: Chloe was in the other night for a few minutes..
KAH: hi HenrikG
Strike Rapier: Bids for Citizen #1 AWLD starting at AWC's Stock Price! $.10
Byte Me: 999! :)
Lara: Daphne..hi there, and kay, swe..gosh..and everyone else
Lara: Byte :)
9 9 9: 9 9 9
HenrikG: hi KAH
Brock: actually awc's stock has went up recently
AWST Gavroche: 9 1 1
Coryashire: ill give you 2 cents for awld
Brock: it's now 23 cents
Strike Rapier: even though its about to crash off the market?
KAH: hi Gavroche
Daphne: :o) Hello again.. Lara.... *hugs*
Goober King: Too bad Eep won't be joining us... wouldn't be a TechTalk without him *smirk*
Jey: Went up to what? $.11
KAH: lol
AWST Gavroche: hey KAH
Strike Rapier: erm
SWE: 1 9 2 (libyan police lol)
Brock: an aw history quiz http://pub.alxnet.com/quiz?id=2101075 lol
Strike Rapier: eep is Here!
Daphne: it's time to mute Strike Rapier.. he'
Coryashire: did eep leave aw?
Lara: cool
KAH: nice to see you back Gav
sirQus: Hey
Strike Rapier: or is he in Hole
KAH: hi sirQus
Daphne: he's rattling off at the mouth as usual
Brock: he is in hole
MilesTeg: KAH: when you have time.. read this http://www.activeworlds.com/sdk/AW_TERRAIN_NODE_TEXTURES.htm you will see it is up to texture62.jpg only :)
Lara: sirQ :)
Strike Rapier: Ive just seen Eep in Mauz's world
Daphne: Hello sirQ!!!!!!!
sirQus: :)
Netwire: Drum roll please....
Brock: *drums*
Nornny11: ahh, thunder and lightning. I hope the power doesn't go out before i can say goodbye.
Goober King: Then tell him to get his ass over here :)
Jey: mmmm
Jey: nice thunder and lightning
Coryashire: nornny im sure roland will continue to use aw
Coryashire: hes jsut leaving awcom
Jey: severe thunderstorms fun :)
KAH: Eep is offline on my list, no question mark or anything
Brock: u never know cory
SWE: hmm, maybe roland wont want his old citnum anymore :D
KAH: hi Nornny
Daphne: Hi Nornny.. *G* ltns..
KAH: hi Tourist
Lara: SWe, vulture you ;)
Nornny11: I know. :) It's just that I can't say goodbye at the party. lol.
Goober King: He'd better still come to AW... I'm supposed to interview him next week! :P
A1CTtourist5: hi
Netwire: nah, cory and i get hist old number... aint that right cory? muhaha
Jey: Too bad, Goober :)
SWE: why ty lara :)
Brock: for what goober lol
Lara: yw, swe ;)
HamFon: Whoo hooo... big party - hi everyone!
Coryashire: nope if anyone is to get it i should get it been useing aw alot longer then most pople
Jey: Hola
Netwire: Hi Ham
Rumpnisse: Hi Hammy, *pinch*
SWE: lol goober, you've been hustled
MilesTeg: HI HamFon :)
Lara: hi ham :)
KAH: hi HamFOn
HenrikG: hi HamFon:)
Ombre: hi HamFon :))
Nornny11: Hamfon's here!!
AWST Gavroche: hey Hammy
Strike Rapier: This would just be an annoying time for this to happen "Uni Immigration Officer: We are sorry to Say Roland has been shot dead by JP attempting to "borrow" the active worlds source code"
Brock: hey HAM BOY!
sirQus: Hi Ham
Daphne: Hello Ham!!!! *G* *squeeze*
Byte Me: HamFon!
Goober King: Hey HamMan!
Roland: hey this will be the biggest tech talk ever
KAH: HamFon*
digigardener: ham!
digigardener: Roland!!!!
9 9 9: yo
Mauz: hi Roland :)
HenrikG: heya Roland:)
KAH: Roland!
MilesTeg: here he is!!! :)))
AWST Gavroche: yay, its da R-man!
Daphne: LOL Roland...
HamFon: Better... :)
sirQus: Roland hey
XelaG: hi Roland, Hamfon!
Lara: Roland! (tears!)
Ombre: hi again Roland :)
digigardener: the Mother of All Tech Talks
Nornny11: and ironically, it won't even BE a techtalk. :)
Goober King: It's the Man of the Hour!!
Strike Rapier: tis a roland!
Mercury103: Hi everyone :)
Netwire: Hip Hip Hoooray
Brock: Roland!! *cheers*
Matt o: H
A1CTtourist5: cool sky
Strike Rapier: yeah! RTB's to full size :D
Roland: I'd better say right from the start that with this many people, there's no way I'll be able to answer everyone's questions! :)
Matt o: Hi^
SWE: Roland, i see you have a nice citnum, and ive got a buissness propersition to make :D
Lara: lol, Roland :)
Goober King: hehe
Roland: and I assume that it goes without saying that telegrams and whispers are out!
digigardener: Roland maybe give us a bit of your history in this medijm
Coryashire: okay first gripe. will awcom add terrain textures to the awpath for thiose useing the aw path and want terrian?
Strike Rapier: awww
Lara: we don't want you to answer any questions..just be here with us for a few minutes more :)
Strike Rapier: *closes it*
digigardener: tell us how you got started?
digigardener: (as bruce asks questions)
Daphne: I just want to know if you are going to stay in touch with us, your fans....
Brock: yes give us a history story Roland
Brock: lol
Strike Rapier: well.. maybe just a few lara
Goober King: heh looks like you'll have to speak for yourself, Lara ;)
HenrikG: I'd like to know what you will do now:)
Strike Rapier: like the first 10,000 lines of awb.c :)
Roland: won't that be boring though? :)
Lady Stillpink: even me Roland? *(pouts)*L*
A1CTtourist5: *smells his hamburger and says "Oh My!" *
KAH: off course not!
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Vornox.
Brock: never! lol
Lara: you have never been boring Roland... ;)
Roland: it's almost 7 years of stuff!
SWE: lol, ya fans! *screams roland, my sister loves you, i dont cause im a guy, and only swing one way*
HenrikG: technical is _not_ boring:)
digigardener: you started sept 6, 1995
Computerizer: ack.. I forgot I was here.. *back*
Goober King: ooo a stalker :)
Brock: Roland AWC Employee Sept 95 - June 02
Byte Me: BRB, watching AC2 edge beetle fight video :P
A1CTtourist5: wow
Roland: that is right..the day after labor day
Brock: lol
Vornox: O_O
SWE: lo! his citnum is higher then urs gardener!
Lara: yeah..even when I didn't understand 99% of it, I loved it when you talked techie, Roland ;)
digigardener: i started in alphaworld august 31, 95
Coryashire: wish i remeber the loggin info for awutn then i could have ps teehee hee goober did you know me and mike have yet to teach a class
Roland: started my new job at a funky little dot com called "Worlds Inc."
Lady Stillpink: seven years bad luck? lmaoooo
Ombre: Lara ;o))
Brock: Worlds Faire lol
Daphne: hey.. I enjoyed Worlds Chat!!!
SWE: your going to the compition roland? tsk tsk, what a shame lol
Coryashire: yes daphne had the weirdest avatar in worlds chat
Strike Rapier: we shold build a statue to roland.. , but eep would probably kill it
Vornox: O_O
Daphne: you wouldn't know Coryashire. you weren't there
Roland: they put me on this project called "Worlds Faire" that used this weird 3D software they called "alpha tech"
Computerizer: lol
SWE: that reminds me, is there avatar skining in 3.3. yet?
Coryashire: i rember seeing pictures of it on yur website
Roland: that some programmer that nobody at the company liked was working on
Lara: heh
MilesTeg: naa eep is to feared someone could steal his artwork.. he will never do a statue ;)
Coryashire: swe they are still working on the skinned avatar
Daphne: Ron??
Netwire: We should have a new 3.3 building world called "Roland" and dedicated th GZ area to his work for awc
CuTiE 2002: hey
Roland: they told me, "well, the last 3 guys that tried to work with him quit...so now you get to try!"
Immigration Officer: Welcome to the AWUniversity! For information on classes visit http://www.awcommunity.org/awu. Join us at 30n 31w for the final Tech Talk with Roland.
Jey: LOL
Coryashire: netwire you suckup
Computerizer: who was the guy? lol
Roland: and so I met Ron
Daphne: :o)
Roland: aka Protagonist
Netwire: lol @ cory
Goober King: hehe Classic Protag
Brock: Protag :D
Lara: LOL
Coryashire: yes lets build a stature of roland holding a can of baked beans and a eternal flame jetting out his rear end
SWE: oh lol! he has citnum 2 right? maybe i can get that >:)
digigardener: The Famous Protagonist
Vornox: brock O_O
Roland: needless to say, I was somewhat apprehensive...new job and all...scary programmer to work with..
Brock: Nox.
Coryashire: if you remeber that from chloe your a oldie but goodie
KAH: lol
Daphne: LOL Ron, scary?? No way!!! *G*
CuTiE 2002: how is everyone
Coryashire: ron and his 200+iq
Roland: by that point Ron had been working on AW for just over six months or so, and AlphaWorld had just opened a couple months earlier, near the end of June, 1995
Brock: oddly i remember ron lol
Strike Rapier: what were your first opinions on JP and Rick?
Brock: June 25, 1995
SWE: roland, if he's a smoker, then i know a way you can help cool him off, and remeber, drugs are not illegal unless you get caught
Roland: when I "immigrated" as we called it back then, and got my citizenship, I was the 679th person to do so
Coryashire: remeber june 29th is my 19th birthday. i like money orders
Shorah: I thought it was still called immigration?
Roland: I thought we called it "registration" now...
HenrikG: the immigration procedure was different then:)
Lara: a technicality, Shorah :)
Roland: heh, call it whatever you want :)
Daphne: LOL
Computerizer: lol
Brock: lol
Strike Rapier: lol
Coryashire: ya you had to immigrate from a website
Coryashire: i call it bingticklemonster
Byte Me: I remember immigration numbers ;)
Coryashire: cause im really board
Shorah: not nearly as bad as clicking those worlds from that website
SWE: hmm, i just call it paying up...
Roland: the AW client was just a small 3D window, no menu, just a title bar and a chat field
Shorah: (it never worked) hehe
A1CTtourist5: back...oh I forgot to push my AFK botten thats only in the new 3.3! Thanks Roland!
PAC3: Hey
Roland: and one world, AlphaWorld
Computerizer: I don't remember how I came in 97.. I just came, build something, and then left for 2 years lol
Coryashire: ya and they had cool objects with tons of windows in them
digigardener: i have some screen shots of alphaworld circal sept 1995
Lara: I wish they would open this world to tourists..for just the duration of this... I always liked the clueless tourist chatter during big gatherings.. lol
CarLBanks: hi
CarLBanks: almost missed this
Roland: so I started timidly to work on the AW code a bit...learn Ron's style...which was interesting
Brock: mauz's page has some of the old pictures
Netwire: ahh good ol' AlphaWord, still the biggest and best after all these years.
digigardener: one big Goto Loop
Roland: of course I wasn't allowed to call him directly
Lara: "interesting"...always the diplomat, our Roland :)
CarLBanks: Roland
Daphne: But Lara.. We have StrikeRapier and Coryashire for clueless chatter.... :o)
Roland: we had to set up management-mediated conference calls
CarLBanks: I got a quick question
Coryashire: i have on my other computer alphaworld v.39 and a bunch of cache files
Brock: Old Aw: http://www.mauz.info/pics2/aw8b.jpg
Lara: lol, Daphne (and me, too ;)
SWE: i first came as a tourist in the begining of 1999, my friend told me about it, he saw it in a news paper in CZech republic
CarLBanks: are you gonna release your terrain program
Roland: but after a few weeks of that, I guess Ron decided I wasn't a complete dork so he started talking to me directly
Coryashire: ya where is terraform gosh some of us have been waiting for about 3 years for that
Daphne: *G* Ron was being careful,, huh??
Roland: and we wound up hitting it off pretty well
Lara: cool
Strike Rapier: Eck, aw certanially has come on allot since http://www.mauz.info/pics2/aw8b.jpg
Roland: pretty soon I was working on the client and he was working on the server
SWE: hey KBK, sup?
Coryashire: oh i hated having to stand ina circle to chat with people
Computerizer: someone put that on a pict.. heh
Roland: and we kept going like that for about a year and a half
CarLBanks: roland are you gonna release your terrain program
Roland: we put out a bunch of new versions with lots of new features, back in those days we had new versions every week
Daphne: cool
Roland: there was hardly any code yet so it was easy to add new stuff without worrying about breaking anything
Lara: every week..wow
KAH: stop spamming Roland with questions, he's telling us the story!
HenrikG: lots to download on slow links:)
Roland: (unlike these days)
UTitan: hiya roland again
SWE: wow! 34 people in here told
Shorah: too many version
CarLBanks: every week?
Roland: and AW was all free, btw, so there were lots of people using it
UTitan: hal9000 is trying to get 3.3.. but it says unable to upgrade( reason 6) wahts that / :)
SWE: wait, 35 including me
Lara: free...wow ;)
Computerizer: I loved the free days
Daphne: LOL Lara
Coryashire: utitan have him download the full claint from the website
Lara: "lots of people"...wow ;)
Roland: of course, it made the threat of losing your citizenship for being a jerk not a very big threat
TheTraveLer: Roland if you leave Ill cry! ;_;
TheTraveLer: lol
Roland: so we had a lot of pretty bad behavior back then too as I recall...
