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DigiBarn Terminals: Informer

From Kay Ash (June 2006)

I saw your picture of the Informer Terminal while doing a search.  I am a mainframe programmer, and we used them in the 80's as a way to telecommute.  It just plugs in the phone jack and dials in to the mainframe at work.  It is a dumb terminal and can't do anything on it's own, but it was a lifesaver before PCs were able to connect to the mainframe.

and more...

That thing was so slow you could see each page of data appear a line at a time whenever you paged down.  It was less than 2400 baud - I think maybe 300.  But that was better than going in on the weekends or at night.
I was looking it up because I found one when cleaning out my garage and my son was asking me what it was, and I wondered if anybody else out there in the world had one.  I had brought it home from work about 5 years ago because they were going to throw it away.  At the time I was going to donate it to the local university for their antique computer display, but my professor never got back with me about it. 
I have enjoyed looking at your site.  It brings back a lot of memories and is a reminder of how far we have come with technology over the last few years.

Curator: Thanks Kay!

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