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DigiBarn Radio:
Denton Pearson on the IBM personal computers and more

Denton Pearson and his IBM PC donations

Sitka Alaska attorney Denton Pearson made a visit to the DigiBarn on April 8th, 2005 and gave us these great stories about his IBM PC 5155 transportables and early production IBM PC/AT computer. He also tells is a great story about Nolan Bushnell and the beginnings of Atari.

Thanks Denton!!!

Denton's stories (in MP3 format)

Denton Pearson on IBM 5155 transportables

Denton Pearson on IBM AT

Denton Pearson on Why Buy Big Blue (IBM) in Alaska?

Denton Pearson and game of life

Denton Pearson on Nolan Bushnell on PONG and the founding of Atari

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Denton's donation of IBM PC 5155 transportables and an IBM PC/AT

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