UTitan: we`ll miss you man :)
Byte Me: When I joined AW... tons of "vandalism" groups... long gone now :P
Goober King: *recalls the Vandal Wars* Those were the days
Kit: <---was always a paragon of virtue...lol
Roland: but anyway...
Lara: we love jerks in here...and bad behavior..all the things that made it "active" ;)
Kit: '
Shorah: then came mandee with the CA, roland? :)
Jey: LOL looks like there is a tornado by my house
Roland: in about January '97 Worlds Inc. ran out of money
Shorah: to wash out our mouths with soap
Daphne: very true.. Lara.. we jerks make it interesting *S*
SWE: how come its back online now?
Lara: right, Daphne ;)
Roland: they decided to cancel the AW project and lay me and Ron off
Shorah: awcorp seems to be out of money, too.
Elyk: great I'm late
Netwire: lol Shorah
Strike Rapier: heh
Lara: Elyk...hiyas! :)
Daphne: normal for you, Elyk.. *S* *hug*
Elyk: Hey Lara...where have you been?
Strike Rapier: when i look at my screen sideways its Poland talking instead of roland
Shorah: at least accoding to nasdaq small cap *shrug*
SWE: awcorp dont know how to run a proper buissness...
Roland: that's when Danny Viescas (aka Talak of Kanagra) got together with Rick Noll (aka E N Z O) and decided to try and buy AW from Worlds and start a new company
Roland: which they did
Elyk: Good god...look at all of the ppl
Elyk: *S* Daphne
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by San Marco.
Daphne: thank heavens they did!!!!1
Roland: they hired me and Ron to keep working on it, and by March 1997 we were up and running again as Circle Of Fire or "COF"
HenrikG: Danny and his wife did the first objects and avatars I think
Byte Me: *sets everyone to mute on sight except Roland* :P
Netwire: Ah good ol' COF.
SWE: ty byte me
Gandalf: evening all
Ombre: Hi Gandalf
SWE: hey gandalf
Roland: yes that is right Danny and his wife Lynn worked for Worlds as artists, they did some of the earliest objects and avatars for AW
Daphne: Hello Gandalf *S*
Strike Rapier: see, COF was wasting money from the start
Coryashire: my cat likes to cof up hair balls
Brock: I wonder who made the Rick avatar
Goober King: *mutes Cory for bad joke*
KAH: lol Cory, it's cough
Coryashire: its true
Roland: so we went on like that for a little while
raiven: Hi everyone
bluebean: hello all!
Daphne: Hello hon.. *S*
TheTraveLer: Roland are they gonna let you keep your cit for free :-P?
raiven: Heya Daphne :)
Roland: unfortunately, it turned out that not everyone was getting along
Netwire: Hi Raiven
sirQus: Hi bluebean:)
San Marco: Hi all
Roland: within COF...
Daphne: San Marco!!!! Hello *S*
Roland: so there was a big fight
Coryashire: well this is nothing new for me so sorry to lose you as a programmer roland. hope to see you later if you stay on aw as a civilaian with the rest of us :0)
raiven: Came online, to wish Roland a bon voyage
Gamecube: hi mr roland
Roland: and Ron and Danny wound up leaving
King Brian K O: Cory is mute on sight matrial more so then anyother person in AW
Daphne: :o( sad day for us all
Lady Stillpink: retire roland's cit number :)
SWE: aw just crashed >_< for no reason lol
Goober King: One of many...
Shorah: what was the basis of the argument?
Lara: yes..Roland's citnum should be retired.
SWE: i already asked for it lady! back off :)
Elyk: 5lol
Roland: I don't know the details of the disagreement and probably never will
Roland: as I was not involved
Goober King: So we'll have "Roland's Ghost" pretty soon? :)
Kit: wow....my browser just died with no error msg....that hasnt happened in years
Lara: heheh, GK
TheTraveLer: Roland will you still come on to AW?
Roland: I believe JP, aka Cryonics, joined COF then, or a few weeks before that
Brock: i'm suprised that wasnt when things went downhill instead
Brock: lol
Roland: so now it was, let's see...me, Rick, JP, and Shamus
Byte Me: *has coords to secrit JP build in AW* :P
Roland: dang I'm probably forgetting someone it was so long ago
SWE: heh, what are they byte me?
King Brian K O: Is AW running from someones basement yet ?
XelaG: i crashed :(
Robbie: near GZ byte me? I've seen it before :)
Roland: and actually Ron continued to work for us as a consultant for almost another year after that
Robbie: about 30 odd co-ords out
Byte Me: Nope not near GZ :)
Byte Me: near one of my old builds :P
Roland: he didn't leave completely until summer of '98 I think i was, about when we had our first "reunion" in Las Vegas
SWE: lol, dont you remeber them moving servers KBK?
SWE: about 2 months ago or less or more
King Brian K O: hadda ask
Robbie: Is that when he "disappeared" Roland?
Roland: oh wait, I forgot something
King Brian K O: want to hear it from someone who knows
Strike Rapier: *wonders when the point was when JP started making bad business descisions*
Roland: uh oh...crash!
SWE: kah, emm Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in E:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\htdocs\talan\index.php on line 4
Goober King: Day 1? :P
TheTraveLer: !
Byte Me: Don't forget the Bots Roland! always the poor poor bots :(
TheTraveLer: ;_;
SWE: got that from ur site lol
Roland: that's the first time AW's crashed on me in weeks...
MilesTeg: hey!! you have to stay Roland ;)
KAH: lol
Roland: of course it happens now
Strike Rapier: lol
Jey: LOL
XelaG: i just crashed too Roland
Brock: yep that means you have to stay longer
Netwire: Don't you love new apps? hehe
Brock: aww poo :P
Brock: lol
Rossyboy: hi
Roland: uh, anyway
digigardener: heheh
Gamecube: w0w
Strike Rapier: yeah, trust it to crash now when u cant reprogram the thing, lol
Gamecube: hi roland
HenrikG: well well.. there goes that bonus:)
Roland: so later in 1997, COF started running out of money too
Goober King: hehe
PAC3: Roland, do you use DX 8.0
Trident: Hi Goober
raiven: Hey Digi
Roland: seems like world servers weren't selling as well as we had hoped
Roland: so that is when the $20/year for a citizenship started
SWE: lol, as soon as roland said uh oh...crash, aw crashed for me lol,i suddenly got that win XP error report thing
Roland: which made enough $ to keep AW going
Goober King: And they jacked up world prices
Elyk: yea..no kidding
Rumpnisse: SWE, "uh oh crash" tee-hee...
Strike Rapier: i would have thought back in 97 the years of 28.8Kb Modems, world servers would only be able to run by people with giga high speed (relitivly) connections
Rossyboy: because they cant
Strike Rapier: hence not allot of people got em
Robbie: a world will run on 28k Strike
Roland: dang! another crash
Jey: LOL
Rumpnisse: Wow...
Rossyboy: it kept them going, but they were gradually failing
Goober King: Not a good sign
Gamecube: uhoh
Roland: what the heck is going on
Shorah: roland, maybe more beta testing next time?
Jey: I haven't crashed yet :D
Byte Me: Not your problem Roland... new programmers... buahahahahaha :)
Robbie: me either
Jey: LOL, I am going to crash now soon.
Strike Rapier: yes, but it wont as soon as you get more than 20 people in it
XelaG: maybe some av?
Goober King: Could it be the crowd, perhaps?
KAH: not even I have crashed lol
Brock: yeah grimmm
Brock: *cough*
Netwire: lol Roland, looks like you cant' leave just yet... hehe
HamFon: back to build 205 ....
MilesTeg: ok Roland.. Now you must stay. your computer doesn t want you to leave it ;)
Computerizer: too many ppl lol
SWE: lol, well atleast im not the only one crashing
Shorah: 205 w00t
Daphne: LOL
Strike Rapier: ROFLMSO, its JP! He is trying to silence you Roland! its a bug he put in your browser!
Lara: Roland... contact support@activeworlds.com ;)
King Brian K O: 61 users here
Roland: I dunno Shorah, we've been beta testing 3.3 for weeks with no crashes
Strike Rapier: lololol @ lara
Rumpnisse: Feel free to send me the stack dump.
Gamecube: lol
raiven: *no crashes in a few weeks*
Matt o: I almost crashed once earlier today
Rossyboy: I wanna be able to turn that pink compass off
Trident: Mind has crashed each time I go to 3rd person view
Goober King: Oh well... 9 9 9's problem now, right? :)
Netwire: < have not crashed (yet). In software mode cause Dx7 wont work now (used to in 3.2)
Shorah: no crashes? not according to the testers :)
Strike Rapier: pink compass?
Mauz: maybe some object here.. should have done TechTalks to notice it earlier
sirQus: Roland forgot to test techtalk with 60ppl :p
SWE: it must be cuz there are soo many people in here, and ur pc cant handle it or something
Jey: JP notices roland secretly transfering AW source through AW, so he is making him crash. :)
Lara: heheh, Mauz
Rossyboy: when you rightclick an object
PAC3: <-- hadnt crashed *yet*
Lord Perception: heh
Roland: if the testers have been crashing they haven't been posting it to the beta ng!
Strike Rapier: lol
Goober King: Bad testers! :(
PAC3: lol
Matt o: if my PC can handle it I think any PC could lol
Brock: can i chop their toes off roland?
Strike Rapier: they were probably making ur stress levels easier
Brock: lol
Jey: Horrible testers.
raiven: *dont look at me* i only crashed once since beta came out.
Byte Me: I hadn't crashed since that "fix" Roland... don't look at me :P
Byte Me: *prepares for crash*
raiven: which is better than 3.2 haha
Shorah: bad raiven ;)
Roland: neither have I Byte...
HenrikG: no crashes so far.. been running 3.3 on two very different computers..
Strike Rapier: mental note: apply to be beta tester
Mauz: me neither
Rossyboy: and I want to be able to put the toolbar in the objects properties window into two rows so it can be as small as the last one >_<
SWE: thats why u need people like me on the beta ngs, because i would have a excuse for not posting, im banded from the ngs lol
Rumpnisse: It's a conspiracy to get 3.3 released early...
HamFon: Thanks Gandalf - yep, it's public - end of June
KAH: what's public?
Matt o: Anticrash stopped AW from crashing 4 times this week
9 9 9: the only thing that has been crashing on this machine is GTA3
Gandalf: Hamfon is leaving too...
Roland: well I turned on debug logging...that usually fixes it :)
Strike Rapier: I havent crashed once
CarLBanks: Roland
Strike Rapier: for over 5 month
TheTraveLer: GTA3 0wnz
CarLBanks: are you gonna release your 3.3 terrain program
KAH: oh :-(( will miss you too HamFon
Shorah: LOL roland
Rumpnisse: Haha...
Mauz: awww HamFon
Strike Rapier: although i did crash 29 times in ths space station for av 2001
Shorah: so true :(
Byte Me: Roland... debug log will be 100 GB by the time TT is over ;)
raiven: Ya in 3.2, AW would stop crashing when i turned on debug logging... which i only turned on to catch the reason for the crash, DOH
Goober King: dum dum dum.. Another one bites the dust...
SWE: devil may cry is better tt :)
Netwire: ah the good ol av 2001 space station hehe
Rossyboy: someone could build a bot to edit the terrain, but it woudl take a long time
Elyk: The terrain is within your world
Elyk: in features
Strike Rapier: not really Rossy
Shorah: continue, roland
Strike Rapier: all u need is a binary image scanner and the SDK
Strike Rapier: CT rights help 2 of course :)
CarLBanks: Roland are you gonna release your 3.3 terrain program. Cause your terrain was made by a program right?
HenrikG: the terrain program is already released.. its called Nature :)
HamFon: Hmmm, Roland keeps disappearing... sorry about that!
Rossyboy: yea but
PAC3: lol
Strike Rapier: heh, give him a bot to use
PAC3: crashing
Rumpnisse: HamFon, you're sorry about it? What are you doing to him? ;)
Strike Rapier: lol
Rossyboy: converting the maps to bot commands...
Elyk: lol
Shorah: hamfon, my goodness.
Strike Rapier: its a consipiracy
Brock: let's tie hamfon to a hambot so he'll stop
Brock: lol
Allen Iverson: lol
Strike Rapier: yeah
TheTraveLer: THEY KILLED ROLAND!!!!!!!!!!!! **calls the police**
Strike Rapier: Set his own bots against him
Brock: *grabs roll of duct tape*
Netwire: hmm abn tv under here... maybe that's what's causing the crahes.. has update of 2
KAH: E N Z O is using his scary magical powers to crash Roland
Faero: im waitn for grimm to release sdk 3.3
Eggdropo: KAH?
Strike Rapier: that would be too evil, lol
Lara: nah..I bet Roland just had U.P.S. pull up at his doorway...
9 9 9: :)
Shorah: abn tv? O.o
SWE: LOL! i was half way through writening, "roland crashed again LOL" when BAM! " aw crashed for me lol!
Elyk: LOL Lara
Nornny11: back. :)
Netwire: yeah it's a hidden object
Brock: delete it
Computerizer2: what abut abn tv?
9 9 9: wait a little bit longer, i just got a ps2linux kit heh
Gandalf: Funny, I've never ever crashed....
