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DigiBarn Radio:
Erik Klein's rendition of "Fool on the Hill" and "Daisy" as played
via AM radio from an Altair 8800 computer

This is a re-enactment of the Homebrew Computer Club member Steve Dompier's switching in of an 8080 program to play "Fool in the Hill" (the Beatles) and "Daisy" (of HAL-9000 fame in the film '2001') on his Altair through radio interference on an AM radio as reported in newsletter issue number three of the Homebrew Computer Club. This "performance" occured on April 16, 1975, and the re-enactment was held on Nov 3rd, 2005 and again at our 30th anniversary event of the Homebrew Computer Club on Nov 5th, 2005. Later Erik re-recorded these on a better radio and without all the conversations behind to produce these pristine renditions.

Fool on the Hill (WAV file)

Daisy (WAV file)

Images and movies of Erik at work

See and hear Erik switching these tunes into the Altair, one 8080 instruction at a time!

Comments from DigiBarn virtual visitor Michael Boyd

Try this with AM Radio

I worked at BYTE SHOP #4 (Portland), put a AM Radio on top of the Altair
And a local TV station came in and video-taped it

000:003 Inx BX
001:170 Mov A,B
002:241 And C
003:075 Dec A
004:302 Jnz 000:003
007:303 Jmp 000:000

Thiry years ago, and I can still remember the instruction set
For fun, change the AND C with XOR C
Michael Boyd

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