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Xerox PARC papers: Dick Sweet's paper on the XDE

Dick Sweet writes the following about his history at Xerox and contributes a paper on the Xerox Development Environment:

I was responsible for the code generation phase of the Mesa Compiler at Xerox, as well as several pieces of the processor architecture, the runtime and the development environment. One of my last official acts before leaving Xerox was to present a paper at an ACM SigPLAN conference about the Xerox Development Environment. For the Star retrospective several years ago, I scanned in the article... It goes into some detail on the features of the system, many of which were ahead of their time, some still not present in current systems.

Click here for Dick Sweet's ACM SIGPLAN paper on the Xerox Development Environment (PDF format, you must have Acrobat Reader from Adobe to read this paper). Copyright ACM and reproduced by permission of the author.


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