Goober King: Woops! Left that behind
Strike Rapier: Yeah, im working like hell using the current VB SDK then as soon as new 1 is out im going to impliment global mode :D
Mountain Myst: Perhaps he's overwhelmed with emotion over all of the wonderful outpouring of support and needed to go get the box of tissues?
Rossyboy: what about it?
Jey: I haven't crashed so far, I'm good. :)
Netwire: It's AWUTN object.
Computerizer2: I am broadcasting this live on ABN TV now (first broadcast in over a month!)
Matt o: Faero, why wait for the VB version of it? ;-)
HenrikG: I only crash in rentals:)
Shorah: aww MM
Gandalf: LOL @ MM
Netwire: lol
Goober King: TV is gone :)
MilesTeg: hehe MM :))
Strike Rapier: lol
HamFon: To clear up the whispers and questions, yep - I'm leaving at the end of June. Been fun! Have to have a party :-)
King Brian K O: Hi M Myst = )
TheTraveLer: LOL @ strike waitng for VB sdk
KAH: hi MM
Computerizer2: why did you remove the TV?
Strike Rapier: either that or JP is still trying to crash him
TheTraveLer: you need to lern C++ man
SWE: maybe its cuz im on a network?
raiven: u leaving too ham?
Brock: now hamfon leaving?
raiven: damn
Matt o: I'm going to have to go soon cause of the T-Storm
Lara: double farewell here.. for hamfon too!!!
Daphne: Yes.. Have to have a Party!! *G*
Netwire: Your leaving to Ham? aww
Brock: *starts to wonder why he stays in activeworlds*
Roland: man, what a lousy piece of software...who wrote this anyway
Rumpnisse: Aww...
SWE: brb
Goober King: And I'll have to interview you too, Hammy :)
Strike Rapier: yeah :P but VB will do for now, maybe move onto VB.NET
Allen Iverson: lol
Goober King: hehe
Lara: LOL, Roland
HamFon: Pffft ... Ron...
TheTraveLer: ROFL
sirQus: LoL
Trident: lol
Jey: LOL
Mauz: yeah fire him!
Cinibar: LMAO
Strike Rapier: ROFLMSO @ Roland
Mountain Myst: Welcome back Roland :)
Elyk: lol
Lord Perception: heh
Matt o: lol
Brock: jk :)
Daphne: It was HIM.. ---->>>
Shorah: sshh brock
raiven: 1,000 monkeys locked in a room with a keyboard
XelaG: wb Roland
KAH: hope you won't crash quite as many times now ;-))
PAC3: lol roland.. wb
Byte Me: Yeah... we need to find the programmer who wrote this crap and string him up in a tree and beat him like a piñata!
Roland: i better hurry and finish, no telling how long I can stay in here...
raiven: did i say that out loud? :)
Strike Rapier: just use a bot as backup
raiven: haha j/k
Roland: ok so anyway, after that I worked on AW a lot and we put out new versions, the end
Lady Stillpink: roland: got macro? *Grin*
Jey: LOL
Matt o: lol
Cinibar: hehehe
Byte Me: lol
HenrikG: hehehe
Rossyboy: lol
raiven: YAY wonderful story
Strike Rapier: LOL.....
Mauz: heyyyyyyyyyy
TheTraveLer: ROLAND!!!!!!!!! Are they gonna let you keep your cit permanently???
Jey: Nice story *claps*
raiven: i really liked the middle part, where yoda kicked ass
Lord Perception: fast tracked
Lara: lol, raiven
Rossyboy: Roland! Are you planning to move to any other projects?
Mauz: i liked the last part, explaining reasons for leaving
Roland: seriously though...it was around mid 1998 when Hamfon joined us as a full time programmer
Strike Rapier: Ohh, tell us about some of the best bugs in the browser.. and security weaknesses we could exploit :D
Matt o: I'm going to wait until the power goes out
Nornny11: he plans to cross-over into movies. :)
King Brian K O: um ....WHY R U 2 LEAVING !!!
Lady Stillpink: lmaooo
Rumpnisse: Hammy the uberhaxxor... we salute you, *rawk*
Strike Rapier: lol
AWST Gavroche: well. i'm off. got a stackdump to read. take care roland. will send u an E. niterz
HamFon: :-)
Rossyboy: like...Cyboria? :¬D
Roland: his help was invaluable in getting a lot of the new features in, especially AW 3.0 which was a huge and difficult rewrite of AW to make use of 3D hardware acceleration
Strike Rapier: *wonders if we can drag Roland onto the SDK NG*
Goober King: He's quitting so he can go full-time as a male stripper ;D
Elyk: LOL
Jey: LOL
Mountain Myst: I knew it :)
Rumpnisse: He's going off to some successful company to get stinking rich :)
Rossyboy: LOL
Strike Rapier: lol
CarLBanks: Roland are you gonna release your 3.3 terrain program. Cause your terrain was made by a program right?
Gandalf: Stripping....my line of business....Welcome aboard Roland!
raiven: Heya Daph :)
Byte Me: HamFon and Roland are really quitting to form the Programmer's Justice League... they'll be the Supercoder Friends!
TheTraveLer: Cyboria sucks! the 3d content is installed with the browser not dloaded
Elyk: wb Daphne
Roland: it was during this time that, unbeknownst to me, Shamus was quietly teaching himself C and learning the code
Strike Rapier: erm.. gandalf.. we didnt need to know that, lololol
Daphne: Well I just crashed too
MilesTeg: you re boring CarlBanks
Lady Stillpink: Roland and Hamfon..you will Always be welcome as Tourists in Cyboria *ahem* chuckles*
Gandalf: lol
CarLBanks: ok I'll shutup
Daphne: Thanks Elyk
Lara: :)
Goober King: ooo naughty Shamus
Strike Rapier: lol
Byte Me: Shamus... such a rebel! ;)
raiven: Hey Roland, can i challenge the AW source code? :)
Daphne: Good for Shamus.. *S*
Byte Me: Has such dirty secrets it sounds :O
TheTraveLer: Can we behead Shamus?
TheTraveLer: o.O
Roland: so then Shamus started hacking on the browser and adding new features which he would show to management, and then they would call me up and say "why don't we have this?
Daphne: what are we talking about anyway??
Lara: lol
Strike Rapier: lololol
Jey: LOL
Goober King: hehe
Nornny11: lol
Brock: Shamus shall die
Strike Rapier: now why cant we do that!
King Brian K O: ouch
Mauz: 1998, really? AW 2.0 was then
Roland: so then we had AW 3.1, with the move and rotate commands, and the light command
Byte Me: Shamus... he's the one who forced us to have light and movement!
Goober King: damn him!
Daphne: LOL
Byte Me: Rawr... I hate bright moving objects
Strike Rapier: heh, i like them features :P
Roland: and many other things since then
Strike Rapier: Wow!
John B: Hello :-)
Lara: and no green checkmark..finally, finally, FINALLY :)
Roland: and it was last year that 9 9 9, also known as MrGrimm, or Will, joined us full time
raiven: happy 3:33... oo
Daphne: Hi John B
Nornny11: which makes it seems like you paly little part in AW's development, Roland. Brag, won't you? :)
Strike Rapier: U mean it was the programmers thinking up the ideas and not the managemnet forcing you to do em?
Strike Rapier: *amazed*
TheTraveLer: Will G. the uber haxx0r
Jey: And the truth comes out :)
TheTraveLer: ^_^
Brock: Roland is it true that you own the patent to ActiveWorlds?
Lady Stillpink: does mr grimm know how to model md2 ??? hehhh
Roland: Borck: lol no
Goober King: Yea, instead you get a fugly yellow questionmark *smirk*
Vera: hugs everyone:)
Roland: Brock even
Lara: lol
Shorah: LOL brock
Lara: hi Vera :)
Strike Rapier: are you sure?
Elyk: ((((Vera)))))
Roland: there is no patent on Active worlds
Brock: ah someone was telling me that lol
Daphne: Hello Vera.. *S*
Vera: :)
sirQus: Hi Vera
John B: there isnt?
Rossyboy: Roland, are you planning to move to other projects?
Brock: http://www.nameprotect.com/cgi-bin/FREEsearch/search.cgi?action=SEARCH&db=PTO&ss=ActiveWorlds
Jey: Brock, you're so gullable. :)
raiven: AW is patent not pending
Strike Rapier: there is a patent on the origional code though isnt there?
Daphne: LOL raiven
Brock: lol :D
KAH: only a copyright on the code
Brock: indeed i am Jey :D
Roland: no Strike there is not
Strike Rapier: hmmm
Roland: don't confuse patents and copyrivhts
Mauz: nor trademarks
KAH: patents don't really work on code, except very specific algos
Strike Rapier: in that case can u tell us the decoding string?
Brock: Roland must understand this stuff :)
KAH: like encryption algos
Roland: sorry rossy, too much chat to keep up with...as to my future plans, currently I have none
Lara: omg.. I hope we don't get into a chat about the difference in those things ... LOL
raiven: Worlds Inc tried to patent AW... and every other 3d game on the market... pfffft
King Brian K O: Roland Worlds ?
Kit: I wonder why Textor wants Judson and Adelson out...Judson hasnt been around long enough to really mess up
Roland: i'd like to, you know, get another job or something
Roland: work on some cool software
Jey: LOL
Cinibar: why are you leaving?
King Brian K O: LMAO
TheTraveLer: Why are you leaving?
Daphne: Yes you do Roland.. You are taking a much earned REAL vacation!!!!!!!!!1
neLLo: heLLo
Lara: kick back and relax for a month or so, Roland...you deserve a break!
Rossyboy: like Cyboria? O_O
KAH: I know, make RolandOS :-))
XelaG: are you staying as consultant, Roland?
Strike Rapier: You do now! Your now professionally employed in the SDK NG solving all our problems, lol
Brock: RolandOS LOL!
KAH: with a cool VR app ;-))
Brock: I'd buy it
King Brian K O: Welcome to ROLAND WORLDS !
Strike Rapier: and boy do we need u
Roland: yeah but hopefully I can take a little time off first, which isn't hard to do in this job market...
SWE: ok, this is taking the piss!
Rumpnisse: Crash... wow, first in months.
SWE: if i crash one more time i might have to kill somebody
Strike Rapier: lol
Strike Rapier: *points at 9 9 9*
Jey: I still haven't crashed :D
Strike Rapier: blame him :P
Lara: learn Mandarin Chinese, or something...just to pass the time ;)
Brock: *grabs keg*
9 9 9: ?
SWE: lol, made this place my home now :)
Brock: *runs off with it*
TheTraveLer: Roland are they gonna let you keep your cit?
Vera: lol
Jey: But, I haven't been moving around or anything, jsut staying in one place facing the same direction :)
Byte Me: Roland... get into the MMORPG market :)
Roland: yes send all crash and bug reports to 9 9 9:)
KAH: Will you still pop by now and then, Roland?
Netwire: what the heck
Jey: Maybe roland can work on AC# :)
9 9 9: uh oh :)
Roland: uh, tried that Byte :)
Jey: LOL
Rumpnisse: Didn't have time to save any info about it. Had to scramble to get back here... *G*
HamFon: Hehehe :-)
Netwire: oh that was odd
Jey: AC3 rather
Daphne: LOL What's your addy,,, 9 9 9 ???
Goober King: So it's just 9 9 9 and Shamus on the programming staff now? (after June)
John B: Rent-Roland.Com u let companies rent u to code for them. You charge per Hour. eh?
John B: hmm
Strike Rapier: lol
KAH: lol
Rossyboy: lol
Brock: 999@1337awprogrammers.org
Brock: lol
John B: Rent A Roland
NCC 72897: lolz
John B: eh?
John B: lol
raiven: We all know your planning a 8 month BENGE on topcoder
Wireman: hu
TheTraveLer: Roland_are_they_gonna_let_you_keep_your_cit?.com
Jey: there is that rentacoder.com website :)
John B: i know
Strike Rapier: how much would we need to pay you for you to sneak us the source code for 3.3?
Jey: We'll see roland's name on there :)
Gandalf: he poofed again
KAH: UberRoland.com - Get your software coded by ÜberRoland, the most freakily good programmer of the Galaxy :-))
9 9 9: you mean aw.h isnt enough of it?
Strike Rapier: well.. aw.c would be nice 2
SWE: playboy.com well we all know what that is dont we :)
Jey: i am sure its not all in one file
Strike Rapier: and the rest of it
Netwire: Well I have to head out now. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in for the community roland, and good luck in your future endevors.
Jey: probably spread out in over 100 different files. :D
Daphne: See you again, Netwire...:o)
Lara: bye Netwire
Strike Rapier: oh oh ! and the part with the binary encryption as well :D
KAH: darn he's gone
Netwire: *waves to all*
Brock: Roland will make playboyworlds lol
Netwire: >>poof<<
Rossyboy: then skilfully turns the salt shaker upside down for JUST enough time
Strike Rapier: lol
KAH: shame on you Brock!
Brock: <:)
Brock: <=)
Rossyboy: people could employ him for that O_O
Daphne: LOL I doubt Roland's wife will let him make Playboyworlds.. *S*
John B: Roland, maybe you could get a job working FOR Renderware. eh?
John B: hehe
Roland: ok now im running under the debugger...if it happens again ill be ready!
Elyk: LOL
Strike Rapier: heh
Goober King: hehe
HamFon: Yep, Rumpnisse - this gathering also works as a stress test ... you're ALL beta now.
SWE: lol, u crashed again
Mauz: it never happens under debugger...
