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Pre-Production Macintosh Analog Board

The following is a pre-production Macintosh analog board, produced in 1983 prior to the first Macintosh production analogue boards. The analogue board was mounted vertically on one side of the original Macintosh, hence its oblong shape with the upper right corner cut off. This board resides in the private collection of Daniel Kottke who loaned it to the DigiBarn for our Mac at 20 anniversary online exhibit.

Burrell Smith was the lead engineer on this class of Mac hardware. You can read more about the different renditions of Burrell's Macintosh here. More on this very historical artifact below.

Front of board
click here for a larger image
click here for super high resolution image

This board handles all analog functions for the Macintosh computer including speakers, power supplies, etc. This board carries the original "Mister Macintosh" logo indicative of the development period before the final launch phase of the Mac in later 1983.

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