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Digibarn Radio:
Steve Weintz and Bruce Damer on NeXT (Aug 18, 2007)

Steve Weintz and I had an intense and interesting conversation following the August 18th, 2007 Open House on subjects relating to his history using NeXT computers to the whole sweep of the development of faster processors from Engelbart in the 60s through the real time 3D of today.

Steve Weintz with Bruce Damer
on NeXT Part1

Steve Weintz and Bruce Damer
on NeXT part2

Steve is pictured below in the Digibatn. Some of the NeXT documentary artifacts he donated are also pictured here.

Steve Weintz at the Cray-1
Early Web Browser literature
3D package for NeXT
NeXTstep display postscript
Various NeXT packages

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