Lara: lol, Roland
Roland: i still have 90 minutes left of my job here...maybe I can fix one last bug before I go
Rossyboy: Roland: will you get a job puting slat on peoples hard boiled eggs? O_O
Rossyboy: salt*
HenrikG: thats the Microsoft way:)
Lady Stillpink: lmao hamFON
Strike Rapier: 90 min? then do they take the AWLD PPW away from you?
King Brian K O: You quit or was let go ?
XelaG: LOL
Daphne: NO Roland.. Stay with us.. Let THEM fix it.!!! LOL
Trident: Get in the educational market Roland :-)
Goober King: Let 999 take care of it :)
Lara: ohhhhh... 90 minutes left... so sad
SWE: and now i crashed!!!
TheTraveLer: Roland_are_they_gonna_let_you_keep_your_cit?.com
Daphne: (want's to cry)
Strike Rapier: *wonders if they wil take is AWLD ppw*
Lara: yes, Daphne's right... forget "fixing it"
Roland: TheTraveler: I don't know, I hope so
Elyk: LOL yea
Mauz: i wish i had 90 minutes left of my job
TheTraveLer: ^_^
Byte Me: When those 90 minutes are up... meet me at the local bar... 999 says he'll buy you all the drinks you can drink :P
Strike Rapier: lol
Rumpnisse: HamFon, doesn't strike me as hard to simulate... heh.
Daphne: They better or I'll stomp over to the office and black a few eyes!!!!!
Roland: King Brian: it was my decision to leave AW
Rossyboy: Roland: have you seen Cyboria yet?
Strike Rapier: nick JP's wallet, boze up on him :P
SWE: i got my first pay check today! woohoo! first ever lol
King Brian K O: <===wishes he'd got at least 90 minutes of sleep lastnight
Rumpnisse: Cyboria has nothing on AW...
Roland: no Rossy I have not, except for screen shots
raiven: Well we'll miss ya R, Bon Voyage Man
9 9 9: and leave the ps2linux kit? wha?
Lady Stillpink: anyone bring a bucket of ICE????
CarLBanks: why does Terrain flicker in direct3d 8 mode and why does text get messed up in direct3d 8 mode?
Brock: Why Roland, tell us the truth :P
Rossyboy: not yet... but soon...
King Brian K O: when will Roland worlds be coming out ?
King Brian K O: = )
John B: Seen Chatzone ? -LoL
Rumpnisse: Soon? In a few years perhaps...
Rossyboy: I mean, it's still in alpha testing, the features come later
Strike Rapier: speaking of bugs, where do we report em to Roland?
CarLBanks: why does Terrain flicker in direct3d 8 mode and why does text get messed up in direct3d 8 mode?
Roland: well, it's a long story...
Strike Rapier: what e-mail
Byte Me: Roland, you'd make an awesome MMOG programmer IMHO :)
TheTraveLer: Chatzone 3d sucks
Rossyboy: In a few years I don't expect AW to be around hehe
TheTraveLer: im an alpha tester
Goober King: Save it for the interview! I need *some* exclusive material! :D
Brock: It'd be nice if you could tell us
Roland: suffice to say, I decided it was time for me to try something different
TheTraveLer: the 3d stuff isnt dloaded it comes with the install
TheTraveLer: how cheap is that?
SWE: lol john b, ive seen it :)
TheTraveLer: lol
raiven: *discreetly places bag over rossyboys head*
John B: The Traveler, i agree.. Its not pretty. Even tho i was working on it. lol
Roland: oh sorry Goober :)
CarLBanks: why does Terrain flicker in direct3d 8 mode and why does text get messed up in direct3d 8 mode?
Strike Rapier: admit it,.. u just hate the managment
Roland: I'm getting several telegrams and whispers a minute here, can't answer them, sorry!
Jey: Geeze, Carl, you are annoying ;)
HenrikG: you are a brilliant programmer, you'll get a job soon enough:)
Byte Me: Carl, what graphics card do you have?
John B: When will skinned avatars be introduced!!!??????
CarLBanks: hold Byte
SWE: lol, i hate the managment in my job (my dad) :)
Elyk: I can send you a couple more...lol
Brock: i'm getting a GeForce 4 128MB soon =\
Markman2002: yo
SWE: i dont know john
KAH: Roland, feel like working for me? I'll give pay you 5 million a year!
raiven: Hey Roland, if you could go back and do one thing differently, with AW, what would it be. ?
Lord Perception: patience patience my friend
SWE: but im gonna make the first public skinned av
Byte Me: Fear my GeForce 4 Ti 4600 w/128MB DDR RAM! :)
Roland: the story on skinned avatars is, they are supported in theory in 3.3, in practice Mike and Hamfon are still working on the best way to make them
KAH: (note that I did not say what currency...)
Strike Rapier: i think Stacee and Oleyo are already on it
Jey: AHHH I crashed!
Lady Stillpink: applauds Roland's career and years in AW...WOW is all I can say man..you rule :))))
Brock: whoa
Brock: i fear Byte Me's card
Brock: badly
Byte Me: And my 60 fps :P
Mauz: Mike?
Roland: so hopefully they'll get that worked out soon and then write some help files about how to make them yourselves
Rossyboy: I think I found a bug!!!
Brock: i'm like scared
HamFon: Yeah, the code supports them, we're coming up with samples and help and instructions - and fixing any bugs we find
Brock: what processor u got byte me
Brock: ?
SWE: lol, you mean mike and hamfon dont know how to make em right?
raiven: 3DSMAX + Bones wooooot
Rossyboy: MY WHISPER LIST keeps going back to the first person on it
Roland: it's tricky
Brock: and what internet connection?
Jey: Ooo I missed this thing you're all talking about :(
HamFon: We use trueSpace to make them, SWE - but they can also be made in rwx script - CobDump supports that.
Roland: ok I figure out how to fix the crash bug...just run under the debugger
Strike Rapier: hmm, roland if ur still in AWC, could u enable us Cit features in uni menu?
TheTraveLer: GNOME sure does have some odd screen savers
Moon Glow: My whispers list dose that to Rossyboy.
SWE: im also gonna use truespace
Roland: (I'm secretely hoping that by saying that now I'll crash...)
Trident: How do you do that Roland????
TheTraveLer: **stares at radar screen that just popped up on other machine**
KAH: Just implement MD2 and MD3 objects (remember not to say they're that so iD don't sue you for fifty times your bank balance!)
Jey: That creates like a terabyte log file after a day though :)
Strike Rapier: everyone talk in whispers to roland and make him crash, lol
Daphne: LOL *sends a crash whammy Roland's way*
raiven: blah
raiven: TS
raiven: ew
King Brian K O: LoL
raiven: 3DS Max .. = yum
Byte Me: 50x AW's bank balance? So aw.com would get money from iD then? ;)
Rossyboy: Roland
Roland: so before I go, I did want to say a big THANK YOU to all the citizens of AW, who have supported me and AW over the years
SWE: lol, TS is better then 3DS Max if your making aw objects
Mauz: :)
Lara: *sniffling*
SWE: but no doubt 3ds max is the greatest
PAC3: yw!
Goober King: Thank YOU Roland :)
Roland: I know it's been a rough ride...but we're still here!
Vera: :(
Rossyboy: Who came up with the design for the new object properties window?
Strike Rapier: Yeah :) without you we wouldent be chatting right now
Cinibar: :(
HenrikG: a fun ride, all in all:)
Elyk: :o)
KAH: We're gonna miss you!
Rossyboy: Because whoever they are, I HATE THEM >_<
SWE: your welcome, can i have ur citnum now, in exchange for min
XelaG: Thank you Roland, especially for the bot SDK!
Trident: For how much longer???
Lara: Roland, thanks, thanks, thanks. Best of luck to you.
Brock: We'd be so lost without you lol
Xena: how much longer do you think activeworlds will still be here?
Roland: despite all the naysayers over the years...everyone who said "AW is gonna die real soon"...here we are, 7 years later
Strike Rapier: Lets have 3.3 cheers for the roland :)
Elyk: We'll all miss you!!
Daphne: Knowing you, Roland, made the ride much more enjoyable...
Lord Perception: Thanks roland!
HamFon: It's been a great pleasure to work with Roland :)
Gandalf: TY Roland for all the work you did for AWTeen....we would've been in a right state.....
Rossyboy: bye Roland :¬)
SWE: dont leave without giving me ur citnum lol
Roland: you guys have been great, of course AW would be nothing with out its users
Lara: lol, SWE!
Daphne: Roland.. Please don't be a stranger.. Come see us!!!! Please!!!!!!
Lady Stillpink: so sweet..you guys are something :))
Roland: in fact our user base and community have always been the envy of all the other online 3D ventures...
SWE: ill give u everything thats in my pocket
Elyk: Yes...Daphne is right VISIT US!!!!!!
A1CTtourist5: Whos Roland? j\k
KAH: Have a great time for the rest of your life!
SWE: all 25 p of it
Strike Rapier: 679 actually :P now thatsa cit worth havin
raiven: 7 years?? jeeze just put it in perspective why dont you. lol. that means i've been here 6 years.. sheesh
King Brian K O: I tried telling them in Jan but NOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo...they wouldn't listen
KAH: And be sure to visit AW often :-))
CarLBanks: Roland we're gonna miss you
sirQus: Roland has something to put in his CV
Strike Rapier: yeah :) chcek in the NG when u can
Blog: Hullo
MilesTeg: thank you Roland for all your work and your kindness.. wish you a brigth futur :)
King Brian K O: Hi ya Blog
Roland: yes I will visit AW as long as I have a cit
Strike Rapier: maybe even post us :)
Vera: be happy roland:)
Lady Stillpink: and play some GOLF man hehh
Strike Rapier: Ohh, can we stil mail u at roland@activeworlds.com or is that going?
Rossyboy: ROLAND RULES (unless he was hte one who designed the new object properties dialog)
SWE: so you wont need this one roland?
John B: What is the higest number of citizens that have been inside ActiveWorlds at the same time. Does anyone know that?
Cinibar: sucess to you Roland
Roland: i'm sorry if I couldn't always add that special feature you wanted...or drop everything to come look at your weird bug :)
Rocambole: Thanks a lot for all you've done, Roland - you'll be missed by us all
KAH: AW won't be the same without you!
King Brian K O: you missed it Blog...Rolands gonna BLOW UP THE WORLD !
Elyk: You did your best Roland ..and thats all that counts!
R i c h a r d: Roland come work 4 me :D make me a universe :D
Strike Rapier: NOOOOOO!
Lady Stillpink: lmaooo
Strike Rapier: heh... finish 3.3 then blow up everyone who uses it.. hmmm
Daphne: Roland is the BEST!!!!!
Rumpnisse: Richard, I'd do it if you paid me enough... *G*
Roland: it was tough sometimes, there are so many of you and so few of us :)
SWE: hmm, well roland wont gimme his, so, 9 9 9, you're looking good today, i hope you're doing well.
raiven: Take it easy Roland, when one good thing comes to an end, another is sure to begin.
Blog: blw up the world?... cool
HenrikG: good luck Roland, with your future ventures:)
Strike Rapier: roflmso! Tell that to the management Roland!
9 9 9: hehe
Cinibar: lol SWE
Seen: Thankyou Roland. You did one hell of a job. :)
Vera: :)
3.3: NOOOOOOoooooooooooooo...don't FINISH ME !
Lady Stillpink: walk don't Run..into the Light !!!
Roland: i know some people have expressed concern about my departure, but...
Brock: Roland! :D
KAH: I hope you become richer than Billy Gaties and John McCarmack combined!
Strike Rapier: yeah.. we want to know the consipiracy
KAH: (for you deserve it!)
CarLBanks: Byte me blocked me :(
Roland: just remember, there are a lot of very good programmers in the world, most of them better than I am...
Rumpnisse: KAH, never heard of those two ;)
SWE: but they are not gonna gimme there citnums either huh?
Strike Rapier: nah
Goober King: That work for the competition
Byte Me: I did not
MilesTeg: ahahahahahahahahahah Byte :))))
Brock: you are one of the best Roland :P
TheTraveLer: no you are the god of programming!
TheTraveLer: lol
Mountain Myst: Roland is one of those few people who deserves the respect and awe that is bestowed upon him, and yet is so down to earth, unassuming and humble. He is definitely one in a million. :)
Daphne: that may be.. but not many as sweet as you are, Roland..... :o)
XelaG: and a hell of a lot of worse programmers too :)
CarLBanks: it sais Tgrams are currently blocked
KAH: BIlly Gaties = MS boss, gets all the money, but only sits in his office
Rossyboy: aww Roland, don't beat yourself up just because you think you're a bad programmer
Lara: listen to Roladn! always modest..always the diplomat..always THE BEST!
Daphne: One in ten million!!!
Rossyboy: but who's going to fix the whisper list bug? O_O
John B: i would say one in a billion :p
Vera: Roland is the one and only:)))))))
HamFon: And a tip-top programmer too, even if he won't admit it :)
KAH: John McCarmack = iD Software Lead Programmer, richest game programmer on Earth
Lady Stillpink: ROLand for President! 2004!
raiven: Aww
Roland: so I'm sure AW will continue to live and grow long after I'm gone...
raiven: i bet he's getting teary eyed
TheTraveLer: Roland_you_should_include_this_log_in_the_resume_for_your_next_job!!!_.org
3.3: *crys* no how am I gonna live wif out da man ?
