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Contributors to the D* Machines (Wildflowers) from Xerox


Armstrong, Susie        Networking
Artibee, Mary           Communications
Ayers, Bob              Architecture


Belleville, Bob         Hardware Architecture           
Binkley, Joe            Microcode               
Binkley, Ode            Area Assistant
Bishop, Sara Ann        Communications
Bittner, Alice          Area Assistant
Bovee, Yvonne           Tech Writer


Casey, Michalene        Communications
Chang, Tom              Microcode, I/O Devices
Charnley, Don           Microcode
Conde, Dan              Mesa Tools
Cottriel, John          Support
Craig, Julie            Microcode
Crane, Ron              Hardware design (display, disk, memory)
Cuccinitti, Jim         Support, Prototyping            (deceased)
Cude, Ron               Support


Dalal, Yogen            Networking, Architecture
Daniels, Andy           Microcode, Mesa Runtime
Danielson, Bill         Microcode, Communications
David, Nancy            Management
Davies, Dan             Hardware, Microcode
Davirro, Brad           Mesa Tools
Desaulniers, Peter      Mesa I/O
Dick, Pam               Mesa Tools
Dillon, John            Hardware, Mesa Runtime    (deceased)


Elkind, Jerry           Management      
Elliott, David          Management      
Espinoza, Jose          I/O Devices


Fasnacht, Amy           Microcode, Pilot
Fay, Chuck              Microcode, Diagnostics
Fontes, Becky           Mesa Tools
Foote, Jim              Mesa Compiler, Mesa Tools
Frandeen, Jim           Microcode
Freier, Alan            Networking


Garlick, Larry          Communications
Garner, Robert          Hardware design (CPU and ethernet)                                  
Geschke, Chuck          Mesa Architecture                                       
Glassman, Lucille       Mesa Documentation                                      
Glassman, Steve         Mesa                                    
Gleason, Dana           Mesa Tools
Grantham, Todd          Support
Gobbel, Randy           Pilot                                           
Guarino, Loretta        File Systems, Mesa Tools
Grundler, Dennis        Microcode, Pilot


Hankins, Carol          Microcode                                               
Hansen, Neil            Support, Prototyping
Hayes, Steve            Debugger
Haynes, Charles         Debugger
Henderson, Rick         Microcode
Hostrop, William        Support
Howard, Forrest         Pilot                            (deceased)


Inouye, Brian           Microcode, Networking
Masahiro, Ikeda         Mesa Architecture
Irby, Charles           Mesa Architecture


Jarvis, Pitts           Microcode, I/O Devices
Johnsson, Richard       Mesa, Mesa Runtime
Jose, Cindy             Pilot


Karlton, Phil           Filesystems, Tajo Architecture  (deceased)
Katsirombus, Jim        Microcode, I/O devices          (deceased)
Kennedy, Bill           Diagnostics
Kierr, Robert           Architecture                    (deceased)
Kluger, Larry           Communications
Knutsen, Dale           Pilot, Architecture
Knutsen, Lee            Mesa Documentation
Koalkin, Barbara        Debugger
Krauter, Kary           Pilot, Microcode
Kupfer, Mike            Pilot


Lampson, Butler         Hardware Architecture, Mesa Architecture
Ladner, Bob             Pilot
Lauer, Hugh             Pilot, Architecture
Lemon, Steve            Microcode, I/O Devices
Leuong, Daphne          Networking
Levin, Roy              Microcode
Lewis, Brian            Mesa Tools
Liddle, Dave            Management
Linden, Ted             Architecture
Litman, Andy            Debugger, Microcode
Ludolph, Frank          Architecture, Banyon
Luniewski, Allen        Pilot, Architecture
Lynch, Bill             Pilot, Architecture
Lyon, Bob               Networking


Mackey, Kevin
Malasky, Bruce          Debugger, Mesa Tools
Mallory, Milt           Support
Manes, Bev              Support
Manley, Ted             Support
Marzullo, Keith         Mesa Tools, Pilot
Mathews, Bob            Support
Meyerson, Howie         Microcode, Pilot
McElyea, Shannon        Area Assistant                          
McJones, Paul           Pilot, Architecture                             
Metcalfe, Bob           Management
Mitchell, Jim           Mesa Architecture, Pilot
Morris, Jim             Mesa Architecture
Murray, Hal             Networking, Microcode, Pilot


Nandkeshwar, Earsh      Pilot                                                   
Neely, Ev               Microcode


Ogawa-Ludolph, Nora     Area Assistant
Ogus, Roy               Hardware Design, I/O Devices
Oliver, Lloyd           Hardware Design, Microcode
Olmstead, Pat           Hardware, Microcode             (deceased)


Parsley, Bruce          Mesa Tools
Pasqua, Joe             Pilot, Mesa
Peterson, Jim           Diagnostics
Pipes, Jerry            Support
Printis, Bob            Management


Racine, Rhonda          Mesa, Mesa Training     
Redell, Dave            Networking, Architecture
Rentmeesters, Elizabeth Diagnostics
Rice, Catherine         Support
Riggle, Dave            Tajo, Mesa Runtime


Sandman, Jim            Mesa, Microcode, Architecture
Sapsford, Mark          Mesa Runtime, Mesa Tools
Satterthwaite, Ed       Mesa Compiler, Mesa Runtime
Sawai, Joyce            Mesa Tools
Saxe, Norin             Mesa Compiler, Mesa Runtime
Schwartz, Victor        Communications
Simpson, Nannette       Mesa Tools, Networking
Shapiro, Charlie        Pilot
Shoch, John             Management/Architecture
Dick Snow               System Architecture
Sowadski, Eliot         VLSI Design
Stuart, Don             Support
Sweet, Dick             Mesa Compiler, Mesa Tools


Thacker, Chuck          Hardware Architecture
Thompson, Geoff         Hardware
Tofani, Gail            Administration


Veizades, John          Networking
Vogel, Ron              Pilot


Wagner, Mike            Mesa Compiler, Mesa Tools
Wallace, Smokey         Tajo Architecture
Weaver, John            Management
White, Jim              Networking Architecture
Wick, John              Mesa, Architecture              (deceased)
Wiebe, Doug             Mesa Tools


Yamamoto, Bryan         Mesa Tools
Young, Anne             Testing, Multi-national
Young, Gordon           Hardware

Above are two Xerox org charts from the early '80s which help place some of the above people

Last edited Monday, 15 February, 1999

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