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DigiBarn Historic Locations:
Larry Lewin's photos of Bletchley Park, UK, Enigma Machines!
(Sept 2002)

From Larry Lewin (Dec 2005):

In September, 2002, my wife, Lin, and I attended a conference at Christ Church, Oxford, on the Enigma code, and visited Bletchley Park, struck up an acquaintance with a codebreaker, Ann Dent, an artist, now, and had wonderful time meeting some of the actual people who participated in Ultra, visiting the site, and hearing from the historians, and from the former British prime minister, Sir Roy Jenkins, who was a codebreaker, and kindly furnished the conference atendees with an autographed copy of his biography of Churchill. A few photos are attached.

Codebreaker Ann Dent at
Bletchley Park
Bletchley Park
Enigma Code Book 1943
Enigma Code Machine
German Naval Enigma Machine
Hut4: Naval Intelligence

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