Mauz: Rossyboy there's over 55 people here, people falling out of your hearing limit
Daphne: Roland for god!!! *G*
Strike Rapier: << still wants to know if roland will have his awld ppw took away as soon as he resigns
Mountain Myst: It's been a genuine pleasure Roland :)
KAH: The International Cow Army salutes you Roland ):()
Brock: i'm going to post the log on my site after this is done
Rossyboy: but Mauz
John B: Now Roland, dont forget to come visit now and then!! :-)
Mauz: no buts!
Goober King: *holds up sign "ROLAND IZ GOD"*
Rumpnisse: KAH, there's a reason for why I put a smiley after what I said... heh.
Rossyboy: that doesnt mean the person I'm chatting to should switch
SWE: all i want is ur citnum! nothing but the first 3 digits of it :)
Gandalf: Daphne : Eric is God....lol
Strike Rapier: yeah, cause if u dont visit *glances around at people with big sticks*
Daphne: *passes out Kleenex to those who need one* Me first!!
Lady Stillpink: passes out lighters*
Roland: it's sad, for once I don't know what to say
Vera: GB take notes
PAC3: the browse button isnt working.. on Settings Chat.. does it work for anyone else?????????//
Rossyboy: What happens is the whisper list keeps refreshing, even when the person I'm chatting to hasnt gone out of range
Vera: lol
SWE: me please daphne, run out of toilet paper
PAC3: n/m it worked lol
Lara: Roland..can you make one last sign for in here.. a sign saying Roland was here. :)
Byte Me: *sends Roland "I LUV U" telegram spam*
raiven: Say "vitameatavegamin"
3.3: sorta like when them big leagers retire ....huh ?
Strike Rapier: hmm, maybe a few questions
HamFon: Activeworlds and the community owe you everything, Roland - without your vision there would be no AW as we know it.
Vera: lol Lara
Shorah: Roland, why didn't you wait another year for your contract to expire?
John B: Ok, ive got to go. Roland, you should take a well deserved vacation, and when you come back im sure you'll find a great job. :) -Good luck! :-) -C'Ya (dont forget to come visit now and then)
Roland: oh yeah...I remember what I wanted to say...sorry about all the bugs :)
Strike Rapier: its a conspiracy! :P
Daphne: amen to that HamFon
Lady Stillpink: how about ""ROland and HAMfon Ruled this World!''' 2002 :)
HamFon: So, go have a Sierra Nevada Pale ale... and kick back!
Byte Me: Bugs? What bugs?
HenrikG: hehe
MilesTeg: hehe Roland.. :))
Strike Rapier: ah, we dont mind, I eat em for breakfast, bugs on toast :)
KAH: What bugs? ;-)) I've never seen any
raiven: umm.. sierra nevada
John B: CYA
Vera: lol
SWE: lol, if it wasnt for you, then people like John B would have nothing to copy, aint that right jogn? :)
Lady Stillpink: oohhh I still love copper1 yummmmm
Strike Rapier: lol
Mauz: Byte Me saw a bug once
Lara: lol
NCC 72897: lolz
Byte Me: It was icky... I went running screaming like a little girl
John B: LoL Swe
Vera: lol
John B: But it is kinda true. lol
3.3: I'm behind ya all the way Roland !
Byte Me: It was huge... was like 6 ft. long and had these giant claws, and spit icky goo!
Jey: I hope some people are taking some screenshots :)
Shorah: byte are you alright?
Strike Rapier: yeah, if it wasnt for u making the VB SDK and Mr Grimm translating it id still be programming calculators in VB, instead of learning like i am doing :)
Rossyboy: lo
Lara: I've taken a bunch, Jey
Brock: lol
Rossyboy: lol*
CarLBanks: Roland
Brock: everyone group hug roland :P
John B: Well, i have to go people. Good luck Roland.
Lady Stillpink: my clipbook viewer would crash :(
John B: CYA
RolandisGod: WAHEY!!!
Jey: Good, I just thought about it, Lara. :)
Strike Rapier: lol
Lara: cya John B
A1CTtourist5: I am
Rossyboy: why not "Roland is God" ? O_O
SWE: wait, roland, can u eject me? so i can be the last person ever ejected by yoy lol
Daphne: i crashed again :o(
Brock: Roland Rules
CarLBanks: where is Roland
Strike Rapier: cause tourists aint allowed in here rossy :P
raiven: Good luck Roland. New beginings can be tough.. i am sure you'll do well.
CarLBanks: I need to get a pic of hgim
CarLBanks: *him
Vera: still there
Roland: i can't even remember the last person I ejected...probably Eep lol
Lara: Roland never ejected people..that was part of his charm ;)
Goober King: hehe
Strike Rapier: ROFLMSO
Rossyboy: hehe
Brock: lol
Rumpnisse: Haha... good job, Roland :)
Gandalf: lol
Vera: lol
Lara: ooops..lol
3.3: LMAO
SWE: just eject me for 5 mins, please lol!
Blog: lol
Byte Me: Roland and HamFon... together they'll form the Programmer's Justice League and become the Supercoder Friends!
Strike Rapier: oh yeah, you should hear what he had to say bout slide detection.. lol
Rossyboy: I mean 'Roland is God'
HenrikG: the first and last I bet:)
Brock: oh dear
Brock: thunderstorm heading this way
Strike Rapier: Shall we have a good old 3 cheers for roland?
HamFon: Byte Me - the capes are in the batcave ;)
TheTraveLer: Roland change the uni welcome message to somthing vulgar when you leave
TheTraveLer: LOL
TheTraveLer: ^_^
Rossyboy: lmao
Gandalf: HIP HIP!
Byte Me: OMG! HamFon is really Batman! :)
HamFon: Hip Hip ...
Gandalf: HIP HIP!
Strike Rapier: Hurrray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goober King: HOORAY!
Mauz: hip hip!
Moon Glow: I just got that thunderstorm Brock, was great :-)
HenrikG: hurrray!
Rossyboy: I I I Cheers
Strike Rapier: Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SWE: roland, come on, ill stop asking for ur citnum lol
Lady Stillpink: WOOOhooooRAY!
Rossyboy: Hip hip hooray
Brock: HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MilesTeg: hoorayyy
Lady Stillpink: HURRY!
CarLBanks: roland I wish you could own AW
Strike Rapier: And 1 HUGE MASSIVE 1!!!!!
Rossyboy: Hip hip hoorayHip hip hoorayHip hip hoorayHip hip hoorayHip hip hooray O_O I'm enthusiatic
Byte Me: So if HamFon is Batman, does that make Roland Super man?
Rossyboy: Hip hip hooray
Strike Rapier: HIP HIP!
Brock: *makes a song and dedicates it to Roland*
TheTraveLer: For Rolands a jolly good felllllooooowwww
TheTraveLer: For Rolands a jolly good felllllooooowwww
Rossyboy: HIP HIP!
TheTraveLer: For Rolands a jolly good felllllooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Mauz: hip hip hurraa
Strike Rapier: Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Roland: awwww....
TheTraveLer: lol
TheTraveLer: ;_;
sirQus: hurraatihurraa
3.3: which nobody can deny
KAH: no, it makes him Überman, they guy that took over for God after God died (according to Nietsche)
Lady Stillpink: which nobody can afford :( hehhhh
Goober King: *appluads wildly*
Brock: lol
Strike Rapier: now for some reason.. i cant imagine us doing this for JP when he leaves.. lol
Byte Me: This is thw part where we carry him out on our shoulders and hand him a trophy!
CarLBanks: *starts thinking of how Boring AW will be without roland
Jey: LOL
raiven: lol lady
Rossyboy: To Roland, the best programmer in the world working for one of the worst companies in the world!
Rossyboy: _O
Rossyboy: O_O
Mauz: remember to steal enough pens for a year when you clean your desk
Agent1: *phew* made it :)
Rossyboy: O_
CarLBanks: Roland!!! YOU ROCK!
Strike Rapier: awc affords pens?
TheTraveLer: lol
Byte Me: Do more than steal pens...
Rossyboy: LOL Strike
Shorah: roland works in MA?
Roland: I had to buy my own pens
Byte Me: Steal your whole desk! muahahahaha
Mauz: :o
Jey: LOL
KAH: steal 100k servers!
Lady Stillpink: steal the towels roland! hehh
TheTraveLer: !!!!!!!!
NCC 72897: lolz
Blog: lol
Strike Rapier: yeah, steal the entire computer net, lol
Agent1: LOL Byte ;)
Goober King: Take out the "J" and "P" keys out of all the keyboards! :D
Strike Rapier: and the T3's
Roland: but they did buy me a nice pooter
Rossyboy: AWC has leather seats int heir meeting room
Lara: lol, GK
Rossyboy: I saw a pic of it once
Lady Stillpink: take the stapler !
Rossyboy: leather seats like mine O_O
Brock: of what rossy
3.3: HomFon...does that mean you'll be releasing the bingo script soon ? *wink wink*
Lady Stillpink: steal the R's off the keyboards! hehhh
Rossyboy: *hugs his leather comp chair*
Byte Me: "What's in the box?" "Uhhhh... nothing... just some pictures" "Why is there a drawer hanging out?"
HamFon: Uhhh, lemme think, 3.3.... NO!
Elyk: Now I crashed
Agent1: lol
Mauz: what about this summer's Reunions
3.3: shucks
Lara: Roland, what was the url to your resume' ?
Strike Rapier: darnit, I gotta go
Brock: at the reunion this summer i'm going to set fire to something
Brock: lol
SWE: ahh, gotta go, have a flight tomorrow and so need to get the tickets
Rossyboy: CYA Strike!
Roland: so, for obvious reasons, after today we can't count on my roland@activeworlds.com email address working...
Agent1: hehe :)
PAC3: cya SW
Rossyboy: ;_;
Byte Me: Let's all goto.. AW GZ and form a huge circle of CY avatars and start flooding "GOOD BYE ROLAND!!"
Goober King: heh
Brock: where can we contact you then roland
SWE: peace
Roland: but I can still be reached at my personal address, roland@vilett.com
Lady Stillpink: its 2002..can't we have version SIX by now? jeesh :(
Dmc2u: Hi Everyone
Brock: That's a good idea byte me
Brock: lol
Strike Rapier: Roland, id just like to say its been a absolute Honor meeting you and using what uve created :)
Brock: Roland@Villet
SWE: please eject me roland, lol, come on, do it for love
Lara: lol
Strike Rapier: Great job :)
Roland: and be sure you spell vilett right because if you don't it goes to /dev/null somewhere and doesn't bounce and I don't get it
Lady Stillpink: everybody stack up in rows by ten please
Goober King: I'll eject you, SWE :D
Agent1: LOL
Strike Rapier: *bbl*
Elyk: If he doesnt...I'll be glad to...LOL
Brock: ah =\
SWE: im going on my own, but will claim i was ejected :D
Brock: Roland@Vilett :P
Elyk: j/k
Shorah: Roland, are you coming to future reunions?
Roland: hmmm...I dunno...probably not if they are in Las Vegas
Rossyboy: I never come to reunions ;_;
Brock: *plays ACDC - For Those About to Rock.mp3*
Agent1: Roland, once you're gone I'll have to harass someone else :O The horror! :)
Shorah: I think they've tired out las vegas
KAH: what about Norway? ;-))
Computerizer2: lol
Goober King: *glances at 999*
Gandalf: We need a UK Reunion....
CarLBanks: Roland
Rossyboy: because I live too far away
9 9 9: ??
Byte Me: Time for the passing of the torch to 999
Dmc2u: That's cuz King Tex and I were there last year ...
CarLBanks: is that you in the picture in the Vest
Agent1: *Sharpens nose honking fingers*
Byte Me: Let's all send him telegrams telling him to fix bugs
Brock: FIRE :D
Dmc2u: in Vegas ...
TheTraveLer: WE NEED A REUNION IN NYC!!!!!!!
KAH: *sends Roland a plane ticket to Norway*
TheTraveLer: ^_^
Lara: lol, Agent1
Brock: we need a reunion in pennsylvania
Rossyboy: Are you sure the Americans would come Gandalf?
Brock: lol
Dmc2u: AW persona non grata in Vegas anymore
Rossyboy: it would just be us brits and AWCom
Jey: Pennsylvania is the coolest state
Mauz: there's a Reunion in Seattle in August
Byte Me: Everyone telegram spam 999 as a part of passing the torch from Roland to 999! ;)
Jey: Pennsylvania has just been bombarded with thunderstorms though :)
Gandalf: Dunno...we UK people have to go to USA....
Rossyboy: lol
Lady Stillpink: rossyboy: you can book the HabboHotel *grins*
9 9 9: oh no
Rossyboy: >_< Habbo Hotel sucks
XelaG: crashed again!
Rossyboy: hehe
Elyk: If Only they would hold one in Missouri....then I would go!!!
NCC 72897: lolz
Roland: fortunately for 999, the new contact list came out just in time
Byte Me: *uniserver explodes form mass telegramming*
Agent1: hehe
Lara: wb, XelaG :)
Goober King: hehe
Shorah: woo hoo missouri :)
Brock: Tlol
raiven: Yeh
KAH: comehere, we've got expensive hotels here too ;-))
Rossyboy: plus, I cant enter, because Macromedia don't know how to make an installer program
KAH: come here*
Dmc2u: Hi 9 9 9 ....are you stationed in the Port O ' Newbury ?
