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DigiBarn Radio: Bob Glass on a visit to DigiBarn

Bob and some fans

On April 2, 2005 Bob Glass visited the DigiBarn with his family during our April 2005 open house and told some great stories about System 7, Xerox UI and the Apple and other portable (or luggable) computer systems, all focusing on their useability issues. What a great set of stories for DigiBarn Radio, thanks Bob!

Enjoy listening to Bob below...

Bob Glass and "Sosumi" in
System7 (mp3)

Bob Glass and System7 (mp3)

Bob Glass and Xerox UI (mp3)

Bob Glass on Macintosh Portables (mp3)

Bob Glass on Laptops
(including Data General One) (mp3)

Bob Glass resigns from apple (mp3)
Bob and our prototype Powerbook 100
Bob and the Data General One
Bob and System 7
(for which he was the UI leader)

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