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Compendium of Xerox Documentation from Xerox Alto, Star 8010, 6085 Viewpoint, 680, 820, GlobalView and research reports

The Machines
that these
documents pertain to


Xerox Star 8010 Reference Library

William Bowman's
An Idiomatic Model for Star Graphics

6085 Viewpoint, GlobalView, 860
820 and other Xerox documentation

Section of 6085/Viewpoint
on Equation Editor

Xerox PARC research reports
and other documentation such as
the Alto User's Handbooks

(1976 and 1979)

Xerox corporate font documentation

Xerox Brochures
- Documenter

Xerox Brochures
- Intran

Elixir Brochures (by Xerox) and product descriptions

See Also our pages on Xerox systems including:

Xerox Alto II/XM

Xerox 8010 Star

Xerox 6085

Xerox 860

Xerox 820

Xerox D0 Dolphin

Elixir Desktop and Applications

Xerox Intran Metaform

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