Agent1: Roland, this was probably asked but what is the URL to your section of vilett.com? ;)
Roland: uh, I don't have one Agent1
Brock: what are the nameservers on vilett.com lol
Agent1: *glare* :)
Brock: oooh
Brock: *takes picture of roland's av*
KAH: they should give you roland.gov :-))
Brock: *pastes roland's real pict on it*
Brock: lol
CarLBanks: Roland on vilett.com are you the one in the Vest
Rossyboy: but Cleo has one ;_;
Byte Me: Will vilett.com every transform into a giant mech and stomp on california?
Roland: that's right Robbie EVERY weekend!
Goober King: woo!
Robbie: cool.
Lady Stillpink: ''roland roland roland...keep those pixels..,.flowin''''' keep those cells from fillin'''''' ROlanddddddddddddddddd wheeee doggies Rawhideee'''''''''''
Roland: yeah didn't you hear vilett.com is going IPO
Rossyboy: why don't you have one? and spice it up with cool HTML? O_O
Shorah: figures, roland :)
Brock: Roland, who makes those cool splashes?
Agent1: LOL
Roland: we do web stuff
Lara: lol
Lord Perception: err server overload?
Byte Me: Roland... do you own a giant mech loaded withy missiles?
Roland: ENZO makes the AW splash screens
Brock: ENZO?
Lara: rotfl
Elyk: Well....I'm going to head off ...GOOD LUCK TO YOU ROLAND Bye all !!
Agent1: Roland, use Byte3D.com as an example :)
CarLBanks: nice Enzo is good
Brock: that's hard to believe
Shorah: tell ENZO to speed it up next time
TheTraveLer: Roland I know your home telephone number, dont worry I wont tell anyone ~_^
Byte Me: OMG byte3d.com is PHAT
Jey: LOL ENZO does?
Roland: uh well when I play MW I do I guess...
Shorah: he's too slow :)
Rossyboy: ah so that explains the catsuit!
Lara: there's a reason why it's hard to believe, Brock ;)
Elyk: *waves*
Brock: lol lara
Agent1: MW?
Rossyboy: [canned laughter O_O]
Lady Stillpink: enzo made Jeannie *grins*
Byte Me: Roland is a Mech Warrior addict!
CarLBanks: byte what happened to your site
Agent1: LOL
Brock: lol
Agent1: Byte made it awesome ;)
Byte Me: My site was h4x3d by an AC2 fanboi
9 9 9: you hacked your own site?
Dmc2u: LaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRa ! Hi Sweetie
Shorah: OMG byte
Lara: lol
Agent1: ROFL
Jey: Yep :)
Byte Me: I have multiple personalities... and one is an AC2 fanboi :(
Shorah: oh no!!
Lara: hiya Dmc :)
Rossyboy: the 3.3 splash certainly doesnt hesistate to show off coronas
Robbie: Roland poofed again.
Jey: I was actually gullable enough to belive byte when he first told me. :)
Roland: yup crash
Agent1: LLLOL :)
raiven: catch the bug finally eh roland?
Mauz: cool did you catch that bug now :)
HamFon: Oh THAT'S what you call em, Rossy?
Shorah: got it logged this time?
Mauz: doh
TheTraveLer: Roland: I found a subliminal advertising corona in AW!!!!!!
Lara: I thought it was the U.P.S. delivery, Roland..
XelaG: aha, with debug on?
MilesTeg: crash in debug mode? go and fix it!! ;)))))
Agent1: "Arg... my own program hates me"
Mauz: quick, one hour left!
KAH: I'm freaky KAH, serious KAH, cow KAH, owner of the world, Jedi knight, Hiro Protagonist from Snow Crash and a lot of other identities :-))
Lady Stillpink: lol traveler
CarLBanks: Yay! roland can fix crash bug
JerMe: http://www.vilett.com/Mammoth/page_01.htm <--- more pics of Roland's family than one ever needed
TheTraveLer: Every once and a while a round 3.3 logo pops up as a corona for no reason
Lara: lol, Mauz has to go to bed
CarLBanks: *gets ready to upgrade*
Rossyboy: is it just me or does hte lady in the splash screen get a little sadder with each version?
raiven: lol
Byte Me: Post-Tech Talk open build w/3 axis rotation part in Axis!
Agent1: :D
Jey: She looks like she is about to destroy the world
HenrikG: just a little more starved:)
Lady Stillpink: she's ethereal :)
Agent1: *EvilIdea(TM)*
Brock: oh dear
Rossyboy: lol
Jey: She's angry :)
Brock: we have a tornado warning
Mauz: it's that eyeliner
KAH: yeah, that gal looks weird on the 3.3 splash
Robbie: cool Brock.
TheTraveLer: to many users
TheTraveLer: lol
Jey: Crap Brock, where in PA do you live?
KAH: like she's gonna die in 5 minutes
Goober King: Damn... they haven't enabled 3-axis rotation in AWUniv yet :(
Roland: my site crashed?
Rossyboy: she has a corona coming from her ear
Brock: Westmoreland County jey
PAC3: yes
TheTraveLer: vilett.com
King Brian K O: LoL...yup
raiven: lol
PAC3: too many users!!
Jey: Mmm where si that? LOL
Lara: lol, rossyboy
Rossyboy: and she's still wearing that catsuit
Jey: I live in NE PA
Shorah: it's working fine for me
Roland: um, I'm running the lame-o version of IIS, I think it only supports 3 visitors at a time
JerMe: lol
Agent1: agh WFS
Shorah: EWW IIS
Computerizer: lol
King Brian K O: HTTP 403.9 - Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected
raiven: shes mad cuz she cant change her outfit
Robbie: lol
Rumpnisse: Hahah...
Wireman: I got to go, bye all, take care Roland byeeeee
Rumpnisse: Sheesh :)
Shorah: you are crazy, roland :)
Lara: cya Wireman
Rossyboy: that you can see her bellybutton through O_O
Byte Me: Axis is now open for all to vandalise! :)
JerMe: if you press "refresh" at vilett.com you get a 404 error
R i c h a r d: Roland do u mean the one that comes with 2000 pro/
Jey: Tornados are fun, remember June of 99?
Roland: that's my first project for next week...move vilett.com to Linux and Apache! weee!
KAH: Roland, switch to Apache and be filled with joy :-))
Computerizer: rofl
Goober King: hehe
Lady Stillpink: LOL
HamFon: A real OpSys... :)
Rossyboy: actually she did change her outfit
JerMe: errr... refresh causes a "Page cannot be displayed"
9 9 9: on a ps2 machine?
CarLBanks: Roland did you fix crash bug
Rossyboy: in the change from 3.0 to 3.1
Robbie: Hammy :)
Shorah: apache on newton os!
Lady Stillpink: yeah rossyboy..but what WORLD is that avatar IN???
Roland: no, didn't fix crash bug...even under the debugger it didn't make any sense
Roland: stupid VC++ can't do a stack trace back through DLL calls, I *hate* that
Rossyboy: I dont think thats a pic from AW Stillpink
Mauz: cool, Linux world server is up for download
Jey: mmmm 9 9 9 will have to have a look :)
Goober King: Guess 999 and Shamus will have to puzzle over it :)
Rossyboy: Somehow, I really don't.. lol
Lady Stillpink: well then its fraud hehh
Rossyboy: no its not
Rumpnisse: Roland, ehh... should be able to do it anyhow.
JerMe: Mauz.. it's been there...
raiven: Well roland, you didn't give me custom avatars, but the skinned avatars certainly sated me for a bit :)
Rossyboy: does it claim to be a screenshot of AW? no
Agent1: I should grab all of Roland's TechTalk Lines and fling them through a TTS and produce an MP3 or OGG file ;)
Roland: yeah you'll have to help them reproduce it since it apparently requires 60 people in awuniv at once to trigger
raiven: well *hopefully* we'll see when its done :)
R i c h a r d: Roland any idea what happens to AW when on NT 2k or XP Pro (with out the flashy welcome screen) When you lock your computer?
Lara: how many *did* we have in here ?
Rumpnisse: 60 citizen bots chatting, moving, etc... heh.
Mauz: yeah JerMe but not a couple hours ago
KAH: stuff in some bots
Shorah: richard, that's a long standing bug
Byte Me: Don't forget Post-Tech Talk vandalism party int he world Axis when TT is over... Tell your friends! Bring your dog, kill your cat! And have all sorts of drunk stupor fun!
Shorah: it's caused by windows
Roland: uhhhh...it's supposed to shut down...I think
Shorah: not aw :)
9 9 9: Og?
Roland: it does on my Win2K machine last time I tried it
Mauz: what about the big announcement in AWTeen?
Shorah: usually causes directx to crash
Rossyboy: Kill your cat? O_O
Rossyboy: whyyyy?
R i c h a r d: well all it does is crash : /
Rossyboy: Cats are great
XelaG: We had that in Avatars 2001, everyone was crashing all the time, but not when there were few ppl around :(
R i c h a r d: everything else is fine only AW : /
Roland: hmmm
Goober King: Announcement, Mauz?
Roland: too bad AW never had a QA department...
R i c h a r d: complanes about low memory if it hasnt crashed
MilesTeg: hey Roland , who is in charge of the sdk now? :)
Agent1: LOL
Robbie: Roland. Will you come work for me for$8/Hour? :)
Shorah: MM should be QA :)
Agent1: Poor Roland :)
KAH: I crashed even if I got disconnected from the world when the download (finally) eneded!
Goober King: They could always hire Eep for that *laugh*
Lady Stillpink: now you know i had to TRY with my old graphics 3d card to use the direct8 option..hehh...three crashes later and reboots and I was just FINE hehh
KAH: ended*
Agent1: *megagiggles*
KAH: but I crashed pretty darn fast when there were people around
Agent1: My fingers are sharp enough ;) *Honks Roland's nose* :)
Computerizer: I would hire roland but I wouldn't be able to pay him until after he made my product for me firs tlol
R i c h a r d: OMG!!!! 3.3 DIDNT DO IT TO ME FOR ONCE!
Lara: :)
Dmc2u: lol
Dmc2u: do what ...
Lady Stillpink: better luck next date Richard :)
King Brian K O: Hi ya Katzz *hugz*
Roland: didn't do what? crash? lucky you!
Lara: lol, Lady
R i c h a r d: wait this may be cause i only left it for 10 seconds
PAC3: mine hasnt crashed!
HenrikG: gotta leave a bug for the next programmer Roland:)
3.3: sorry Richard...yur not my type = )
Roland: don't forget, you can also bug Shamus about bugs and features and stuff
Agent1: LOL :)
Lara: heheh
Lord Perception: I crash when my ISP runs out of international capacity.
Agent1: *designs DevHarass.exe*
R i c h a r d: hmmm still didnt crash
raiven: Is he ever online? i never see em
Trident: Good Luck Roland!!! Thank you for your time, effort, and caring attitude. Talk to you soon.
Jey: crap, lost my dog in my house!
JerMe: Who can I bug about a Linux SDK now?
PAC3: *Switching to 8.0
MilesTeg: we need an email address where we can bug them.. :)
raiven: wait maybe its cuz i dont have him on my list. ho hum. :)
A1CTtourist5: why are you quiting Roland?
Rumpnisse: Jer, dream on :)
3.3: whats up with Tom ?
Roland: JerMe: maybe 9 9 9 will make one for you
JerMe: lol
Rumpnisse: Perhaps HamFon can make a linux sdk before he leaves... *G*
JerMe: *gives up all hope*
Robbie: Hes too busy with his damn Ps2 thing on Linux.
Shorah: ps2 compatible sdk?
Agent1: LOL
Lady Stillpink: ohhhh nice
Computerizer: lol
HamFon: Maybe, Rum... if I get all the other stuff wrapped up :)
Agent1: Nah... he got a Linux kit for his PS2 ;)
Robbie: Noke 3210 Bot-SDK!!!!!!!
Lara: JerMe..the best "free world hoster" around...hey, JerMe..thanks for all you've done, too. :)
Robbie: *Nokia
PAC3: DX 8 is looking good 8D
KAH: The Möbius SDK!
Agent1: Flagg's still around :)
Roland: Tom's still there as far a I know
Lady Stillpink: yes I do need AW on my cellphone please? thanks :)
JerMe: lol.. thanks Lara
Roland: everyone is still there
KAH: (that's a cool Open Source OS)
Agent1: I'm just starting a project with Flagg so I assume he's staying around :)
3.3: I notice he's become the telephone answering person = )
Computerizer: yeah make a minijava version so we can come here on our cellphons rofl
Lara: what's the countdown now, Roland..how many official minutes do you have left there?
Lady Stillpink: outcast: try direct7
Goober King: Watch him be the next to go :-/
Byte Me: Don't forget... vandalism party in Axis when TT is over, w/3 axis-rotation! :)
Robbie: Yeah, Tom couldnt understand my English Accent, lol...
Agent1: LLLOL
3.3: LoL
Nornny11: i haven't seen him around in a week or two, could use him to reply to my reply to his reply to my email. :)
Agent1: *remembers when he hung up on Flagg* :)
Roland: I don't have a hard quittin' time, but if you say it's 5PM, I have 46 minutes left
Lady Stillpink: oh boy oh boy
Agent1: Cryonics called me a Bastard :)
Ima Genius: *dumps a bucket of Harold hairsquares in Axis* :)
Roland: you Agent? a bastard?
Agent1: Yep! :)
Lara: lol, Agent
Ima Genius: lol
Roland: what did you do
Lord Perception: OMG
Robbie: He's called me much worse Agent :)
Mauz: pot calling the kettle..
Agent1: Hung up on Flagg :)
Roland: must have been really bad
XelaG: Does he know your parents, Agent1?
Byte Me: Agent has no dad!
