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Thanks for visiting the DigiBarn Computer Museum site. Feel free to submit a comment on the site, personal history or other resources, or make any other offer of help, donation or request for information about the museum by providing us with information in the below web form. A curator or other representative of the museum will be back to you shortly. We especially appreciate contributions of text and images about computers, software, companies or other projects you have worked on or have knowledge about. If you give us permission we will include this in various parts of our site. If you are offering to donate a computing artifact please check our wishlist first, we cannot take common systems like Commodore 64s (but a prototype 64 would be nice ;-) and please let us know where the artifact is physically located so we can estimate shipping costs.

Note that for the 2014 season the DigiBarn may reopen for open houses . The new roof is on and the collection is being cleaned, refurbished and re-set (see photos here), if you want to lend a hand please get in touch with the form below.

If you are a scholar, a person from the history, or serious media and wish to make a case for visiting the collection, you can contact curator Dr. Bruce Damer using the form below to discuss options.

In the meantime we invite you to explore our Cyber-museum which remains open 24/7/365!

If you are media and need to reach us more urgently (especially for press deadlines), submit the form below including your contact information including phone number in the comment field.

For commercial or any kind of for-profit use of any photos, video or other media on this site for which we hold the rights or for donations first check our wishlist (please, no more Commodore 64s!) and then use the contact form below.

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Contact us if you have donations of physical artifacts on our wish list (or what you think we need), virtual contibutions such as pictures, movies, documents or text for the web site, to volunteer your time (fill in the form on this page)..
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