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People's Computer Company Newsletter #1
(October 1972)

Published in Menlo Park, California from the early 70s onward, this is one of the first cultural forces that created the movement of people thinking about computers in a personal, individual and creative way. We invite you to explore the pages of the very first PCC issue below and check out our main site on the PCC. Please note that each page scan comes in several resolutions. Picking the thumbnail image here selects the "medium" sized image, usually 1200 pixels wide, which should be viewable on most computer screens. The "large" image is the scan of the page at 200 DPI which should reproduce on most printers well.

If you have any information about these newsletters or could contribute other newsletters or stories of the PCC and its time, please contact us.

Cover - small - medium - large Back - small - medium - large
Page 1 - small - medium - large Page 2 - small - medium - large
Page 3 - small - medium - large Page 4 - small - medium - large
Page 5 - small - medium - large Page 6 - small - medium - large
Page 7 - small - medium - large Page 8 - more to come soon!

If you have any information about these newsletters or could contribute other newsletters,
or stories of the PCC or its time, please contact us.

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