Goober King: I think JP called me a prick once... or was that Lu? :)
Jey: LOL
Agent1: uhh... doubt it, Xelag ;)
XelaG: ooops
KAH: lol
Lara: omg ;)
Nornny11: both? lol.
Roland: well, hanging up on people is rude
Roland: :)
KAH: I don't think any AWC staff have insulted me! :-((
Robbie: When Gavroche pulled the 14,278 user hack on my world. I had the whole of the AW managment cussing me.
Agent1: or maybe it wasn't bastard... think it was chicken shit or something :)
Lady Stillpink: *click*
Byte Me: Ima wkaeup in AC :)
Lara: lol, Agent
HenrikG: thats reserved for phone sales:)
TheTraveLer: I got called an "annoyance" once..............
Agent1: LOL
TheTraveLer: thats it tho
TheTraveLer: ;_;
Byte Me: Lucrezia called me evil one time!
Rumpnisse: Does anyone here have an idea if getting an IP ban in the universe would mean you get banned from the ng's too?
raiven: Cryonics got mad cuz i showered in the hospitality suite after going in the pool, HAHAHHA cuz he wanted the alcohol that was in there.
Robbie: Roland. You remeber the 14,000 people user hack thing in NekraNoX?
Roland: i don't even want to guess what I've been called...
Lara: :)
Agent1: LOL :)
XelaG: LOL
Dmc2u: me either
Roland: yes I do Robbie
Dmc2u: heheh
Byte Me: Actually, it was more than once
3.3: HomFon dunt like me = (
HamFon: Byte - from Lu, that's a compliment :)
Lara: lol
Agent1: *grabs hilarious quote(s)*
Dmc2u: ha ha
Robbie: you know what Rick called me that night? it wasent nice :(
Gandalf: I know what people call me, except I can't repeat it infront of Lady's.....
Byte Me: Telegram from Lucrezia Borgia, sent Thu May 30, 2002 3:17 PM: Well jeeze........ that's gonna be the end of us all
Roland: no I don't...I was too busy fixing the bug
Nornny11: I think an AWC employee said "hey you there in the Rick av" to me once, I can't remember, because I fainted shortly thereafter. It was great. :)
Lady Stillpink: thank you Gandalf *hugsss*
Assent Outcast: lol, Rick has a short temper as far as I know, I wouldn't take what he said seriously, Rob
Brock: does ENZO have a infatuation with the girl on the aw splash?
Brock: lol
Gandalf: lol
Robbie: lol, he said lots of nasty things, I almost cried ;)
Shorah: Hello David :)
Rumpnisse: Robbie, sissy :)
Assent Outcast: Aww, my heart's breaking for you, Rob :P
Agent1: aha, it was Flagg that called me a bastard ;) JP merely said chicken shit ;)
Roland: hard to imagine, he's normally such a nice guy
raiven: sup digi
Roland: (Enzo I mean)
Lady Stillpink: sweet guy..but expensive :(
Roland: I've never heard him say a bad thing about anyone
9 9 9: bah, whole machine went down that time
David: hiii
Rossyboy: wow you AWCom personell
Robbie: hehe...no comment. Hes blonde tho isnt he? ;)
Agent1: Encrypted Transmission from JP, sent Mon Nov 20, 2000 5:17 PM: nice try, but you are missing my extension. ROTFLOL
Dmc2u: yeah .... he Luvs us
Rossyboy: It's like, the truth behind the citizenship
Nornny11: ENZO must luv you. :)
Gandalf: I gotta keep on everyone's good side....or I will be in the *looks around* Dark side...
Dmc2u: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Whisperer }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Roland: I've heard him say some pretty FUNNY stuff about people....but never anything bad!
KAH: hey, don't insult blond ppl! yeah, now you know my hair colour...
Agent1: LOL
Computerizer: enzo? nice? hmm
Nornny11: ENZO
Rossyboy: did he ever talk about me? hehe
Assent Outcast: Come to the dark side, young Gandalf. :P
Styki: Hi PPL
Agent1: Well, he's an artist, not a ruthless business guy ;)
Assent Outcast: *darth vader breathing*
Shorah: where is he anywya?
Lara: hi Styki
Goober King: hehe
Robbie: I made him look like a woman in Paint Shop Pro once with a webcam pick of him I found and he said he looked much better in a skirt in real life :)
Styki: Hi Lara
Rossyboy: Hi AO!
raiven: dont go mixing lord of the rings and star wars now Assent :)
Agent1: ROFL
Shorah: noo! don't do it
Shorah: *runs from david*
Assent Outcast: Hey, it's a good twist, no? ;)
Dmc2u: He's fighting rush hour traffice home from The Port O ' Newbury
raiven: no.
raiven: j/k lol
Assent Outcast: :P
Roland: I think you are probably right dmc
Gandalf: lol @ Assent
Shorah: :o
King Brian K O: I'll never forget the day I ticked Hammy off...LoL
Dmc2u: Friday commute to the Cape
Dmc2u: wicked !
Robbie: *Wonders if Roland, Rick and JP do drag together.*
XelaG: well people, got to go, its past 1 am here. Thank you Roland for all, and good luck!
HamFon: That's pretty hard to do King Brian
raiven: cya X
Rumpnisse: HamFon ticked off, never :)
Assent Outcast: Later, XelaG.
KAH: *is Obi Wan and is magically rescusitated and starts fighting Assent*
King Brian K O: hey a Comedy Roast is a GOOD TING
Roland: thanks Xelag for all you have done for AW :)
Rossyboy: Cya XG
mp3: its ok ROLAND lvies next to me anyways
Brock: http://www.iceflare.net/aw/techtalk/Roland3.jpg
Nornny11: ENZO left already, and you're not throwing an office party whyy?? Sneak into his office and spin around in his executive chair for the last time already! :)
Brock: lol
HenrikG: cya Xelag:)
KAH: bye XelaG
King Brian K O: Thing even
Robbie: King Brian, just tell him Dos Prompt bots suck :o)
Computerizer: cya XelaG
Brock: it's so funny :D
Rossyboy: LOL
Lara: yes..XelaG..cya
Brock: :D
XelaG: i did it with pleasure, my bot is now dedicated to you :)
Agent1: Nornny: well, he works across the country from the office ;D
raiven: A ticked off Hamfon is doubly unkosher
Rossyboy: Teepee his office O_O
Brock: www.iceflare.net/aw/techtalk/Roland3.jpg < FUNNY
Styki: Laterz Xelkag
Lara: and I'm sorry for all the times I've said, "I hate bots" :)
Nornny11: well, at least imagine it? lol.
Computerizer: rofl
Dmc2u: nice pick ... heheh
Mauz: i just downloaded XelaGot 3.3 :)
raiven: heh
JerMe: lol
Agent1: Hey ham, what happened to Hamfon.com? :)
Rossyboy: there's a XeaGot 3.3 now?
King Brian K O: <===is not sorry...that damn bot didn't give me not 1 bingo on Wed's
HamFon: raiven - I wasn't kosher to start with, so I'm ok :)
Rossyboy: My VB keeps crashing when I try to start it up >_<
Roland: so that's what it would be like if we could have avs that actually looked like us...
bboy: http://pacsite.hypermart.net/ <- 8D
Lara: lol, Brian
raiven: heh heh
Ima Genius: Did you notice the download was fast and reliable? ;)
Brock: lol Roland
Roland: im not sure if that would be better
XelaG: bye all
madelyna c: I don't want a av like me... scare too many people
Nornny11: bye Xela.
HamFon: HamFon.com is in the process of getting moved to a different host. It should be back up in the next day or two
Blog: I am quite sure it wouldn't be better
Robbie: Hammy - Dos Prompt Bots suck ;)
NCC 72897: lolz
Lara: gawd, our worst nightmare..bots that "look like us"
Agent1: hmm... I sure wish Alphaworld Property Search could be updated sometime soon... :)
Goober King: Mine would be banned from all public worlds :P
KAH: don't insult commandline bots!
raiven: I want an av to look like me! but i am a vain mofo so...
Assent Outcast: Ahh why'd you have to say that for Rob, DOS is great ;)
Shorah: alienbaby.
Agent1: LOL
raiven: lol
HamFon: Robbie - Dos Prompt Bots kick serious performance butt ;)
King Brian K O: how much for a bingo script HamFon ?
Assent Outcast: I do half my stuff in command line ;)
Nornny11: we'd all go blind. :)
Shorah: DOS commandline is outdated
KAH: nah
King Brian K O: um...I mean a working one = )
Mauz: my citizen number bot is command line because i can't do gui's ;)
JerMe: no it's not
KAH: commandline is the best thing about computers
Rossyboy: Is HamFon staying in AW?
Computerizer: it is not outdated
Computerizer: lol
Dmc2u: but still comes in handy when all else fails
JerMe: Shorah, you've never seen linux, have you?
Robbie: yeah, theres no native DOS mode in XP, which sucks :(((
JerMe: the most power command line in the world
HamFon: Rossy - I'm leaving at the end of June
King Brian K O: Roland has Quit aw and Homfon announced he's leaving also !
Shorah: lol, sure jerme
Rossyboy: I saw this area with about 7 HamBots in butch avs :¬D
Agent1: :O Ham
Shorah: there was never native DOS in NT
Rossyboy: you are? ;_;
Shorah: that was the point
Shorah: lol
Rumpnisse: Mauz, didn't know you were a programmer ;)
Dmc2u: OMG Really HamFon ??
Assent Outcast: Actually, do citnum bots have a purpose in AW anymore? you can just add someone to your contacts and get their citnum that way :)
Lara: Wonder if Rick ever replied to X3d's letter for a stockholder meeting? :)
Lady Stillpink: wonders what HamFON is gonna do now???
KAH: espeically for people like me who like to amaze my computer illiterate mates with my freaky magical commandline powers
Rossyboy: but are you going to keep useing the product?
Assent Outcast: That was actually a smart move, for the contacts list.
Brock: afk, logging, tornado warning
Jey: Bye Brock, good luck :)
Shorah: rick can see who is on my contacts :o
Agent1: Lara: from what I understand, they *had* to have the meeting because X3D owns more than 10% of the stock or something
Mauz: my bot makes citizen number lists
Jey: I am lucky, tornado warning isn't in NEPA :)
Cinibar: be safe Brock
Assent Outcast: I've got flooding warnings. lol
King Brian K O: *throws Brock a rope*
HamFon: Assent - you always could - just look at your contacts.txt file (in pre-3.3)
Lady Stillpink: HAMFON???
digigardener: you leaving aw hamfon?
Jey: I just have severe thunderstorm crap :)
Agent1: Ham, the reason I asked about your site was that I was looking into gambling computers ;)
Lady Stillpink: will you both still be around or WHAT???
King Brian K O: Roland has Quit aw and Homfon announced he's leaving also !
Assent Outcast: I deleted contacts.txt.sav file after upgrading, since it was basically the equivelant to the current server-side one ;)
Lara: digi..ham's leaving in June..next month
HamFon: Hi, Bruce! Good to see you again :-) Yep, I'm leaving at the end of June.
Rossyboy: this is one for awnews.com
Goober King: Well, duh! :P
Robbie: Grimm is next...their leaving one by so it dosent look ovious. THeir going to work for Outerworlds ;)
Agent1: lol
Rossyboy: as well as a personal review of 3.3 ^_^
Lady Stillpink: I mean as citizens???
Mauz: it's HamFon not Homfon unless you mean to insult him ;)
Dmc2u: H ' lo digigardener...good to see ya dude :)>
Shorah: What is the status of the EDUVERSE?
Agent1: Well then I should send in my Resume right now! Maybe they'll hire me this time ;D
HamFon: Lady - I'll still be around, I'm sure.
Rossyboy: and how I hate half of the new suff in it >_<
3.3: I dunt wanna be reviewed...one look at me is enough
raiven: They're skee daddling Digi
Robbie: Or their going on a quest to find Ron and start work on the old AlphaWorld Browser again.
Rossyboy: old days that
JerMe: So, our two vetren AW programmers are leaving... boy are we in for some hell...
Lady Stillpink: oh good :)
HamFon: Mauz - or just ignored ;)
Rossyboy: wouldnt if be great if you had an AW browser that could login to the past?
raiven: no way Jer, their replacements will keep us in good hands
Lara: heh, interesting thought, Roassy
Roland: then it would be AW 4D
Agent1: LOL
Computerizer: lol
Goober King: hehe
Goober King: Something else for 999 to look into :)
Lady Stillpink: oh coolll...th eforities :))) all black and white here :)
Spike X2: Hola all
Lara: hi Spike
Rumpnisse: I'll update my wishlist, putting that directly under "group whispers".
raiven: My AW browser logs into the future if i do it just right. I know who is going to win the laker game ;)
Lady Stillpink: lmao@outcast
madelyna c: lol raiven
Rossyboy: lol
Robbie: AlphaWorld - '95 When grover say building just nxt to GZ and Ron stood at GZ insulting newbies :)
Robbie: say = sat
Rumpnisse: I can travel into the future using the aw browser :)
Rumpnisse: Hours seem to vanish without a trace...
Shorah: that's not true rob :)
Roland: Ron insulted newbies? I don't remember that
Agent1: LOL
Robbie: aye
Robbie: i've read chat logs
Roland: what did he say
Goober King: That was an imposter, Robbie
A1CTtourist5: did roland leave?
