Home | About | Collections | Stories | Help! | News & Links | Friends | Lets Talk! | Events & Visiting | Search Email thread about NextStep version of MazeWars This is a cleaned-up version of MazeWars originally released for NeXTSTEP 1.0. We didn't have Doom back then, only MazeWars. :) I've upgraded the code so it compiles under Nextstep 3.3. MazeWars is a 3-D multiplayer networked (and probably cross-platform) shoot-em-up game. This version was originally written in 1988. I'm not sure when the original off which this was based was written. After playing around with it last November, I was annoyed to find that graphics wouldn't display on little-endian machines correctly. At the time, I couldn't determine an easy way to get it working correctly, and since I only have one big-endian machine, I tabled the upgrade project. Today, I decided to take another look. It turns out that the code for handling little-endian machines was there along. All I had to do was enable it for such machines. So here it is. The return of MazeWars to the Nextstep world, compiled quad-fat, complete with source code. The network broadcast stuff still doesn't work, and I don't feel like looking at that today, so you'll just have to specify a hostname when you start up. Feel free to modify and release new versions of MazeWars as I currently have no plans to do anything further with it. -Mike Kienenberger April 12, 1997 mkienenb@alaska.net Changes: MazeWars 2.0 (mkienenb@alaska.net) - Updated Makefile - Enabled little endian support for little endian NS systems - Fixed various typecasting problems. - Updated header files - changed setFlip: to setFlipped: - rewrote cursor-handling routines to use NXCursor rather than Cursor - updated NXImageBitmap to NXDrawBitmap

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