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Preparation for July 13, 2002 Opening
Sketches of logo work and exhibits layout
and signage

Bruce's original logo sketch

New Logo Work Posted!

Jake's treatment

Lower Floor Exhibits Layout

Lower Floor Exhibits Layout


Signs for the Tour inside the barn:

Start Up

  • Major Lineages 1975-89
    • 1975: The Brewing of the Microcomputer
    • 1976: Kits Get that Packaging Thing
    • 1977: Pitch Hitters Graduate to the Major Leagues
    • 1978: Fever Pitch at the Faire
    • 1979: Disco Dies but Disks get Floppy
    • 1980-83: Big Blue Tips the Balance
    • 1984: The Mac (need we say more)
    • 1985-89: Little Systems = Big Business & NeXT great things?
    • Xerox's Lost Lineage 1972-89: Back to the Future or where we are now.. 20 years ago!
  • Up to the Computer Cambrian Explosion
    • Curator Bruce "Digi" Damer's Stuff
    • Playing around At Home
    • The 80s Beige Invasion
    • Portable Revolution
  • Down to the Cult of Apple & SuperDuper Computer
  • Cult of Apple
    • Meet Family Mac
    • Open vs Closed, One Company, Two Cultures
    • Ill-Fated Wannabes: Apple Cloners
    • The Black Macs: Apple fights the Cold War
  • Super Duper Computer
    • Lawrence Berkeley Labs' Cray 1A (Tony Cole)
  • Pigs 3.0

Shut Down and a key question to ponder on exit: is the diversity and innovation you saw here today a thing of the past? Where are we going from here?

Signs at Entrance to Barn:

  • Welcome to the DigiBarn Computer Museum, a Living Memory Palace for the Birth of the Digital Age
  • Donor's Table
  • Suggested Contribution: $5 per person, to cover our event costs and help us bring this to you again in 2003
  • Install Yourself into our Registry
  • Nerd Nourishment
  • Please respect our exhibits by not placing food and drinks on or near systems or documentation
  • Cooperating Organizations Take-Aways

Signs for the Property/Traffic Flow:

  • Dont't Panic! You have reached the DigiBarn Computer Museum Grand Opening
  • Staff and TV/Media Crew Parking
  • Go Up for Guest Parking
  • Keep Going Up
  • Turn Here for Guest Parking
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Enter the Event Space
  • To Core Dumps (Mens and Ladies)
  • Pigs 3.0




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Initial Layout (photos)

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