Lara: nooo... Ron played Trivia at gz for us
A1CTtourist5: oh ok
Ima Genius: The other day I found a bunch of pictures from 1996 of a party at AW GZ :)
Mauz: how did you get chat logs in 1995
Agent1: oh my :)
raiven: My AW Oracle shows roland snooping around in later years... finding bugs and hoarding them to himself
Lord Perception: copy n paste?
Robbie: logs werent from 95, there was no logging then
Rossyboy: LOL
Roland: Lord P there wasn't even a chat window to copy from
Goober King: If you're referring to the stuff on AWHS, that Protagonist was some guy pretending to be him
Robbie: it was 96 i belive...Ron was still around then
raiven: Hey Ima
Rossyboy: I read about that
Robbie: yeah...you had to look at the person speaking
raiven: lemme see the picture
Rossyboy: "The Order"
Ima Genius: hi raiven :)
Lord Perception: hmmm
Rumpnisse: Must have used a packet sniffer then...
HenrikG: we could only follow a conversation by read the text over the avatars
raiven: lemme see the pic ima
Lord Perception: oh the order, they tried to come on again apparently
Ima Genius: need to dig them up again :)
Rossyboy: when?
raiven: ya i remember chasing the avatars around, it was fun
Agent1: That sounds trying, Henrik :)
Lara: I can't remember if there was a chat window or not, when I first came in..April 1996
raiven: i miss alt-travel
Rossyboy: AW is different now
Lord Perception: before the new pricing came into effect
Lara: I didn't talk for 6 months, anyway ;)
Dmc2u: Hi Henrik
Computerizer: ack I think Roland just walked right through me
Rossyboy: yea
Goober King: There was in Sept 96 when I came in, Lara...
Lara: av's scared me!
HenrikG: Agent, people would form a circle and be in third person view:)
Rossyboy: why don't we have alt-travel now?
Agent1: ahh... not so bad :)
Mauz: boo
Ima Genius: Chat window came around July 1996 I think :)
Agent1: Teleporting is possible, Rossy, I guess :)
Maka: say sumin
King Brian K O: sumin
raiven: alt-travel was always fun
Rossyboy: but some people like to explore
OneSummer: sumin
Spike X2: sumin
King Brian K O: = )
Maka: lol, wrong window
Roland: it had something to do with the alt key interfering with the menu shortcuts
Rossyboy: hmm
Roland: i think
Cinibar: sumin
Agent1: Should make Ctrl-Shift be like Warp10 :)
Rossyboy: alt-ctrl makes me go faster than just ctrl O_O in 3.3
Robbie: has anyone got the really old pictures, I remeber seeing pics of Protag and someone else testing the browser when it first launched
Ima Genius: yep, I think we asked you about it a few years ago ;)
Rumpnisse: I remember the fear of losing realism when teleports were added...
raiven: shit i woulda settled for a control-alt combo then
Assent Outcast: Right well... Must log off at this point. Have other places to go online. ciao.
Spike X2: Whad'a know its OneSummer
Rumpnisse: Like running at warp speed is realistic.
raiven: actually, control-alt was way faster than just alt
Gandalf: (((((((OneSummer))))))))
Goober King: Check AWHS, Robbie
Byte Me: ctrl+alt was AWESOME :)
Rossyboy: woah
raiven: ya
raiven: i miss control-alt
Robbie: k goob.
Rossyboy: alt still speeds you up!
Rossyboy: I never knew that!
HenrikG: hyperdrive..
Mauz: you can do Ctrl + mouse mode now
HamFon: Rum - only on a virtual power-bike
Computerizer: it does?
raiven: i used to tell poor newbies to hold control-alt + for 5 seconds
King Brian K O: Telegram from OneSummer, sent Fri May 31, 2002 3:37 PM:
Computerizer: doesn't speed me up
Spike X2: (-]Spike[-)
King Brian K O: = )
Roland: well folks I gotta run, got a couple of things to tidy up before the end of my day
Lara: live and learn...I didn't know alt did anything now
Agent1: Bye Roland!
raiven: or better yet, control-alt -
Gandalf: Bye Roland!!!!
Jey: Mmm . . . do I hear snowCrash somewhere?
Spike X2: bye
Computerizer: bye Rolly
Roland: the next time we meet I will just be a lowly cit with no cit#1 privs :(
Goober King: Farewell Roland!!
King Brian K O: peace be with you
Mauz: bye Roland :)
Blog: Bye, good luck
Agent1: LOL
Spike X2: (^o.o^)
Robbie: Cya Roland...good luck, thanks for everything :)
JerMe: gotta clean off the desk Roland?
HamFon: Best of luck, Roland... :)
digigardener: bye roland
Roland: im not sure I'll be able to handle that
Jey: Bye Roland :)
digigardener: bless you for all ylour work
PAC3: BYE ROLAND!!!!!!!!!
Rossyboy: cya Roland...
Ima Genius: bye Roland :)
Lara: ohhhhhhhh...Roland.. thanks, so much..good luck! :)
HenrikG: cya Roland:)
OneSummer: Best of luck Roland ...... take care!
Blog: Thank you for AW it has changed my life forever.... seriously
Goober King: hehe Power withdrawl
Lord Perception: Bye Roland, take care! and Good Luck!
Roland: stripped of all my powers...
Cinibar: bye Roland :) good luck
Spike X2: (^o.o^) <(o.o<) (>o.o)> (^o.o) (o.o^)
Seen: Take care Roland. :)
King Brian K O: EGADS !
Lady Stillpink: cya on your own pc Roland *grin*wavessssss throws water baloons****splattttttt
digigardener: just citizen roland
Rossyboy: Poor Roland O_O
Rumpnisse: Roland, I'll look into "identity cloning" in 3.3... maybe we can figure out a way ;)
Mauz: no more slipping into red worlds to build!
HamFon: No worries, you'll have the browser hacked in no time... LOL
CarLBanks: bye Roland! :( I'll miss you.
Byte Me: Roland...you'll still have your RL super powers
Rossyboy: Stripped of his staff of programming
Seen: Good luck. :)
Agent1: LOL Ham :)
Shorah: what powers? :)
King Brian K O: LMAO
HenrikG: its only virtual powers:)
Lara: you've always been "just a citizen" , at heart, Roland. ;)
Brock: www.iceflare.net/aw/techtalk/Roland3.jpg :P
Rossyboy: oh well :¬)
Robbie: Gav did it already Roland.
Roland: cya later...thanks for the great goodbye everyone this was fun :)
digigardener: hehe
Byte Me: You could take up being the resident super hero for California... heard they were looking for a new one with programming experience :)
Jey: Back so soon Brock?
Spike X2: BYE
digigardener: thank you roland
NCC 72897: c ya
Spike X2: =_(
digigardener: see you again soon!
Brock: it's still in effect Jey
Goober King: *salutes*
Mauz: Roland can team up with Sleepy E now
Brock: but it's not that bad
digigardener: everyone wave
raiven: CYA ROLAND, GOOD JOB ON 3.3! :)
Lara: thank you for coming to let us say goodbye... take care, Roland!
KAH: Bye and thanks for everything Roland! :-))
Mauz: *waves*
Jey: Yeah, I checked, you're by Pittsburg, right?
Rumpnisse: I thought all programmers placed backdoors in their programs...
Byte Me: Pays $300,000 a year and has great benefits like every weekend and friday off, plus health insurance you could die for :)
Rossyboy: LOL
Computerizer: *waves*
Ima Genius: could change name to Sleepy ER :)
King Brian K O: Tyvm Roland
Rumpnisse: *watching too many movies*
Maka: BYE ROLAND, we'll misss u
JerMe: Thanks for all your help Roland... Seeya arround :-
Rossyboy: just one thing roland
JerMe: :-) G'luck
Lady Stillpink: lol
King Brian K O: welp folks
Rossyboy: he's gone
Rossyboy: you know
Lara: *sniff*
Computerizer: gone..
Rossyboy: we never noticed he was gone
Goober King: And then there were *counts AWC Staffers*... 10?
Spike X2: -=Bye Roland=-
King Brian K O: that bout raps it up
Computerizer: I saw him fade
Blog: WoW... i was the last person ever to stand inside Roland while he was still with AW
Mauz: Roland planted a time bomb: universe will collapse in 30 minutes
Computerizer: hehe
Rumpnisse: Roland has left the cyberverse...
Byte Me: To Axis! vandalism/Roland celebration party! :)
Rossyboy: amidst this sea of chat
HamFon: *passing* out hankies
digigardener: sniff sniff
Lady Stillpink: hehhh
Lord Perception: *sniff*
Mauz: deleting all of AlphaWorld database for good
Lara: HamFon.. we're gonna miss you, too!
raiven: Hey Digi, whats new man
TheTraveLer: the next step in AW should be particle systems
Jey: *hears thunder*
Lara: lol, Mauz
Rossyboy: but that means no more SW CIty O_O
Mauz: yeah must do this again next month
King Brian K O: HamFon.....how much for a working bingo bot script ???
Rumpnisse: Will start a Hammy calendar this month...
Lord Perception: Mwhahahaha j/k
Computerizer: *watches the user count*
Rossyboy: I'm going to make a review of 3.3 now.
Rossyboy: not a positive one O_O
Spike X2: BYE
TheTraveLer: the next step in AW should be particle systems ^_^
Rossyboy: I like the new features
HamFon: Thanks, Lara. I've met a lot of wonderful people here - and had a great time as a builder, bot maker, world owner, and programmer...
Mauz: isn't it a bit early for reviews.. a few hours
raiven: so he gave everyone HERE beta? or everyone everywhere
3.3: what I dooooo ? = (
digigardener: hi raiven
raiven: Hey Bruce
raiven: howya doin man
Rossyboy: no its not
Rossyboy: reviews are reviews O_O
OneSummer: Thanks for all you help to HanFon
Mauz: HamFon, will you stay citizen?
Jey: LOL libraries don't have to block sex sites anymore :)
KAH: Well, I'm out of here, before i faint, I think I forgot to breathe the last half hour
Goober King: If you're going to put it on AWNews, Rossy, try and make it intelligible :P
NCC 72897: preview..
Lara: lol, Kah
Mauz: HamFon used to be überhacker too
HamFon: I plan to, Mauz
Gandalf: Well me dearies....Uncle Gandy is off on his travels....nice seeing ya all gathered here...been good. Hamfon : Good luck with everything old boy. You will be missed just as much as Roland....
Rossyboy: I'm not hehe because I wanna put in pictures
Goober King: Don't want to have to clean up after you
Rumpnisse: HamFon, plan to reverse engineer the protocol again?
Rumpnisse: j/k ;)
HamFon: Uh, you can check to see if BingoBot is available from cof@activeworlds.com ;-)
Goober King: Ugh... that'll be *real* messy then
Lara: Gandalf..cya
Gandalf: Bye Lara....see ya in Cyboria....
Jey: *runs off to axis*
HamFon: Thanks Gandalf cya!
Rumpnisse: Does anyone else keep losing the universe connection?
OneSummer: hi Gandalf
Brock: woo
Brock: we avoided the storm
Brock: :D
3.3: ppppbbbtttt = Þ~~~~~~~~
Rossyboy: I dunno how to put pictures in AWNews hehe
HamFon: Just you, Rum ;)
Gandalf: *and he's outta there*................
Brock: is roland gone?
Jey: Hehe, brock
Goober King: Good
Rumpnisse: Must be the damn awproxy...
Mauz: ;)
Byte Me: Awww come on people, isn't a Vandalism party in Axis without people to vandalise the plac! :P
Jey: Its getting dark and darker here now, I hear thunder in the distance :)
Rumpnisse: Bugridden piece of crap.
Mauz: fire the programmer!
HamFon: better talk to the programmer, Rum... hehe
Rossyboy: maybe I'll write a review on a seperate HTML page
Rossyboy: and you can link to it from your review?
Jey: MM . . . anyeone, going to axis :)
Lara: it was good seeing you all... bye for now.
King Brian K O: anyone here know how to write script for the beloved HomBot ?
Rossyboy: I want to talk about the things I dont like about it hehe
Mauz: bye Lara :)
HamFon: OK - way past time for dinner here. Have a great evening and weekend, everyone - cya around :)
Rumpnisse: I would, but he's up there on his high horses, refusing to listen to a lowly user such as myself...
PAC3: i think ill make a bingo bot
OneSummer: take care Lara
King Brian K O: cya
Mauz: see you HamFon :)
Rumpnisse: See you Hammy :)
Goober King: Later HamMan :)
Ima Genius: bye Ham :)
raiven: cya ham!
Computerizer: *looks around*
Computerizer: bye
Markman2002: Bye, Ham
Cinibar: *poofs*
PAC3: cya HAM!
Computerizer: I think
raiven: i wonder if he's having pork
Markman2002: yo, comp
mp3: thanks for aw
Rumpnisse: You'll always be the coolest hacker in AW history...
digigardener: well bye all
Rossyboy: and the things I like as well, of course
9 9 9: hmm .. first install of ps2linux didnt go so well
Seen: Take care everyone.
HamFon: ;-) Rum ... thx
mp3: will is here
King Brian K O: e's lieing...they got a party going and he dunt wanna miss the lampshade action = )
raiven: lets not bring up the KVM switch again 999
HamFon: poofers
King Brian K O: he's*
9 9 9: i figured out the kvm problem
raiven: what was it
9 9 9: the powerstrip screwed up
King Brian K O: <===has CASH $'s for a working Bingo Script !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ima Genius: just play in AWGames ;)
digigardener: poof
Mauz: ahhh Brant's announcement is only next week

end of chat.

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